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  1. dansedgli

    P320 RX

    You should see the tungsten under it.
  2. dansedgli

    P320 RX

    There are better options for all divisions if we are being honest.
  3. dansedgli

    P320 RX

    Did it myself. Jb weld and the coarsest silicon carbide sandblasting media I could find.
  4. dansedgli

    P320 X5 Thread

    Mine was the same with a 14lb spring. I got better results with the stock spring and guide rod. The tungsten guide rod didn't seem to do it and that is running lighter springs. I liked the feel of the 11lb the best. Here is another x5 video. My last because I've sold it.
  5. dansedgli

    P320 X5 Thread

    Maybe but it is permanent part of the FCU. Seems like a risky endeavor.
  6. dansedgli

    P320 X5 Thread

    It wont help mate. I run an 11lb spring and it still hits the optic occasionally. Best thing to do is make sure everything is smooth in the extractor channel then try to ignore it.
  7. The pictures show a different barrel on the new legion. I wonder if its had some chamber work. It has an LCI slot and doesn't have a bevelled corner compared to my x5. Did they ever refer to the regular x5 barrel as "match grade"? A dude on the sig forum found a legion at a store somewhere and posted a picture of the promo poster with the $200 thing on it. It had a p320 x5 legion on it.
  8. I bet its the same FCU with a new trigger that lightens the pull like just fitting the gray guns trigger and nothing else. Fingers crossed though.
  9. It'll fit. Leave the overtravel stop out. Old guns need overtravel to reset. If you have an x5 Im pretty sure You'll be left with an over seas version of the upgrade minus the lifter which is lighter on the new guns. Ive had both and pulled them down to compare parts. Australians dont get the slide disconnect if they upgrade and grayguns said it would be fine. Of course noone official will confirm exactly what goes into an upgrade here but it is parts only and no machining. X5s have the skeletonised striker, regular 320s dont which is why I say this for x5s only. Ymmv. Use at your own risk. Etc.
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