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  1. No, I would not call it cheep, but for what it is it is very responsible. Sent fra min NEM-L21 via Tapatalk
  2. I did a search but nothing on the new Nightforce NX8 1-8 scopes? Should be a great choice for our sport, right? Is there something I have not understood here? Scope seem to be light, compact, BDC, good reticle, 1-8X, FFP, day time visible? What is not to like?
  3. ..to be honest I am/was afraid that the barrel is worn, but the rest of the gun looks new. Maybe it has gotten a diet of steel jacket bullets or some other kind of crazy stuff.
  4. Hi I recently bought a lightly used STI Trojan in 9mm. The pistol looks fine in every way but when I looked down the barrel I was kind of surprised. The throat of the bore looks very long. Does someone know if the barrels has an extra-long throat? Or are free-bored to accept longer than standard cartridges? Usually you are able to see where the lances are ‘cut’ to make the throat, but not on this barrel. The barrel is highly polished inside witch make this harder to see.
  5. Hi, Thanks for all help, I think I solved the problem. Got hold of a lightly used Kahles K16i SM1 I still need a mount: Bobro? Larue? American Defence? Or other?
  6. Hi I have a small project trying to lighten up my rifle (IPSC Open) I have come to the conclusion that the scope and mount is a big part of the total weight. Originally, I bought a Zeiss V8 1-8 with Spuhr mount. The scope itself is not that bad (heavy) but there are few mounts on the marked and even thou the Spur mount is great it is not light. Total package is about 900 grams (2 pounds) I have also found out that 1-6x scopes often are much lighter and often have 30mm tubes which gives you many mounts to choose from. So, I am looking for a good and light scope, (and mount)
  7. I agree with you. My previous philosophy was: Buy good and light parts, but not a light barrel. The thing is, now days with big heavy 1-8x scopes and mounts, I don’t think the 15” handguards help either. I kind of cannot afford a medium profile barrel. The package just end up too heavy.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I have already thought about the UBR stock as a counterweight. However, in combination with a Faxon Gunnar 18” barrel and lightweight handguard, say a Bravo Company KMR 15”, will this make the rifle totally off balance?
  9. ....what about scope and mount options? I believe a lot of weight can be saved here.
  10. I quite recently built a new upper for my IPSC open rifle. The built was made by quality parts, including a Spuhr mount, Zeiss V8 1-8, JP handguard and a Criterion hybrid Barrel. I was looking forward to getting something new with a fresh barrel and good optics. ………..the thing works like a champ besides the fact that the package is too heavy for me. I don’t think it is particularly heavy, it is just too much for me. After I really blew some stages in a Level III match because of this I have decided to start over. Can someone point me in the right direction on what components to choos
  11. Yes I am. Sent fra min HTC One M9_Prime Camera Edition via Tapatalk
  12. Hi, Is there a difference in lightening the carrier vs. the buffer? I mean if the total weight is the same. I have a low mass carrier but the buffer is a standard weight carbine with all the weights still in there. Should I take out some of them? If so, how many? And should they be swapped out with something else? Delrin? Happy for all tips and tricks.
  13. Past 600 yards?.............doesn’t it happened a lot sooner? like past 300?
  14. This is also motivated by a general gun interest and the fact that heavier bullets in 223 stretches the calibers preforms significantly. That said, yes we have IPSC classic targets far beyond 300 meters in matches and wind becomes a major factor………..on steel targets above 200 meters I feel it gives me peace of mind. Judging only after the sound it makes.
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