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  1. Irons i think. I've had 2, one with an optic and they shoot about the same.
  2. I can almost hold the x ring with my shadow 2 at 50m. Off a bench and taking my time. 122 lead flat point bullets.
  3. dansedgli

    P320 X5 Thread

    Has anyone seen a 10 round version of the long 21 round mags that work with the magwell?
  4. The pin cant be the same diameter otherwise it would work the same.
  5. Rollsizer.com is their business name.
  6. Any problems with primers other than federals with light springs?
  7. 3lb trigger is allowed for a striker gun in ipsc. I cant wait to try one. It might be a competitive option but in Australia the walthers are way overpriced so maybe not here. The plastic q5 match is a few hundred more than a shadow 2. This will be worse.
  8. I've had 2 of their stop buttons die or start doing wierd s#!t. I don't bother anymore and use the stop on the tablet if needed. When it fails everything else seems to not work right as well.
  9. Check your grip bushings are in right and not sticking out of the frame on the inside. If loose the mags can rub and stick. No fitting of the grip is normally necessary.
  10. Hit the single cycle button and hide behind something 200 times.
  11. What is wrong with the mark7? When i process with mine Im usually not even in the same room or Im working on my computer with my back to it.
  12. Yeah, they are more reliable if they don't lock back. Having them lock back is no good if they sometimes lock back with 1 left in the mag. The Nitrofin feels good to me. I would prefer a frame mounted one if I had the choice though.
  13. Thats what i want to do. Open a locked cupboard and press run. Maybe if the bench was on wheels you could wheel it out for maintenance. Not sure it would be sturdy enough though.
  14. What is similar to a nitrofin but bolts onto the frame?
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