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  1. dansedgli

    320 X5 Questions

    Grip tape and a gray guns kit. I tried a 14lb recoil spring on a steel guiderod but felt like the original returns better. Hopefully the hot ammo doesnt wreck cases/blow out your extractor during a match. Weak brass bulges because there is not much chamber support.
  2. If the trigger pull is over 3lbs which is what other striker guns can be what difference does it make?
  3. I bought a 2nd brand new x5. It does the same thing. It cant handle certain types of brass like other guns with supported chambers. Ill be selling both and sticking with my shadow 2. Even with the gray guns kits the trigger is nowhere near as nice as the SA of the cz. It is heavy in comparison and has a long reset. The x5 is great compared to the glocks I have owned but if I cant be confident its not going to bulge a case and spit the extractor out its no good for me. Its an easy way to lose a match. You could avoid this by using new ammo or brass brass of course. I have been sorting by headstamp before shooting it without any recent issues but I'd rather shoot another gun and not sort by headstamp and stop worrying that Ive missed a bad case.
  4. Good gun, its a shame they make old glocks look good as far as chamber support goes.
  5. dansedgli

    CZ S2 to X5

    Ive got both. The shadow 2 is much better for me. Faster splits, better groups, nicer trigger and a supported chamber. I prefer it with a dovetail mounted DPP over my x5 with a romeo 1.
  6. I have a thumblers model B. Ive had it about 10 years now I think. Starting to wear out the rubber seal on the lid but otherwise still going strong.
  7. Dawson/sti magwells dont fit. My only gripe with the cheely. The ipsc legal magwell option is tiny.
  8. My new X5 has arrived. Less than 100 rounds in and I got another bulge. I have narrowed it down to a combination of my powder, specific types of brass and the unsupported chamber. If I take one of those things away it is ok. Ideally the chamber would be supported but if I use a slower powder it is ok. Additionally if I take out any PPU, Tulammo or really old brass it is ok too. Or I can just shoot that ammo in any other 9mm without issues. I don't plan on sorting my cases by head stamp so Ill use a slower powder and hope for the best. I might sell both the x5's and give Production optics a miss.
  9. Are you running a lighter recoil spring yet? That will help a little.
  10. Patented opposable grip technology cannot be wrong.
  11. My x5 is pretty accurate. No chamber support tho so Ill be getting a barsto when I can. The savings in brass will pay for it in no time. Here is a 25 yard group I shot on the weekend. It would be better if my POS 3 moa romeo didnt flare out to about 10 moa. Safe to say that flier up top was on me. Im keen to give it a try with my dpp. The dot is much more precise.
  12. Don't add ports. I had a glock with a ported lone wolf barrel and a stock lone wolf barrel. Made no difference IMO. That factory barrel isn't gonna like high pressure loads. They barely tolerate normal reloads. What is the purpose of this gun?
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