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  1. I'm 22 years old and I started shooting 3 gun about a year ago and in that time I have shot about 15 local matches. I'm at the point where I'm itching to go do something bigger and better in a big national multigun match, but I don't know which matches to look at. For example I feel that I shouldn't show up at the USPSA mulitgun Nationals and take last place on every stage and slow people down who are serious and trying to win. But, I do know of matches such as the Rock Castle Pro/Am which sounds perfect to me (I plan on going to that match in 2019). What matches would you recomme
  2. So I figured I should start this as a replacement to my scattered notes on shooting, this way they are in one place. Maybe others can help or my experience can help someone else out. I will try my best to organize posts for my own and other's sake. It may very well turn into an actual diary since shooting sports have quickly become a true passion of mine.
  3. I did a search but nothing on the new Nightforce NX8 1-8 scopes? Should be a great choice for our sport, right? Is there something I have not understood here? Scope seem to be light, compact, BDC, good reticle, 1-8X, FFP, day time visible? What is not to like?
  4. Been lurking for a couple years, referencing the vast resources of knowledge here all the time, so thanks already! My short story is I bought my first gun a few years ago, and bought additional guns i liked for non-competitive reasons for a bit, was asked to attend a .22LR plate shoot shortly thereafter and found i was good enough to enjoy it and see real improvements in a timed/controlled environment. The following summer i borrowed a friend's rifle and shotgun to shoot a local 3gun match.... loved it so much i bought my own shotgun the next day. last year i started shooting USPSA pistol a
  5. 3 gun charity match. When: 25Aug2018 / Where: Topton Fish and Game Association 6 stages, about 210 rounds. $100 entry fee benefits the One Wish Foundation. http://www.onewishfoundation.org/ Our Mission Statement: The One Wish Foundation provides children with life-altering medical or social conditions the opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime outdoor adventure. First shots by 9am. Food, drinks (beer/soda) and entertainment to follow with a PRIZE TABLE. This is a unique, fast paced 3 gun match. Have you ever wanted a mullig
  6. Looking for some input on what to expect from a 3 Gun Nation Long Range shoot. VIR is hosting a training class coupled with a match and I am thinking about going. Is it setup toward gas guns and/or will bolt guns be left sucking wind? I have a bolt 308 that should work, maybe a little to much magnification, I also have a 16" gas gun with a fixed power scope that I can cobble together for the event. The class is only about 3 week away so buying or building another rifle and equipment is mostly out due to time constraints. Just trying to get an idea o
  7. * I am posting this here since it covers several topics and I don't want to get booted from one forum to another because of the breadth of topics * A little background first - I started shooting USPSA production about 8 years ago after I turned 18, and fell in love. I shot as many matches as I could fit into a busy college schedule. I switched over to 3 gun during grad school, and had been enjoying that since graduation. However, last July, my apartment was broken into and my 3 gun rifle and shotgun were both stolen (luckily they didn't notice my 3 week old STI DVC Limited 9mm in t
  8. Hey all. 3 gun shooter from Michigan. I've lurked on these forums long enough, I figured it was time to jump in and make an account.
  9. We’ve set the dates for the 2018 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun which will be held from March 23 – 25 at the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club in Mesa Arizona. Registration information is here.
  10. Hey everyone, I was directed to this forum during a youtube video. Avid shooter and handloader here in southwest Louisiana. I am looking to find information on the closest 3 gun competition to me. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Has anyone shot the Hawk DS yet. I’ve been eyeing a Marauder, but the price point of the Hawk is more inline with my budget. I know I will need to add an ambi-safety and magwell. Trying to figure out if I should get the Hawk sooner, or save for the Marauder.
