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  1. Bullseye is a good choice but I really liked Titegroup (heresy I know since it is hot and smoky but was quite accurate and light recoil)
  2. Solvability

    Concave/recessed base FMJ bullets

    The one thing I have found with concave bullets is if you have a worn barrel it may be more accurate for a while until the wear gets too extreme, but it has a use for that. I shoot some older milsurps that have worn or oversize barrels and sometimes frosted barrels - it is something to try if you want to get the best out of a given gun. It is more useful with lead bullets than jacketed - use faster powders to get a fast pressure rise.
  3. Solvability

    Classifier updates

    I noticed classifiers are entered as pending these days until some apparently random time and then parsed. What is the schedule for classifiers to be included or not?
  4. Solvability

    First Official Match, First DQ

    You will run into RO's that will let you pop a squib and not warn you resulting in a KB - this is offensive to me. You will run into an RO that will think they are helping you long term by letting you have a disaster. Read the rules and learn them - own the mistakes and move forward. You will develop a sense of squads that are more or less compatible - some squads are better for new shooters and will help you move forward - avoid the arrogant.
  5. Solvability

    SIG SRT kit

    If you have a P series the $40.00 short reset trigger kit is good stuff - took 10 minutes or less and makes a world of difference in my 226
  6. Solvability

    TIG welding

    Just curious but what part needs welding?
  7. Solvability

    Oh crap! To the hospital

    did it hit bone? Heal fast!
  8. Solvability

    Case head separation/stuck case

    shove a 40 sw brush in the chamber and pull it out
  9. Solvability

    Humor Me Please: Silly Glock Build?

    I agree, the shorter lighter slide is valid.
  10. Solvability

    Humor Me Please: Silly Glock Build?

    I question the premise of a shorter stroke on the 19vs 17 vs 34 - I think the stroke is the same - no?
  11. Solvability

    Value of CZ slide

    A few years ago I found a new old stock Kadet (22 CZ75b) that a local gun store wanted to get rid off. I called CZ to ask about buying a 9mm upper for it - they were horrified - we never sell centerfire upgrades. I finally found a used one but this would have been just the ticket Ask $350.00 for it and take 300.
  12. What is the best bang for the buck? Sierra, Hornady and Berger give great results but are so expensive - need some for practice that will group.
  13. Solvability

    Revolver Shooters in Alabama

    I think Ben is out of shooting at the moment - do not know if he will return but he was very good. I think Icore is the way to go and not USPSA or other action shooting games.
  14. Solvability

    What's everyones favorite aftermarket glock trigger?

    I love the zev but have had to warranty it twice at high round count the trigger safety stops engaging as the plastic spring action goes too light but they were easy to work with
  15. Solvability

    Auto comp or titegroup for PCC??

    Is there a source of energy content for each powder - it might make load data easier to deduce but I expect energy release is also related to the pressure curve - more pressure more efficient energy release. I still intuit that fast powder is better in a blowback action.