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  1. New open gun will arrive next Friday. It's a true 5in barrel,(4.6 +.4 threads) binary eng 3 port com. I am switching up from my current open gun that has a 5.4in with binary 3 port comp. I'm loading 9.6 of no7 with a 124 fmj. I get roughly a 176pf. I'm curious how much I need to change my load for the new gun. I'll be using major pistol from shooters world. No popple holes in either. Both are 9 major. I know I need 9.8 of major pistol to get a similar load to what I have now. Curious to see what you all are using. For mid length open guns.
  2. After speaking with one of the popular builders I have found that there is rotational play in my extractor. I have an egw hd and I use to have a aftec, I did not replace the fps when I put the new extractor In, this was 2 years ago.i have ordered a new fps it should be here next week I'll try that and see what happens. Shot the gun today using brass, no malfunctions and won HOA.
  3. The cases I've been shooting are all brand new cases never loaded never been near a magnet in my possession.
  4. Cases are in spec and very consistent across multiple cases. Unlike brass which has variance from manufacturer to manufacturer. Nas3 seem to be in the middle of the numbers if measured for the same part on brass variance. Barrel can accept a longer oal. I've gone up to 1.181 with brass before. Have not tried with the nas3 cases.
  5. I can't remember exactly what the issue was when I had too much extractor tension but I know when I got it to 18oz it ran like a champ. All my struck primers all appear to be dead center. No issues at all running brass. It seems the nas3 are more slippery than brass so they are being pushed further in the mag. And too far forward to catch under the extractor. Extractor and bottom edge of the breach face are recently polished and free of burs or dings.
  6. I've tried heavier this has been what has worked best with my normal brass cases just trying to figure out how to get these nas3 to work. I've always seen people say around 18-22oz but hey no two open guns are anywhere close to the same lol
  7. I have not but I know a few open shooters that use these cases and have no issues.
  8. I've searched and talked to a few people and can't figure out a reason for this issue. so occasionally with multiple 140s and 170s the round will chamber but the extractor will not be over the rim of the case, so the gun is out of battery. all of my mags are around .345 rear -.355 front. extractor is set at 1.125lbs of resistance, when I originally had the issue the resistance was at 1lb. the weirdest part of this it only happens with the shell shock nas3 cases. If i use brass cased ammo no issues. my rounds do tend to sit forward in the mag after cycling through. 9 major rn at 1.161 oal. been running this oal for 2 years. now just starting to have this issue when I tried to switch to the nas3 cases. I watched a video from atlas saying if the rounds are being pushed forward in the mag, then to radius and polish the bottom of the breach face. I did this and see no change. I am at a loss as what to try next. all 170s have new springs, 140s still have old springs but im having issues with all the mags.
  9. I've been running 9 major for the better part of the year. I've had zero issues, I run an offset cmore to avoid the potential ejection issues. Plus the dot is closer to the slide and feels more natural to me.
  10. I have read a lot of guys spray the comp with Dillon case lube between stages. I haven't seen anyone do this but ive tried rem oil and either I'm not consistent enough with it or it just doesn't help, cause I still get carbon build up in the comp.
  11. Very cool ,I wish more companies would offer a mount with thrumb rest. Im not a fan on how much the thumb rest can stick out from the side of the gun.
  12. Yes it is. I've shot stages where it was a single steel at 25 yards....I missed my first shot lol
  13. When I first started I was always trying to rush to put the gun up, I thought it made me look cool, lol I now make sure the RO can clearly see the chamber is empty and I slowly give commands to shooters to make sure I don't miss anything.
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