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Found 6 results

  1. Sorry if this has been discussed before. With respect to setting up a PCC 9mm for USPSA matches, which recoil system do you prefer? Two that seem to have a following (successful?) are JP's Silent Capture GEN 2 (4 weights) with compatible BCG and MBX's PCC Buffer System. I'm new to this blow-back recoil challenge. I'm currently running a NFA upper/lower with JP trigger, Rock River BCG (I think, took from older carbine bought few years back and had milled for Glock mags), 16" Faxon barrel and have tried various buffer and spring combos and loads, which didn't really seem to have much of an effect. The gun runs excellent though, just a bit too much recoil for good doubles. Any advise is greatly appreciated. I had a Faxon BCG on back order and canceled. Thinking of crying once and getting JP BCG and SCS system since I still need a BCG. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking to setup a LWRC DI 16" Midlength as sort of a "one and done" do all AR, suitable for both entry level competition and general SD/HD/things. Basically the goal is to get a tactical rifle with as close to the smoothness/flatness of a competition AR, but without sacrificing reliability / messing with the gas or bolt. I'm going to be using the PA EFAB as the muzzle device, because it also works as a flash suppressor and has much less blast then a typical competition brake. But testing shows the EFAB is rated for ~50% recoil reduction vs 70% for a more serious muzzle break, so I'm now looking into whether alternate buffers can help make up for the remaining 10-20% recoil. I'm considering the following options, and I wanted to see if anyone here has any experience with them in terms of how they effect recoil: -JP Silent Capture -Kynshot/Enidine Hydraulic buffer -Vltor A5 -MGI Rate and Recoil Reducing Buffer -DPM Recoil reducing buffer (this one looks the most promising, but there is no info on it.) https://dpmsystems.us/collections/ar-15/products/ar-15-223-5-56-calibre-rifles-mil-spec-standard-buffer-tube Does anyone here have any experience with the above, and if so, did they help reduce / smooth the recoil impulse? Any other options you would suggest?
  3. I am new-ish to the tanfo platform and I am having great success with it. Shot with a Shadow 2 most of this season and I am currently shooting the Tanfo. I was able to put 600 rounds in 3 range visit and I am blown away by the difference in between the two platforms, very happy with the Stock 2. I have purchased a few shock buffers for this pistol, and I tried it with and with out and I could not notice any difference in felt recoil, however, the action becomes stiffer when the buffer is in, like if there was less wiggle room between the barrel and the slide when out of battery and it takes more effort to rack the slide. The gun was used for about 200 rounds with a buffer with no ill effects, however, when operated by hand I can feel it is tighter. Wondering if any of you has any first hand experience with these buffers. I am thinking that they might be a gimmick and might as well keep them out.
  4. Hi, Is there a difference in lightening the carrier vs. the buffer? I mean if the total weight is the same. I have a low mass carrier but the buffer is a standard weight carbine with all the weights still in there. Should I take out some of them? If so, how many? And should they be swapped out with something else? Delrin? Happy for all tips and tricks.
  5. After experimenting for a while with different lightened BCGs- and buffers, the time has come to the buffer spring. My experience comes from tuning open pistols. In a pistol there is no doubt that a lighter recoil spring helps a lot when it comes to make it shoot softer. This might seem counterintuitive sins a lighter spring will make the pistol open earlier and speed up the slide movement. I think, and many others do too, that the effect comes from the fact that the pistol will close softer and hence make the dot bounce less. Last time when I was on the range I thought about how light the recoil feels when the rifle fires the last round in the magazine and locks the bolt back. The question is can I get some of this effect buy using a lighter buffer spring? What are your experiences?.............and can somebody point me in the right direction? I would be very happy if someone could recommend me a spring or even a spring/buffer weight combination. What are you people using? Thanks J
  6. I have the JP SCS in my current rifle- 18" rifle length barrel, JP Lmos, JP adjustable gas block, miculeck style brake (suppressor mount). I got the SCS because I'm a total nerd and fanboy, and some pro on the internet said it's cool. The block is turned down to just cycle commercial XM193, and the felt recoil at the buttstock is virtually zeroed out by the comp. There is a lot more kick when I shoot with a suppressor, but I've yet to experiment with gas settings with the can. The alternate springpack was on backorder when I got all my parts, but it came in unexpectedly yesterday and now I'm unsure if I really need to screw around with spring rates. The only reason I'm not sending them back is because when I hit the bolt release on a full magazine, the top round can be a little sluggish to go into battery. I'm using a side charging upper so it's easy enough to push the entire BCG home, but I'm wondering if a heavier spring would be a fix without compromise. Plus, there are five alternate spring rates. One of them has to be better for my rifle because I'm a very special snowflake, right? I imagine the ideal is to have the lightest weight BCG with the spring that just allows the action to cycle with a given amount of gas. I think I hit that sweetspot with the stock spring rate- It cycles the "buffer" without bottoming out, and the BCG moves back into battery with 100% reliability and what I'm assuming to be minimum forward momentum. With more springs, I really just don't know what I'm supposed to be tuning for anymore while juggling spring rate, cycle time, gas volume, suppressed vs. unsuppressed etc.
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