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  1. Im having this issue too, just started loading 147's. I have a Mr bulletfeeder expander so dont count on it fixing your issues. I just went and barrel dropped some into a gen 4 glock barrel. The first one that failed was a CBC case as mentioned above by HesedTech. I did a bit of googling and the main thing is to load longer, change bullet profile so less is put into the case or sort by headstamp. Avoid CBC, winchester and stepped cases. CBC was mentioned in quite a few threads I found on google. HesedTech and Memphis are all over it.
  2. Do the Bul mags work in STI's?
  3. That's high. Ive chrono'd it at 130 on the dot out of my shadow 2.
  4. I'm not a metal expert but Ill try to get a photo of it. I didnt take one yesterday.
  5. It sure looked like it. Very porous. He only bought it last week. Its a shame we are getting old stock already in Australia. It was supposed to fix the extraction problems he was having with the stock extractor.
  6. My friend broke his bul pivoting extractor yesterday. Seems like cast metal garbage. It broke off at the firing pin stop.
  7. I accidentally used a dillon 40 resizing die to try and resize 357 sig cases a month or so ago, I had done it in the past. It trashed about 400 cases because I turned the press on and walked away (1050 with mark7). The inside of the case gets sized too so it will wreck the 9mm cases. After realising what happened I remembered that I had used a 40 cal push through die for this previously, not a sizing die.
  8. You can buy conversions for the MR bullet feeder. Ive got one. It was 3d printed by someone on the cast bullets forum.
  9. A sig expert wants to blame the ammo and not the massively unsupported chamber? Maybe go to a real gunsmith instead.
  10. Mine too but don't let the fan boys hear you say it.
  11. Bullets arent hitting the rifling. They plunk tested fine. It isn't out of battery either. The case head is flush with the barrel hood in that pic. The case just isn't supported well.
  12. Yep. Sig on the left, Glock 17 Gen 4 in the middle. Shadow 2 on the right. That's an early silver barrel. I bought a newer sig x5 non legion with the black barrel and it was the same. I thought it might be the gun so I bought another one and it did the same thing in the first 10 rounds. Much disappointment. I had to use a slower powder or sort my cases by headstamp just for my x5 so sold them both.
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