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  1. I too was having major issues with slugs out of both my tactical VM and my comp model, they were both high and right, after patterning them with birdshot I found that my POA and POI were quite a bit off. I used the shim that comes with the guns to adjust the cast and the drop on the stock and now my POA / POI are right on ( basically I used the holes to drop it, recoil pad lower, and when holding the gun to your shoulder it cants to your left) it worked great for my bird shot and the slugs are way better out to about 75 yards after that you still get a little deviation as Remington isn't noted for their super accurate barrels. I can now make most slug shots with ease but until I tried adjusting the stock I was considering switching shotgun brands. Now I will stick with the VM's for awhile as I have gotten too used to the ultra soft recoil. I should have said that everyone mounts the gun a little different, this is what worked for me but worth a try before " bending " any barrels -
  2. I've got a couple of the Safariland 3 gun bags, fits a Versa Max with a 12 round tube ( with the little extension pouch ), measures about 53-54 " with the pouch, 48" for the main bag. The thing I really like about them is they have tons of pockets of all sizes plus molle loops on the front to add more storage. I never have a lack of space, plus has 3 different ways to carry, handles, shoulder strap or back pack strap and is pretty well thought out. Has spots for all three guns and mags etc... Been very happy with them especially if you can get a hold of any discount cards for safariland, I got mine for half price .
  3. Yes that is the ticket, just pick whatever capacity you want ( stock tube holds 8 ) and order a couple of extra tube springs for later.
  4. No you want the factory one piece tube and by adding the +4 you get to 12 and don't have to run a barrel clamp etc... The one piece tube is much stronger than the older tactical models that ran extensions, then you could play with different extensions but needed a barrel clamp to sturdy it all up. I run the factory 1 piece tube and a +4 Nordic extension that gives me 12 in the tube, no clamp and a full length Nordic spring. The springs are much more critical as the tubes get longer, I found this out the hard way as I trimmed my spring to the usual 12 inches past the end of the tube but after just a little loading practice and a couple hundred rounds of live fire practice I started having feeding issues, turned out that the spring had compressed down to about 7 inches past the tube. Threw in a new full length spring and never had another issue, I would change springs more often if you are going to run a 12 round tube also.
  5. Nordic components makes a +4 that will work fine at getting you to 12 rounds, yes you will need a new spring and with the 12 round tube a new Nordic spring uncut will do the job.
  6. Being my first year attending this match, ( only my second year shooting competitions ), I wasn't sure what to expect but I had heard only good things from other shooters so I wanted to try to get in. I was lucky enough to get in and I am so glad I did, the drive was a lot to endure ( 15+ hours ) but it was well worth it. I hope they don't ever change the target presentation ( across canyons, in the woods etc...) as that is what makes these natural terrain matches so fun and unique. I understand the complaints about not being able to see targets etc... but I think the staff did a great job getting well over 300 shooters through with very little issues or delays and realistically shooting iron sights at targets out to 500 yards plus is going to be difficult with or without backers. I shot limited scope and had no issues finding targets etc... hitting them quickly is another story but I could see some backers missing etc... but that is part of the challenge IMO. I don't think you could ever make it totally equal as far as presentation as it depends on what time of day you shoot ( lighting etc..), weather, etc.., again part of the challenge. I was really impressed by the people both shooting and running the match, it truly is like a big family and they always make you feel welcome and important. If I could only attend 1 major match a year it would be RM3G, hands down. Excellent job by the entire staff, especially JJ and Denise as you can see the dedication they put into this match, as for the NRA WC - wow what an amazing place to shoot, can't wait for next year, hopefully better prepared but I know it will be fun no matter what - Thanks again for an awesome match !
  7. I was shooting a 16.5 " M&P with a 1/9 twist and zeroed it at 200 with Federal 223 55 grain and it shoots it so well I only use the heavier stuff when there is more wind etc.... I was going one for one out to 400 on MGM swingers and even hit targets out to 600 with the same ammo. The heavier factory ammo is so expensive and I saw no benefit in my gun ( unless there is stronger winds etc...) so I stick to the 55 grain Fed stuff and it works great, only 40 bucks for a box of 100 also and it is very clean too. Every gun and barrel seems to like different things so you need to experiment a little but decent 55 grain ammo works for most stuff I have found and helps keep costs down.
