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  1. Not reliably and certainly not usefully.
  2. My wife and I went out and viewed the ship in Decatur and talked to the guys - great experience.
  3. I started reloading for competition pistol in 2001 - rifle since 1974. I used a Lee progressive for years for 9mm until I literally wore it out - powder drops not as consistent as Dillon and a general fiddle factor to keeping it working but I produced good rounds. So what I say is the Dillon was worth it and you likely caused your overpressure event by double charging the case - it sure looks like an over pressure round to me. I hope Sig gives you a fair repair price on that pistol - one of the good things I have seen with Glock is the cheap or free repair regardless of cause and all I have se
  4. You guys need matching outfits!
  5. Certainly works fine with gen 3 and below - it gets more problematic with gen 4 and 5 on earlier generations but I do not know the specifics. Yes change the ejector - that is the only difference in the frame.
  6. My lead hit 18 and has gradually dropped in 6 years or so to 5.1 for the last 3 years - no longer shoot uncoated lead or at indoor ranges. I don't know why mine is sticking at 5.1 - not a worrisome level but I have done all I know to do. I have read and believe that some folks are metabolically more apt to take up lead than others. Butter, I doubt much lead gets past the poly coated - I am shooting a mixture of poly and plated.
  7. FYI mine is down to 5.1 and has been for 2 years - that is still over the 5.0 recommendation but I am sticking with current abatement practices. Poly or plated/jacketed bullets - outdoor wet tumbling and no indoor shooting.
  8. Your sizer die is not screwed down tight or it is not a 9mm die.
  9. I started in Limited with a Glock 21 and once I figured how much I liked it I got a Glock 35 and never looked back - the capacity is the real issue here .
  10. I speculate the new bullets are harder and are not obturating on firing and thus not getting stabilized. You could try a faster powder to see if it works but do not go overpressure as 40 is a bit tricky in hoop strength.
  11. No doubt, if you like the 40 it is a great time to buy a used gun. Don't overlook the .357 Sig it is an excellent caliber and shoots flat at distance. All of the popular models of 40 and .357Sig have conversion barrels to let you run 9mm for practice or competition. I plan to stockpile brass when I find it cheap - keep it dry and it won't go bad. I wonder how long it will be before we get 38 Super and SC allowed major in Limited.
  12. I got Remington/UMC ammo in bulk cheaply lately and it works just fine - that said any cheap factory name brand should be good to go. I would not use the steel cased Eastern Block stuff.
  13. Bullseye is a good choice but I really liked Titegroup (heresy I know since it is hot and smoky but was quite accurate and light recoil)
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