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  1. It's easy to make out of 40 brass. That's all I shot for years and was free from the police using our ranges.
  2. How can the FCD which sizes the fat side of a 9mm case swage a bullet which fits into the skinny end? It's tapered. In 40 it might, but 9mm? Doubt.
  3. load longer or sort your brass. Some brass gets thicker than others as it tapers down which makes it unsuitable for heavy bullets.
  4. Bruce said it himself. All reloads are out of spec. If the same reloads work in several guns but not a sig, its definitely the ammo. These issues have been around for years on here, I posted in Feb 2019 about it. The p320 barrel is not supported enough to contain the same amount of pressure as barrels from other manufacturers. You can load around it. In my case I had to sort brass by headstamp or switch to slower powders. PITA so I got rid of the 2 guns. PPU, Tulammo, CBC were the worst for it. WIN would bulge a little bit.
  5. If you are worried about using too much powder use heavier bullets. I shoot 160s with 5.8 grains of wsf at 175pf.
  6. Changing a magwell takes about 4 seconds. Not sure why SVI doesnt show them separately on the website but you can option them on the grips. Maybe you'll need to contact them.
  7. +1's should fit. They fit with my gun last time I checked. Factory edge sights are fine. You will need to squish them down to get in the box. A standard Edge is made to fit perfectly with not much wiggle room. That is the wrong magwell though. You need to swap it. This is my standard gun. The cheely magwell scrapes in but it would fit much easier if the front of the magwell was bevelled like the SVI above. If you draw an imaginary line across the bottom of my basepad that is what needs to go. It really needs a push to get in a tight box as it sits.
  8. Angled basepads on 124/126mm mags. If you have an infinity with low profile sights you can fit the plus 2 pads. If not you must use the plus 1's in this pic. That's what I need with STI mags in my STI tactical with novaks. An edge with bomar sights has more room. A standard division magwell has a taper on the front like the svi below.
  9. I just use 357 sig dillon dies. Mr Bulletfeeder 9mm flare die in the powder drop. You should lube your brass anyway. I use hornady one shot. Plot twist: I mainly use 40 cal brass because it is free. There are some sig cases in there but not many.
  10. They called me a liar once when I said my mate kept busting locking blocks. He hasn't been able to shoot that gun for months now. Don't buy one if you don't live in the USA. Lesson learned I think.
  11. I've had heaps of case failures due to no chamber support which is like being out of battery a bit. They never did that to a case head. Double charge is my guess.
  12. Decibulls are the ones you mould yourself right? I think that's what mine are and they are great. Easy to see why people have different opinions though, if they moulded them poorly.
  13. You also hardly ever shoot.
  14. Probably just a coincedence though.
  15. Higher than normal pressure in a reloaded WIN case. Same as the cases my infinity would blow out when I shot 357 sig with a certain powder. Here is my small collection of P320 shenannigans.
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