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  1. I can’t divulge that info. I have a confidentiality agreement
  2. I like the evo but I’ve heard some talk lately from gun builders that the lsi grip is the best one out. I haven’t seen one yet. Evo was/is a great product. Cheely is good too but requires a cheely proprietary magwell which a deal breaker for me.
  3. Probably be better off finding a local guy to do it. I’ve found most builders don’t want to mess with small jobs like that.
  4. It makes it easy for people who lack mechanical ability.
  5. I’m not sure what you mean. I’ve had the adjustable sear in at least 5 guns and thousands of rounds and it’s never doubled. Most people get the adjustable sear so they won’t need to fit an expensive safety and possibly screw it up. The sear is around 30$ so it’s way cheaper if you mess it up. The only difference that I’m aware of is a set screw that interfaces the safety.
  6. I have the set up in two shadow 2’s. I don’t think the rrk is totally necessary for someone with average to large hands. I do see how it can help with shorter fingers. I like the adjustable sear because I can set it stiff on the safety so as not to unintentionally activate it but still pass safety check. If I were ordering parts for a new s2 I’d get new springs, ext fp, old style 85 trigger, and a Comp hammer. With the rrk the disco is pretty much fit so you won’t have to do much to it, at least I didn’t. One thing I didn’t like was the reduced power trs. It made for a mushy trigger and reset wasn’t as tactile as I’d like. Im sure I forgot something but others will chime in.
  7. Sear spring could be to short as well and moving around in the grip. Hammer strut could be an issue too. These are a couple issues I’ve ran in to.
  8. It’s good but there are some scenes toward the end that could’ve been left out.
  9. magpulled

    Cz mag lip tuning?

    Padded vise nylon hammer but mags are pretty cheap so i just buy new ones.
  10. magpulled


    With the gun assembled it probably won’t go up that much. They definitely seem to have more travel without the slide.
  11. You can but I don’t think it’s gonna hurt the firing pin. I’ve dryfired my shadows probably 100k times and it still works fine.
  12. Did you change lots on projectiles. I’ve found it’s better to buy a bunch of the same lot and if something’s wrong manufacturers sometimes will swap them out.
  13. I don’t want to jinx myself but I’ve been loading pd 124 jhp to 1.085 for over a year and never had a feeding issue/malfunction. I load the rn to 1.135 when I have them. I use extra power mag springs though and keep about 25-30 mags in rotation too.
  14. Yeah, I use an 8.5 lb hammer spring in my s2’s. Not sure why the 9lb springs I tried didn’t last.
  15. Extreme engineering is good too and not that expensive. Egw is top shelf. Either of the ones mentioned will get you where you want to be.
  16. Wolf has 9lb springs and maybe 8s too.
  17. If you can post a clearer image it may help. Could try taking a screen shot of the pic and posting that. This is interesting. Don’t accushadow 2s run like 1800$
  18. Where did they braze it. I don’t see any visible evidence although the pics aren’t clear. Warranty should cover this. I think they have a 3 year warranty so if it’s less than that I’d pursue it. No way I’d be satisfied with their efforts so far.
  19. It’s a new gun, shot very little ? It’s not right either way. I wouldn’t think any crack is good. Hopefully wherever you bought it will make it right.
  20. I’ve tried 9lb recoil springs in my shadow 2s and they last about 200 rds before the slide starts cycling really slow when going into battery. I use 10lb springs now and thousands of rounds later it’s still good. So imo 10 is probably as low as you can go without issues.
  21. Mine with 8.5 hammer springs and factory trs is 4.5 ish da and 2 ish sa. For me the lifter spring plays a role in the weight. There is a thin line in getting it right.
  22. If I’m just gonna be surfing the internet and doing sketch up will 4gb ram be okay
  23. Almost 8lbs seems a bit heavy. I might try messing with the lifter spring again. It’s very critical you get it right though. Maybe try having equal pressure on each side but reduce what you have a smidge. 5 lbs seems light with an 11.5 lb hammer spring but I use an 8.5 with a large stash of federal primers.
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