  12. Spartan Tactical proudly announces The 2017 Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge September 29 - October 1, 2017 -Official Announcement- Mark your calendars for the 7th Annual Fallen Brethren 3Gun Challenge; 10 Stages like you've never seen before... We'll be testing your skills at our new facility in Cresson, Texas this year. The Fallen Brethren remains a national favorite and is still a 'must shoot' match. We've got all new stage locations on the Triple C shooting complex and you're going to love it. Last year we said "goodbye" to Stage 9 and this year we'll be introducing you to all new ch
  13. We just finished up the 3 gun season at our range in Minot, ND. It was a great year with lots of good times. This was our first year as a 3 gun nation affiliated club. We host a match every month on the 4th sunday of the month. Most months we ran at least one classifier and most everyone enjoyed the new style and the ability to be nationally ranked and see how they compare to more than just our club. Along with the 3 gun nation classifiers we still hold around 3 outlaw stages so we have at least 4 stages a month. Something else that we tried this year was a two man team 3 gun match, we had 13
  14. Hey all, 3 gun season here is Colorado will be over in a couple of months and i'm already thinking about off-season stuff. Looking to replace my primary AR as its getting a little tired. Was thinking it would be nice to know what guys (and girls) would build if they were going down that road. I know I could just buy a completed rifle from a quality company (but wheres the fun in that). So, if you're game, post your dream build. Would like to know all the components (receivers, barrels, triggers, etc), basically everything. Also, if you feel up to it, an explanation on why you would use what yo
  15. Very excited to be one of the two founder's of the Navy's new Action Shooting Team!!!! Will be posting lots of videos on youtube at the below link...! Been 5 years in the making and it is finally a reality!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdR_YjajU3YccWzLUOHEXWg?view_as=subscriber
  16. Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championships We are very excited to announce Mike Sexton as the new Match Director for the 2017 Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championships. Mike is sure to bring a different perspective to this major 3 Gun championship. Once again, Linda Chico will be in charge of registration and the match headquarters and we are thankful that Ken Nelson, Russell Armstrong and the PractiScore team will be on site managing all scoring. We have an incredible match planned for you. We are working on some awesome side matches and some amazing after hour social events at the Roc
  17. I have a P320 X-Five coming my way and I was wondering if anyone here may already have some recipes. Looking for any load recipes for use in Production, Carry Optics, Steel and 3-Gun. I will be loading in 9mm using 124gr JHP/CMJ projectiles with either CFE Pistol or Titegroup powders. I'd appreciate any help or recommendations. Thanks!
  18. Hey guys.. looking for someone to lift my welder and open up my loading port in southern cali. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks!
  19. Backstory, I have been shooting USPSA Production. Yeah, the saying is true, you never stop there... I have shot ARs a few times in the range, but I actually never own one. I want an AR and I decided to build one. Problem, This is a platform/build for some range time and possibly for 3Gun in near future after practices. After much research, I have already decided on most parts. However, Barrel profile and BCG are two things I cannot decide. I know JP low mass is great, but the price seems very steep considering purchasing with their buffer
  20. Hey I'm new to shooting, I'm from Denver. Getting into 3 gun. I've done one 3 gun match at the SOCO event. Looking to improve all around and get into USPSA and some PCC.
  21. Hi guys, I have searched around... maybe not enough, but anyways. I shoot my STI DVC Limited 40 in both USPSA and 3Gun. What is your Sight In distance for 2011 Limited with stock adjustable sights? What is your method of sighting in? Off the bags or free hand? It has been awhile since I checked my zero, but yesterday at the local fun match when I had to shoot upper panel only at 15 yards all my shots were going 3 inches low in the black and it took me some time to figure out because I could not see the hits. I later looked at the target and group was tight, but about 3 in
  22. I will be flying to a match for the first time this year. The thought of reducing all my 3-Gun match logistics to something that can survive the TSA and a cameo appearance in a 1970's American Tourister commercial is, well, daunting... I have the Pelican case. I will pre-ship as much of my ammo as possible and buy the rest (probably birdshot) at a local sporting goods mega-mart, I suppose. What else do I need to do to have this go as smoothly as possible? How do folks sort and pack their stuff to minimize travel difficulties? Two specific questions: (1) Has anybody checked a big long gu
  23. I recently bit the bullet (and drained the bank account) and purchased a Dillon Super 1050 reloader with a complete Mark7 Autodrive setup for 9mm & .223/5.56mm. I am asking for any and all recipes you folks might have for 9mm to meet Minor PF for USPSA/IPSC Production, IDPA SSP/ESP, as well as Steel matches and general target shooting. Ideally, I would like to use the same basic load for various pistols including Glock 19/17/34, CZ SP01, EAA/Tango, and Sig P320. I am looking for 9mm loads using 124gr projectiles (have plenty on hand already) and either Titegroup, CFE Pistol or
  24. setting this up for some practice with a few shooting buddies. want some physical, mental and difficulty challenges to test our skills. What do you think? This will be set up in a 100 yard by 50 yard bay.The small 3"X 5" steel will simulate a full target at 600 yards FIELD GOAL.docx HURT ME.docx FIELD GOAL.pdf HURT ME.pdf
  25. Ran into three videos featuring Roberto Vezzoli and the 1301 Comp. Some of the information is great for beginners like me and some for more experienced 1301 users, particularly the close-ups of his loading port and lifter modifications. The first is an overview: The second addresses set up issues including length of pull and several close up views of his loading port and lifter modifications: The third is an introduction to shotgun handling that also includes a modified quad load where he drops the first into the chamber, then puts the remaining three into th
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