  8. If you saved that much money on the tactical then that was a far better choice than the comp model. The lifter still has to be done on the comp model to make it load well and you can pick up the one piece tube from Carbon arms, otherwise the controls are the same ( safety is raised on the comp model instead of flat on the tactical ) you do get the rear sight on the comp but that can be done on the tactical by a gunsmith if you want. Definitely spend the money to have a good smith do the lifter and other mods to help loading etc... not that you can't do it yourself, but if you don't know what you are doing you can do more harm than good. Just look on this forum for the names of the good gunsmith's that do work on the Versa max and you can get the work done at a pretty reasonable cost.
  9. Everything you have listed is what most people do to them, the lifter is the most important part as getting rid of the humped lifter and going to a c-rums or equivalent will make the biggest improvement in loading. If you send it to a gunsmith that knows VM's they will also probably recommend a radius cut on the chamber as this allows the cheaper ammo with bad crimps to run with little issues, I send mine to Triangle and they take care of it for me and mine have always run excellent - not aware of anyone doing trigger jobs to them and was told not to mess with it as lighter springs etc... can produce light strikes or so I was told. Have had great luck with both my Tactical and comp model, haven't shot the comp much yet but the tactical has been very reliable but some of that can probably be attributed to having good gunsmiths ( Triangle ) work on it -
  10. I took someone's advice on here and picked up a couple of XGO quarter zip pullovers, they are awesome for shooting in colder weather as an undershirt. They come in Phase 1-4 ( thinner to thicker )( phase 1 for warmer weather- 4 is a fleece like fabric for cold weather ) they are non-wicking performance type fabrics that are super comfortable. Picked them up off fleabay for less than half of what XGO sells them for, not as cheap as some cotton t-shirt types but way nicer and more confortable, they sell bottoms too - Highly recommended! Thanks to nmbpman for the tip -
  11. Oh I have had issues with shells not chambering, primers not going off etc... but it was all due to running cheap ammo. I learned not to run cheap bulk ammo at matches, I still run Federal bulk for practice and every once in a great while one won't chamber because of the crimp etc... but for matches if I run AA's or Remington sporting clays etc... I have never had an issue and I have over 10,000 rounds through my VM. Had to do the extractor cut again because at about 8,000 rounds it had gotten sharp on the edge again but no other issues. No gun is perfect and Remington has done some stupid things like the lifter on the Comp model but my VM has been super reliable, it was done by Triangle so that helps to have it done right from the start but I shot it stock ( tactical model ) for almost a season with no issues either-
  12. Flash 74, you took the words right out of my mouth, in 2 years my VM has not had a gun-related malfunction but the last local match I saw a guy on my squad have issues with both an M2 and a super vinci. I had to loan ammo to a friend at the Nordic match because his super vinci wouldn't cycle anything less than 1300 fps shells. I have seen Mossberg's, FN's, Benelli's, Berettas, Winchesters all have issues but have yet to see a VM crap out in a match. Now there are fewer VM's being used around here so that accounts for some of it I'm sure. I have heard all the complaints from the Benelli guys about how heavy etc... but this is the first time I have heard them being called unreliable, not my experience at all -
  13. Bradgsxr

    Tricked out CZs

    I just bought an accushadow recently that was from CZC and it was well worth the money, and like someone else said, it is pretty much just plug and play everything that you would want to do to a shadow has already been done. I would like to smooth out the double action a little but other than that it is an excellent gun right out of the box.
  14. The Invictus is nice, holds a lot of shells ( I have the Q24 vest ), works well. I just mainly use it for the shotgun matches where you need tons of shells and can't carry enough on your belt but it has proven useful other times when the belt wouldn'work ( crawling through pallet tunnels etc...)
  15. You're right it is heavy but it does a lot of the other things, ( load easy, super light recoil, eats any loads with no issues ) really well. All of the brands have their pluses and minuses, not one of them is perfect in every way, but like Mark said, it is a very personal decision and each person is going to perceive certain things differently so it is really about what you think are the most important things about each one. The best way to figure that out is to try to shoot each one if possible, I wish I had but I had to learn by trial and error and would have saved some money if I had tried some other peoples guns first.
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