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  1. I have shot a number of different brands but now use Georgia Arms, on select weekends free shipping and no local tax, seems softer than other loads , completely reliable and makes major
  2. I have both the DVC 3gun and the Brazos HP. Both are great but I perfer the DVC. Has been perfect since I got it (so has the Brazos since it was broke in). Might just be my personal pistols but the DVC recoils straight up while the Brazos recoils in an arc. And the DVC has a slightly longer sight raduis -- which I think helps.
  3. Tried this topic under springs with no responses. I ran a light recoilmaster in a 40 cal 2011 for and thought it was great, very light recoil. Recoilmaster kind of failed (got gritty feeling and did not want to compress properly for pistol disassembly) so I replaced it with a standard spring and have not revisited the issue since then. Anyone with experience here?
  4. Anyone try a light recoilmaster in a 2011 40 cal. . i did for a while and thought it was very soft shooting. ONly stooped when the recoilmaster kind of failed -- got gritty and did'nt seem to compress properly to disassemble to pistol. Put in a standard spring and have not revisited this option. Anyone with experience here. thx
  5. so is it way softer than a non- comped pistol say a 2011 edge
  6. I have eleven 2011 pistols and I prefer the 5.4 or 5.5 length over 5 in. I have not shot a 6 in
  7. blade tech has a few options. I use a 6 inch edge/eagle holster and it works well
  8. thanks ended up buying gen 2 sti mag bodies. Was wondering about round count between the two
  9. Considering the new gen 2 sti mag bodies, is there any reason or advantage with sti vs sv tubes. Talking 140 mm 40 cal here. I realize a difference in cost.
  10. I shoot Freedom almost exclusively as I do not reload at this time. I usually buy the new ammo, usually one or two pennies more per cartigde. No problems
  11. Obviously, but i have done it, with the pistol laying in it's left side it is easy to put downward pressure with your right hand and thus engage the mag release ( for a right handed shooter). Now you have lost at least two seconds' maybe much more
  12. do most find the difference pretty significant ? those with both please reply
  13. Could someone please explain the benefits of a sight tracker type 2011 vs a traditional (ie bull barrel sti) setup?
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