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  1. Thanks to everyone on this thread for contributing information on this gun. Local gun shop had one out of the blue when I was killing time and it followed me home! Still need to get a buffer set up, stock/grip and a dot. Excited to give 3gun a go now that I don’t have to sacrifice my fingers trying to learn to quad load my versamax!!![emoji23] what’s the general consensus on a dot that will hold up? I know the 510c is awesome but saw one fail at a1 last weekend due to the lens popping out(frame mounted open gun)...any input would be welcomed again thanks to all involved in this thread! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. @Ikunkel38, good to hear on the mounting pattern. Great idea on then cam lock as well. Put my order in yesterday for an x5 vise holster so now I patiently wait. Thanks for not settling and bringing innovative ideas to market.
  3. I’ve had good success with the Zeiss lens cleaning wipes.
  4. Many thank you’s for bringing this to my attention looks like a great design Is the mounting pattern on it standard bladetech pattern?
  5. +1 for the limcat magwell! Just put one on my chaos and I went the route of clearance on the magwell side, put it on sharpied where it needed clearance, little dremel action and it fit up rock solid. Just ordered another for my back up gun as well. Pt is said to be releasing a similar magwell to limcat that will require no fitting but not sure on eta of that one. Atlas is making one later this year and Akai offers one as well that is available now. I think Dawson would be smart to make a new insert with the convex radius as it does work very well on metal grips.
  6. Good point alma, and you buy base pads regardless
  7. Didn’t see it mentioned but moved from one shot to brass juice and couldn’t be happier. Slicks cases up good, no need to tumble lube off after loading, and it has a refreshing minty smell hahaha. I agree with the zip lock bag method of applying lube as well.
  8. Wonder why the move to 3 17 rounders with basepads when this will clearly be a co gun. Was nice getting 4 21 round mags that could get you in the game and you could add spring follower and basepad if you wanted all the capacities.
  9. curious what the price point will be on this. Following for more info.
  10. Those jj sleeves look interesting, anyone looked into the sizing options? Didn’t see anything on the website, I’m assuming it’s the length.
  11. http://www.targetsusa.com/. Is worth a look, they have some awesome hangers called rhinos that are legit to reset. Have s few friends that bought enough stuff to have an effective practice that fit in a couple 5 gallon buckets
  12. Agree with cha lee on the matter. For the dollar it doesn’t make sense to not go with a reputable builder starting with fresh components fitting them together on a much smaller scale then a big company like sti. Being a machinist by trade I’m a firm believer in quality and quantity being directly related. No personal experience with Ck or cheely but have seen a lot of their components being used by a lot of high end gun smiths these days. At the start of 2018 I purchased a 40 nemesis due to atlas being easy to work with through the ordering process and delivering right on time(3 months from order date) and gun that ran like a scalded dog! At the end of 2018 shooting season I bought a used open gun from the classifieds and decided to give open a try for the 2019 season. Few messages back and forth with Adam and cat and my nemesis was on its way back to have chaos top end fitted. Was told 2 month turnaround on this (back in my hands in 2 months plus a week which is perfectly acceptable in my book when dealing with outside vendors for coating and parts). All my dealings with atlas have been nothing but great. I know there is a lot of builders that are very capable of delivering a great product, but atlas has won me over with their quality and customer service. A titan for 3600 is a steal in my opinion for a gun with metal grip and the quality of the rest of the parts used! Best of luck on your decision.
  13. 1.175 have worked great in my gans gun with shueman barrel and my chaos with kkm barrel with both Montana gold and pd
  14. This has been my experience with 9mm mags as well
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