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  1. Thanks guys. I pulled a tungsten guide rod out of another STI I had and it had the notch too. It seems to work fine. Its pretty old but it shoots well. Well worth the price I paid.
  2. I've seen them bend during a match before. They can go through the primer, get stuck in the flash hole then they bend when the case hits the extractor with the pin stuck in it as you try to clear the malfunction. You will probably lose your firing pin stop in the dirt at this point too.
  3. dansedgli

    P320 X5 Thread

    Doesn't that say barsto on it.
  4. I have seen some 2011 grips converted to take 1911 mags. Is that what you mean?
  5. Mags dont stop working for no reason. Replace your springs once a year. I'd only touch the lips when they stop feeding right.
  6. When they stop working. Mine haven't needed anything yet.
  7. Who says they are not making open guns anymore? I bet they are just ending the DVC lineup because the brand is tainted. Soon there will be a staccato - O or some bs.
  8. ooh baby. I really likedmy aggressive one until I cerakoted it. It's ok but it really took the bite out.
  9. You'll just have to clean your comp which isn't really easy when the lead builds up.
  10. Anyone know if these are the same? The SVI one has notch down the centre of the back of it closest to the barrel link. The STI one doesn't. Can I interchange them? The 2nd hand SVI I bought recently seems to have a 2 piece unit that unscrews itself.
  11. I want one too. But by the time they get to my country I can buy another smaller country.
  12. If SIG gave a turd their first barrel would have been rereleased with a supported chamber. Way too many sig diehards out there that will insist there is nothing wrong with the LCI cut for Sig to bother to accomodate the competition shooter. Maybe once these barrels dry up unless it is cheaper to add the actual LCI indicator instead.
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