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  1. Got a couple today. They work fine in a limcat magwell (newer kind with the curved bottom). No dremeling/filing needed. I agree with Silverscooby as to the advantages of not having to load/unload dummy rounds and a rack buddy.
  2. See here for example: https://gunmagwarehouse.com/glock-9mm-24-round-factory-magazine.html They're longer than 141.25mm, but shorter than 171.25mm. Pretty sure an extension would be fine, but I haven't added an extension to mine.
  3. Another vote for Criterion 16" with rifle gas here. Mine should be arriving tomorrow. They've been backordered for a bit but their website has them back in stock now.
  4. Alternatively, you could just get a vertical foregrip with battery compartment and load it with fishing weights until you got the balance right.
  5. Interesting. Stocks with compartments are a lot easier to add weights to, so the JP product is a nice thing if I needed more front weight for balance. As for handguards, I found these from XLR, but they're even more expensive: https://xlrindustries.com/products/m-lok-steel-weights
  6. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. Or heck, $410, profit margin is safe. I don't need a crazy strong aluminum housing. I'm not tossing my competition pistols out of helicopters.
  7. Yeah maybe. I think there might be enough good experiences with the SRO for me to take a look. I'd need a new mount though. The changes mentioned in here don't seem like they'd add all that much more to the cost.
  8. They definitely could. It makes me wonder how hard it would be to get them built right, market something that actually works reliably like the AMG labs timers guys do for their timers.
  9. That is a sweet gun. Did Benny do all the work on yours, or just the barrel porting, gas system, and spring?
  10. I'll second the thanks. This review is great. Especially the trigger pull video.
  11. That would make sense given that it's still a locked breach gun, and that modular breach face is the one big differentiator for Infinity slides (so, what they could work with).
  12. I'm really curious to know how that works. It sure looks cool.
  13. Thanks for the background. Looks like I have some reading to do.
  14. I'm glad yours ran well! I haven't seen that, but I haven't seen a ton of examples either, so maybe my buddies and I have bad luck? Did you mod your Vepr at all?
  15. Looks great! Who did your coating?
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