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  1. Overcharged case. Look at those marks on the case head. Damn. Also s#!tty barrel support doesnt help. Mine would bulge cases quite often but case heads always looked normal.
  2. dansedgli

    P320 X5 Thread

    Ppu and tulammo brass bulged in mine. Use a slower powder. I got rid of my x5s. Prefer to use a shadow 2 that doesnt bulge cases. They cost less here too.
  3. The older STI grips are wider than new ones in the sear spring area. Springs can shuffle left and the left leg slips off the sear leg. The sear spring shouldn't be able to move over. I've seen sear springs peened outwards on the left so it contacts the left side of the grip so they can't move. I am not sure if some sear springs are wider than others. They must have been at some point to match the grips.
  4. Any more info on this nikko sterling pro T4? Do they get upgraded like the Cmore? They have just started flowing into Australia at half the cost of the cmore.
  5. Yeah everything was tight. I updated to the latest software/firmware and it is fixed now. Not quite sure why it was happening. Its been trouble free for a few years.
  6. The ones the grip screws go through.
  7. Thanks Yigal! Doesn't seem worth it to me.
  8. Those deep river custom tungsten sleeves weigh 50 grams/ 1.7oz. Would the difference be noticeable if you have to remove material from the bull barrel to fit it? Just got some delivered today and not sure the juice is worth the squeeze.
  9. It will go on but the front will have a big gap. I put an STI one on mine and tried to use metal epoxy to fill the gap but the epoxy broke off today after 2 weeks.
  10. Yep, all done. A bit more filing around the pads got it flush between the trigger guard and frame.
  11. Has anyone ever had issues with their OAL growing with their mark 7? Im trying to load 357 sig and recently Ive noticed my shoulder not being set back enough and my crimp loosening off along with an increase in OAL. It's as if the toolhead isnt going down as far after time. I reset the dies and recalibrate then shortly after it happens again. Last night I reset everything and within 100 rounds my oal grew .2 of a mm and my crimp was too loose. Anyone with similar experience? How did you fix it?
  12. I just put an E2 aggressive on my STI. On the Alpha X It worked ok with the standard STI insert but rocked back and forth a bit and like ZZT said it would hang up occasionally on the draw. The SV Steel insert I got last week fit perfect, no rocking and no hang ups. It's not too tight so there must be some variation somewhere. I've also got an open gun with a locally made plastic grip that fits better in SVI steel insert.
  13. If you put the cover on does it switch off? I replace my cover in between stages with my dpp but leave it on. I think it shuts off when covered.
  14. When you fit the grip do you ensure you are getting 100% complete contact (like putting 2 flats together) between the frame and top of the trigger guard or is that not necessary?
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