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  1. Are you going from .4 splits with major to .3 with minor? Seems unrealistic.
  2. I encourage everyone to shoot minor in standard division against me.
  3. Glock bulge hasn't been a big issue for years. Sig X5 bulge is the new hotness.
  4. It sounds like you are using a 9mm expanding die. Is that right?
  5. Not sure about the hole spacing. The base of the 1100 where the bolts go through is thicker than a 1050 which means the belt cover isn't tall enough. There is also extra meat on the frame around the swage sense which means that didn't fit properly either.
  6. I've got both but it's an older decap sense. It gets dirty often and plays up. The new ones might be better. I preprocess brass so everything has 2 runs through a decapper anyway. It is on the very rare occasion that I get a stuck primer or a ringer and the swage sense seems to capture them all.
  7. My mates 1100 pro machine is running, just no swage sense or belt cover....
  8. He is asking about a 1050 pro autodrive.
  9. You have to use a combined seating and crimp die if you use a powder check. I don't like them.
  10. Rock chucker 650 1050 2 x 1050's Sold 1 1050 Added an autodrive
  11. Primer sense, Bullet sense and swage sense are a must in my opinion. The swage sense catches ringers and cases that aren't deprimed. The bullet sense stops the press if no bullet is present.
  12. Good choice. I bought mine because I like gadgets. In the end it is a bit faster but not exactly life changing. I shoot between 16-19k per year. I no longer suffer elbow pain. I used to think it was shooting major that did it, turns out it was pulling the lever on my press.
  13. A mate bought a mark 7 to suit an 1100 to use with an 1100 and its had some non compatible parts. The swage sense and the belt cover dont fit so at minimum those will be a problem.
  14. A mate's primer pro was delivered with primers in it already. Score.
  15. dansedgli

    What happened?

    X5 has a different chamber to the others.
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