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Found 10 results

  1. Hello I am new owner of BUL SAS II Open pistol that was purchased without predrilled holes for the scope mount on dust cover. I am looking for the information/advice what are the typical dimensions / location of the holes that are drilled and tapped in the frame/dustcover. I've found some info in one of the threads and would like to verify if this is correct as I can drill the holes only once ;-) I am looking for 5 holes pattern with distance between them 0.375 inch ( there will be optics mount + thumb rest on side of mount) The distance from center of the slide stop hole to center of first hole for optics mount : 0.5 inch Distance of the holes from top of frame/dust cover edge 0.135 inch All distances above assume that I will use 5-40 screws. The issue is that I am in a "metric" country and the closest metric screwes are M3 (which have slightly smaller diameter than 5-40) so I could use M4 but those are roughly 0,1575 in diameter and seem to me too thick to make holse so close to dust cover edge (dust cover is stainelss steel) Now the questions are: 1. If the dictances I provided above seem to be ok ? 2. If the M3 screws are not to weak (assuming I will be using 5 holes mount) ? Should I consider M4 screws? If that will influence/increase the required distance from dust cover edge ? 3. What should be the minimal clearance between the bottom of the mount shelf and the slide ? I am awaiting for the mount at the moment that will be used with micro red dot / RTS2 size. My concern are potential extraction/jams. I would appreciate advice. K
  2. Hi everyone, I'm moving away from Docter to deltapoint pro - the arredondo mounts I've been using for years won't work woth with the m4x14 screws provided by Leupold. Anyone know what I can use? I've noticed that the Jpoint/STS adapters you receive with the arredondo mount comes with 2 button screws(12mm length)but I can't identify them since they're in inches? can anyone help recognize them? https://www.arredondoaccessories.com/collections/j-point/products/j-point-doctersight-sts-pistol-mount?variant=30719324749
  3. I quite recently built a new upper for my IPSC open rifle. The built was made by quality parts, including a Spuhr mount, Zeiss V8 1-8, JP handguard and a Criterion hybrid Barrel. I was looking forward to getting something new with a fresh barrel and good optics. ………..the thing works like a champ besides the fact that the package is too heavy for me. I don’t think it is particularly heavy, it is just too much for me. After I really blew some stages in a Level III match because of this I have decided to start over. Can someone point me in the right direction on what components to choose if you want to build something light, including scope and mount, that still can handle a 40 round stage? Thanks for all help
  4. I just set up my first rig and I purchased the DAA PDR-Pro II which has got 2 little brackets to mount from which broke immediately. Does anyone know if the PDR Holster T-Rail fits the PDR-Pro II.
  5. Wondering if anyone knows if the SJC micro dot optic mount (http://stores.sjcguns.com/sjc-micro-dot-mount-for-glocks/) would be compatible for use on a Gen4 G19 model? I know the frame is slightly different than the G17/22/34/35 that the mount is meant for, but I was wondering if anyone knows if the tolerances would work to use the mount on the slightly smaller G19 frame? Anyone?
  6. I have some questions for any of you Tanfoglio experts out there. I am currently in the process of converting my small frame 9x19 Tanfo one of the Israeli imported 'Mossad" version. I am getting my frame drilled and threaded for a mount. One question is what mount do you all recommended? I bought a ipscalex mount to try but the right sided screw holes will interfere with my serial number, rather than pay to have the serial number moved I am just going to go with another mount. I am assuming I could use a CZ mount since the holes have not been yet done on my pistol. Can anyone confirm this? From reading thru the forums it seems the Cheely mount is highly recommended. So I am considering this mount in the CZ/Czech mate version. I also assume that a 2011 mount would not be the best fit height wise, but I am not certain on this either. If anyone who has played with different mounts has the answers any help would be much appreciated. Secondly if anyone knows where to source a small frame 9x19 6 inch barrel please let me know, or PM me if you have one. Thanks all for your help, I will be sure to post pictures once the project is complete. Pretty sure I am going PVD coated on the finish so it might be a bling, bling Tanfo.
  7. Long story short recently my C-More pulled the screws out of my Cheely 90deg mount. I Called Cheely for a replacement but he makes them in batches and doesn't have any right now but will send one out when he does. I want to make it clear that I don't think Cheely sold me a bad product I just think this particular one failed not due to anything Cheely could control. My problem is the Area 1 match is at the end of June so I came up with a fix for the short maybe long term. I through bolted it but didn't want nuts on the other side so here is what I did First I milled an old indexable tool holder to a small bar Next I milled a slot in the back of my Cheely mount .050 inches deep and same width (.497) as my bar I drilled and tapped the bar for the new longer Cmore screws Then screwed the Cmore down to the mount using the bar as the nuts. I like the bar because it should help with any pitching of the red dot on the mount. It also props my gun up better for unloaded table starts. My bar is .300inches thick but this can be reduced and eventually will.
  8. So I'm looking to build an Open M&P or two for family members. After trying a multitude of platforms, they have decided they want to go with an M&P (no love for my 2011s). I'm doing the research now to get the parts together but the one part that I'm unsure of the most is the scope mount. I know it's going to be a 90 degree mount so that narrows it down. I have looked all over and all I can find is two, the Stingray and the SJC. Did I miss any others? I have searched for reviews on here and elsewhere but haven't located a lot. Can anyone give me some advice on them such as ease/difficulty of installation, functionality, known issues, etc.? Thanks for any help!
  9. I've searched high and low, and can't seem to find a definitive answer to my question! I just purchased a Vortex Viper PST 1-4 and throw lever, but can't decide what to go with as far as mounting it. I have no plans of removing, swapping, or changing my optic regularly, and don't see a need for a QD mount. I have a flat top rail on my SR 556, so eye relief is not an issue either. Is there any reason to go with a one piece mount like the Larue, Warne, Burris, etc rather than conventional style rings in a taller version?
  10. Here is a picture from a match in Eskilstuna, Sweden (Level II). There where a guy who had made hos own mount in an pretty unusual way. I know him and he says it works quite OK. Just liked to share... //Freddie the Swede
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