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  1. A seperate step. I think people only do that if they are automated. If you are using dillon dies change the decapping pin. There has been some posts about putting an edge on the pin to help stop it too. I've had pull back issues and just changed it out and that sorted it.
  2. They are not a press fit or anything and come out easy so they can be replaced at home as long as you get the right size.
  3. Newer compared the OG X5. I remember when there was a regular X5 and it was updated to the x5 R2. I'll see if I can find the thread about it.
  4. Its the newer optic cut.
  5. Damn that shadow 2 orange group is awesome.
  6. I've had 3 holes put in both a 38 super gun and a 9mm gun. They each lost 3pf. I was happy with the changes.
  7. You enter in your load data and shoot through the chrono and it records your shots. Its easy to read and use and you can refer back to it later on keeping all of your load data on your phone. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.competitionelectronics.prochrono.app
  8. If the labradar had the Prochrono DLX bluetooth app it would be perfect. I really liked the app when I borrowed a friends prochrono when my CED was being a jerk. That one had some trouble with the lighting conditions also though which was frustrating.
  9. I bought a labradar about a year ago after trying to persist with a CED. So glad I did. Tonight I found out my wife and kid were going to be out so I needed to load some ammo with a new powder, go to the range, chrono it and come back home to load. I was in and out of the pistol club in 10 minutes. It was 5pm, dark and raining. I shot under flouros. I shot 20 rounds with no missed shots. That would have been a nightmare with the CED in those conditions. It struggled when the weather was good.
  10. https://www.ipsc.org/executive-council-meeting-march-2021/ There was this release saying barrel weights in std would be ok as long as they dont go past the muzzle. Sounds like the artemis doesnt please the rules. But who knows these days.
  11. My $15 amazon reversing camera works a treat.
  12. Its not much faster. Get one if you want swaging or autodriving or need adjustable primer seating. Otherwise don't bother. My 1050 is autodriven and I am contemplating downgrading to a manual 750 and pocketing the difference for other things. I could even sell 2 toolheads and buy a 750 down here.
  13. Were the cases bulging for the extractor to come out or did it do it on its own?
  14. Buy a 2nd hand 2011 open gun without ports. Shoot minor out of it. Confirm it can shoot minor before you buy it. Some don't function well. Mine used to work until it was ported.
  15. Ive got the 6 on a shotgun. Its definitely bigger side by side to a 2.5.
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