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  1. Suff

    RFPO ammo??

    I really like Federal Auto Match in my Scorpion. At 1200 fps it seems to cycle slightly faster and flatter than CCI SV (not that it has much dot movement anyway). Accuracy is good and never had a hiccup with it.
  2. I use 7.0gr of HS-6 with 124 plated in my DVC Steel for 3 gun. 144pf
  3. Reverse Enos curve on all of mine.
  4. I tried major through mine for grins and kicks. Changed out the recoil and main springs and tried it. Pretty harsh. No where near my regular major gun. Not something I would enjoy shooting all the time.
  5. Which Fiocchi are you using? The only 1oz I have been able to find are 1150fps & 1560fps. Would love to find another option since the accuracy of the federal isn’t great.
  6. Federal 1oz 1300fps. Mine won't run the 7/8oz Fiocchi consistently.
  7. I've used a wide variety of optics on the open gun over the years (2.5x10, 1x6, 1x8) and have decided I prefer a 1x8 FFP with the secondary red dot. I have found many times I still want 1x on the main optic for tight shots, plate racks and stars at the end of a bay, etc.
  8. FYI, My 9mm came in at 43.2oz with the stock mags. I replaced the magwell and grips with Techwell SP and Techwell thinline grips. I kept the stock aluminum MSH housing and ground down the nub the stock magwell bolts to. I'm at 42.4 oz now after adding a mag release button and using a Tripp mag. I was able to keep the stock guide rod.
  9. Suff

    DPP or RTS2

    I have 2 RTS2's (1 on open pistol &1 as secondary on 3 gun rifle). Mine have worked perfect for the last year. I change my batteries at the beginning and the middle of the season. Never had a battery give up.
  10. I run a ARGold in my JP. It wouldn't always reset when 1st installed. I changed the hammer out with a SRGold hammer and it works perfect now.
  11. For comparison: 135gr BBI load My 10.5" barrel is 974 fps avg My 14.5 barrel is 1001 fps avg
  12. Glad you finally made it on here.
  13. I called Benelli customer support last year about the compact stock. They indicated the pads from the standard stock would not fit.
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