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  1. Take the grip safety off and see if you can contact the strut while pulling the trigger. Should be able to see if it's happening.
  2. Hammer strut could be too far forward and the trigger is squeezing all the bits into it making it hard for anything to move freely. Happened on a new gun I got last year. A new strut fixed it but filing it down would have also worked.
  3. if it is still flaking off with a hammer test then its no good. Might be something wrong with the lead making it not bond correctly.
  4. Chuck them in for 12 minutes at 200. They might darken but that should cure them. I do mine for 11 minutes at 190 degrees C. 2.5kg at a time. If you put too much weight in at once the lead temp might not get high enough.
  5. I got a labradar a few weeks ago. I love it. Quick to setup and hasnt missed a shot yet. Works in the rain, wind, cloudy days, sunny days. My CED M2 was a lesson in Frustration.
  6. Take the top end off first and push the guide rod forward with your thumb if its hard to reach while on the frame.
  7. Oh I understand now. I cant offer any advice sorry. Ive never had a problem with that bolt.
  8. Which bolts are you breaking? Is that an ammobot part or Dillon part? I've loaded 9000 rounds this week and have only lost a few decapping pins on cases that havent seated correctly in the shellplate. 1050 with a mk7 pro.
  9. So they say. People have been fitting all kinds of grips to all kinds of frames. They just dont want to.
  10. Give it 6 months. These forums are a good indication of when I should stock up. I bought 30,000 in the last week here in Australia. My usual shops have no stock of winchester which is what I normally shoot. I got 10k of them and 20k S&B's. It happens after every US election.
  11. Why is this forum full of people who don't like shooting nice guns.
  12. A mate of mine has done some comparisons. I havent shot an orange but I can't imagine getting better groups that what I did with my regular shadow 2's. Under 2 inches at 25 yards with a DPP on top was pretty typical off the bench. I would buy an orange now though. FOMO and all that.
  13. My 5 inch infinity slide was quite heavy at 11.8oz. It was cut for an island barrel. I didn't weigh the barrel when I had it but the top end was 558 grams and the slide alone was 336 grams. Leaving 253 for the barrel and guiderod. A stainless guiderod I measured was 53 grams leaving approx 200 grams for the barrel alone. A factory STI bull barrel is 174 grams. My tungsten sleeved STI barrel is 248 grams, it has been fit to a standard uncut slide so isn't as heavy as I was expecting when it came back from the gunsmith. These are all 5 inch guns
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