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  1. Thanks. I do the same as you but haven't done anything with the stepped cases yet.
  2. Is the concern with stepped cases overpressure -> gun damage or just the case splitting in half leaving the end in the chamber?
  3. What is going on in the magwell area? 2 magwells?
  4. Reading is hard sometimes. It's not postponed yet.
  5. The STI rangemaster is square if you can find one. You'll need to shorten the dustcover and add stirrup cuts.
  6. Anyone know what the Canadian/US 10 round mags look like for p10f's? The ones we are getting in Australia are limited to 10. They have a dimple in the sides but also the lower 3rd of the mag is cut off, a plate is put in then the 2 pieces of mag tube are riveted back together. The end result is a mag with a spring and follower above the plate (non removable) and a small spring below the plate with the sole purpose of holding the base plate retainer. I'm hoping i can get 10 round mags without this plate craziness.
  7. That would be great. Thanks for making this thread.
  8. Here is what I'd check, mine used to be problematic too. 1. The primer slide is being stopped by the bolt and washer behind the press. 2. The blue tip on the primer feed tube is in good condition. 3. The shellplate doesn't press down when tightened up or has any up movement when the press is in the lowest position. 4. Use the swage back up die to help stop shellplate movement. 5. If your primer slide roller has a plastic tube on it replace with it with the newer brass option. 6. Make sure the press runs smoothly without any big jolts that could flip the primers in the primer slide. Use case lube. 7. The arm that actuates the primer slide should be in position on its own accord. If the shellplate pins align it you will have issues. Mine started playing up a few weeks ago and new springs fixed it. Hope that can help.
  9. New ones should fit. I put a gray guns kit in an first gen x5 without any issues. I don't recall seeing any difference in trigger bars. I took the lot out of a new x5 and old one to compare piece by piece.
  10. Shouldnt matter. The dovetail cut would be the same as anything else. Bomar or novak etc. It might look goofy though.
  11. Better triggers. More weight. I liked my shadow 2 more than my tungsten filled X5 with gray guns kit because the reset was very short in comparison, it was flatter in my hands and shot better groups at 25-50 yards too.
  12. I tried one and the sides of the svi magwell were a touch tight. I reckon it would fit with a bit of file work. The openings look the same but I didnt get that far before selling the svi.
  13. Are you going from .4 splits with major to .3 with minor? Seems unrealistic.
  14. I encourage everyone to shoot minor in standard division against me.
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