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  1. Have you tried adding weight, maybe the brass SJC magwell to help stabilize things?
  2. I think that the marketing plan is to push the "elite"/swat types towards their guns, since those guys might have more budget/leeway for a $2000+ service pistol, and might appreciate something nicer than a stock Glock/P320/whatever.
  3. It's a damn shame, because one of the great things about getting an Edge used to be that it was a pretty good platform to start with for not a ton of money, and then you could have a gunsmith customize it once you figured out what you wanted. And yeah, I'm not spending $4k+ on a plastic gripped limited gun that probably needs trigger work.
  4. Ish? Veprs and Saigas tend not to like low brass target loads very much from the factory. I think you can tune around this, but I'm not entirely sure on that. Anyway, my guess would be that if you had one built, you'd get the gas system tuned and then listen to what your smith said the gun should shoot.
  5. Yup! I forgot that one. Good catch. The Vepr is self regulating, the KS-12 has an adjustable one. Factory guns have two settings, not sure if Dissident changed those.
  6. I think it's based on the Kalashnikov USA KS-12, which is Saiga-ish. Apart from being made here, and so being able to come with a pistol grip from the factory, the big change from Saiga 12 to KS-12 seems to be the deletion of the last round bolt hold open.
  7. Here's a thread with some pics if you haven't found it already:
  8. Alternatively, if you find a rest you like, you might ask the manufacturer if they'd send you/your smith one with no holes drilled.
  9. E.g. https://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=AA18750FB&n=Arredondo-Thumb-Rest--Frame-Mount-No-Hole https://gogunusa.com/products/copy-of-gas-pedal-racer-cut-thumb-assist-1?variant=12229652971616 Basically, just try searching for 'thumb rest gunsmith fit' or 'thumb rest blank'
  10. Thanks for the details on that. And I won't be getting those standalone sleeves.
  11. I stumbled upon this a little while ago. It's a tungsten bushing that can be fit to a barrel: https://deeprivercustoms.com/product/tungsten-tapered-sleeve-bushing/ Site says it weighs 0.4 lbs. Which probably gives some rough notion of the approximate weight gain that you might gain with an Akai tungsten setup. Not saying this is where Akai gets their stuff or anything.
  12. visiting a multigun match would also let you see if there's lots of e.g. crawling, which might make a holster that exposes less of your gun better. Also, here's an example thread where someone made their own kydex holster for an open gun with framemount optic:
  13. Ohh, also it's a little harder to find a good frame mount if you're starting with a polymer framed gun.
  14. So, frame mounts tend to be less abusive to the optic, but they put the dot higher, which lots of people say is a bigger learning curve if you're coming from irons. I don't think it matters all that much, but that's me. And I went to the frame mount after getting a bunch of time with slide mount optics. Big considerations: --Are there rules that would mandate you to have one over the other? Something like uspsa carry optics or 'stealth' division at some multigun matches is slide-mount only. --Holster selection is another concern. Generally, frame mounts require a custom kydex holster if you want a kydex holster. Or you could go with a race holster that only covers the trigger guard. If you have a slide mount, you can get retention holsters if you want one. Which all boils down to: what kind of matches are you going to shoot? I love USPSA open guns, and I like the frame mount best in that context. I don't shoot enough multigun to comment much there, but for most matches near me if I'm shooting multigun, I just use my open gun, race holster, and the holster's lock lever if I need it.
  15. do you know anyone with either to try? That'd be ideal. Some of it is balance, not just weight. I love my steel gripped open gun (with comp, ports, etc. so not a lot of recoil), and I'm not sure how much of it is total weight and how much is balance.
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