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  1. Same problem here..I ordered Black Scorpion Grand Master series and should have them tomorrow. Will let you know.
  2. Yeah, I pitch em when I notice something wrong. We had a problem defined as human error and running too fast while being distracted by a tv. All of those problems have been taken care of.
  3. Zeb0744

    CGW Shadow 2 upgrade.

    I would assume that CGW did some R&D and engineered the parts to work without issue. I have been shooting it stock for the last couple of years and used one that another shooter had and was surprised. If the screws come out, I wouldn’t want that.
  4. Zeb0744

    CGW Shadow 2 upgrade.

    I have been looking at the S2 upgrade kit with the reach reduction from Cajun Gun Works. Is the juice worth the squeeze? I plan to install it myself because of the cost and not to mention how back logged they are. I’m curious about experiences and expectations for those that have taken the leap.
  5. Are you shooting production? What springs do you use? Been wanting to change mine.
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