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Found 7 results

  1. Not exactly sure how to ask this question. I guess it's a multi part question so lets see. First I'll say that I shoot Steel Challenge and USPSA. I have recently lightened my PCC by adding the CODA 13.5" carbon fiber hand guard and Smoke Composites C.F. stock. The gun feels amazing to me and as far as what I'm used to it's perfect.....or is it? Its current weight is 5lbs. 11.5oz. QC10 upper and lower(glock mag) Faxon 16" barrel(thread protector) Taccom extreme 9mm BCG(weight removed) .223 spring 8oz. buffer Elftmann AR10 trigger Holosun HS510C dot Total BCG/buffer weight is just under 20oz. I am considering going with the Taccom ULW barrel which would really lighten the gun overall. My concerns are: Will it be too light? As in, will it be too light to absorb recoil resulting in unwanted dot movement? Will the recoil be "different"? I keep hearing that the ULW barrel produces a different feeling all together. The good thing is that the ULW barrel is fairly inexpensive overall. I know I will have to alter my PCC loads with the much shorter barrel. I also shoot production with a CZ SP-01 so I have plenty of load data for it. Soooo....what's your feedback on the barrel and my situation? Thanks.
  2. Hey all, For those of you non-Dillon owners out there, I own a Hornady LnL AP press and I have seen some options of getting light "down" onto the shell plate and I'm wondering what you use for your setup? I actually purchased the Inline Fabrication "Skylight" upon seeing the info on here on one of the posts a while ago when I first bought my press, but I didn't search out any other options at the time. Well, I'm not really that thrilled with it. It does shine light down onto the shell plate, but it seems to me that it only shines light down onto the middle of the plate. I'd like to have more light on the outer edge of the plate, especially where the cases are, so I can look down into the cases for a powder check. That is the entire point of me having the light in the first place. If they would have had their center light (or the Skylight) spread the light further out instead of a direct beam down, I think it would have helped. I do have their strip also mounted on the front inner side, but it seems too far away to the side to do much good to look into the case after the powder drop. (and again, it is on the side, so it lights up the SIDE of the case, not down INTO the case) So, I was wondering if anyone had any other options that they have used and like? I just saw in the Dillon section, someone mentioning the UFO lights from KMS Squared and I thought (on the Dillon) that those looked really good as it was in a U shape around the toolhead and it seemed to really light up the inside of the cases as well as the shell plate. So, I checked out their website to see if they have one for the Hornady and they do, but it is a much smaller circle in the middle. I was almost hoping for a big circle of lights around the outer part of the dies (not the inner), which I think would light up the cases better than an inner circle that isn't much bigger in diameter than the Skylight by Inline Fabrication. KMS Squared UFO Light Inline Fabrication Skyline light Does anyone have this UFO light setup and use it? Does it actually light the inside of .40 and/or 9mm cases well? Does anyone have any other thoughts or options (other than holding a darn flashlight and looking in each case manually) as for lighting options? If I knew how to build these darn light strips myself, I would try some sort of bigger light strip circle outside of the dies, similar to what KMS Squared did with the UFO light, but I have no clue how to do that or where to get the materials. Otherwise I would try it and see if it works better than the "inner light". I feel I already threw $40 down the drain with the Inline Fabrication light (it is well made, but doesn't seem to work how I thought it would), so I'm afraid of buying the $30 UFO lights and finding out those don't light much better than the Inline ones do. Of course, I could probably say screw it and leave the inline ones in/on and add the UFO lights to it and that will probably make me blind looking at the shell plate from all the light shining down and bouncing off the shell plate. LOL But I was hoping there was another "sure" option to use instead of those two together. Sorry for the huge post...was just trying to get my point across.
  3. I quite recently built a new upper for my IPSC open rifle. The built was made by quality parts, including a Spuhr mount, Zeiss V8 1-8, JP handguard and a Criterion hybrid Barrel. I was looking forward to getting something new with a fresh barrel and good optics. ………..the thing works like a champ besides the fact that the package is too heavy for me. I don’t think it is particularly heavy, it is just too much for me. After I really blew some stages in a Level III match because of this I have decided to start over. Can someone point me in the right direction on what components to choose if you want to build something light, including scope and mount, that still can handle a 40 round stage? Thanks for all help
  4. After experimenting for a while with different lightened BCGs- and buffers, the time has come to the buffer spring. My experience comes from tuning open pistols. In a pistol there is no doubt that a lighter recoil spring helps a lot when it comes to make it shoot softer. This might seem counterintuitive sins a lighter spring will make the pistol open earlier and speed up the slide movement. I think, and many others do too, that the effect comes from the fact that the pistol will close softer and hence make the dot bounce less. Last time when I was on the range I thought about how light the recoil feels when the rifle fires the last round in the magazine and locks the bolt back. The question is can I get some of this effect buy using a lighter buffer spring? What are your experiences?.............and can somebody point me in the right direction? I would be very happy if someone could recommend me a spring or even a spring/buffer weight combination. What are you people using? Thanks J
  5. Sorry ahead of time if this is in the wrong area. I've got a couple of questions. The first is what pull weight are most people running on their open/limited guns? In addition to that, what did you do to achieve your current pull weight? Right now, I'm averaging around 3 to 3.5 lbs. It's not bad, but if I can lighten it and still feel comfortable with it I'd like to. I've got an adjusted Nowlin sear spring, 15 lb mainspring, EGW hammer and C&S tactical match sear. I haven't touched the hammer/sear.
  6. Hey all, I have been researching this on the web for a few days with not really useful info. So I figured I would post my own experience for others. My wife agreed to join me at the range for an afternoon of shooting for my b-day. She isn't crazy about shooting but goes occasionally for me. I want to make sure it is as enjoyable as possible for her, to hopefully make it a little more interesting for her. The two guns I plan to have her shoot are my 9mm STI 5" Eagle (and Tac-Sol Conversion kit) and my 9mm shield. I want to come up with some really light 9mm rounds for her, I am thinking the fastest powder I can use is best. At this time it is WST. I also have a bit of 231, American Select, N320, and Titegroup. My standard minor load for limited minor in the STI is 4gr WST over a 124 SNS @ about 1.140". I figure because I am going to be going so low with the throw weight, to keep the chamber pressure up, I'll use my X-Treme 124 HPs. The plated bullet is a little slower than coated, therefor slightly higher pressure, and the profile of the bullet without adjusting my seating die from the SNS is down around 1.082" will also help with pressure, and complete burning for the powder. Last night I loaded 20-30 rds each of 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, and 3.8. My goal is just to have the gun cycle reliably with the lightest possible recoil. Anyone have any other load suggestions, or experience with the loads I mentioned above? I'll report back results after we go on Saturday. -Eli
  7. Has anyone figured either of these things out? I'm for sure going to need to mount a sling for a match this summer, and probably a light. I'm looking for the LEAST Macgyver way to do it. I saw Urikagold sent his in to Crucible Armament and had a couple of sweet sling options mounted, but is there anything else? Also, what about the light? A rail would probably be my first choice, but mounting that on my new sexy Versatube....uhh... I would have messaged Mark directly, but thought others might have good ideas too. I look forward to all of your creative answers. I know you guys will come up with something. Thanks in advance! G
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