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  1. If you remove the primer system and there is still resistance only with the bolt tightened I reckon you have bent alignment pins too.
  2. You havent added any of those aftermarket solutions to your shellplate have you? I think there can be issues with the bolt heads hitting the toolhead if you put a bearing kit in.
  3. Has he shot major out of that unsupported barrel yet?
  4. What brass are you using? Does it happen in other headstamps? The shape of the case (wall thickness as you go down) and length of the bullets might be pushing the brass out. I have this issue with 147's and certain 9mm cases. Running lighter/shorter bullets stops it.
  5. Anyone seen what the new DPP circuit board looks like?
  6. Did you put the belt on according to instructions? I cant remember them but they were specific. Does it cycle with no brass?
  7. Avoid the brass I mentioned or try to get some and test it out. Unsure if v320 or AA2 is any slower or faster than what I was using even though it is listed as an equivalent. I dont know if the charge weight and projectile weight make a difference or not. I was shooting 123 grain bullets for 132pf.
  8. They aren't out of battery discharges. The cases fail because the chamber is not supported well. I cringe whenever one of those facebook boomers who shoots 3 boxes of ammo a year say the p320's fire out of battery. It's not possible with the new disconnector design. Don't combine the fastest powder AND CBC, PPU or Tulammo brass and it will be fine. Ive experienced the bulges and a blowout or 2 but its not a big deal to load around. The most popular 9mm powder where I live is too fast for the x5 when using the cases I mention above. It is AP50 and APS450, highlighted in
  9. It looks like your primer slide stop has been shimmed. try to look down the primer tube with it empty and see if the primer slide primer hole lines up with the tube with the slide all the way back.
  10. I had 2 shadow 2's. My ammo was good in one and marginal in the other because the throat was shorter. PITA because I had loaded 8000 rounds before buying the short throat gun.
  11. The staccatto xl is 5.4 so the barrel should be ok to get.
  12. Any other recent V5 opinions or experience for Carry optics?
  13. I found them to be hard. Had to run a 19lb mainspring to reliably set them off. I couldnt get them to work at all in my infinity standard gun. It was a bit fussy though.
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