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Found 15 results

  1. Looking for some input on what to expect from a 3 Gun Nation Long Range shoot. VIR is hosting a training class coupled with a match and I am thinking about going. Is it setup toward gas guns and/or will bolt guns be left sucking wind? I have a bolt 308 that should work, maybe a little to much magnification, I also have a 16" gas gun with a fixed power scope that I can cobble together for the event. The class is only about 3 week away so buying or building another rifle and equipment is mostly out due to time constraints. Just trying to get an idea of what to use and expect.
  2. Hey guy's, I'm new to the Forum but I've been around on many others for years. Wanted to let everyone know about our upcoming match. Ok folks, the toughest match in the country is back! Match dates are September 14th - 16th 2018, find a teammate, and start training hard. This match is going to hurt... Lanxang Tactical is proud to bring you a match like no other. This match will test your shooting ability, stress and time management skills, ability to work together as a team, and your teams overall physical fitness. The stages you will negotiate at this match are long and designed to replicate the grueling selection programs and day-to-day range work of some the nation’s most elite military units. Teams can expect to see stages that include any or the following but not limited to: Obstacle courses, litter carry, navigation, gas masks, pushing vehicles, etc. The courses of fire will be fun for the teams but EXTREMELY demanding. So make sure your train prior and know how to hydrate in demanding circumstances. This match is not for the weak or faint hearted! You can get full details on the match website and follow us on facebook for updates and match announcements. www.purgatorysniperchallenge.com Here's a highlight video from last years match. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1k1mqwvsPQ
  3. WHAT: The Palmetto Sniper Challenge at Clinton House is a 3-day, ruck-style sniper match that will test the fitness, marksmanship, and determination of 2-man sniper teams in 3 different divisions. Teams may enter in a division where they; ruck and camp, just ruck, or ride to the stages. It is the most realistic sniper match in the country. A team of carefully selected Subject Matter Experts have lent their experience and expertise to build a sniper match that is unparalleled. Several have taken part in the setup or competed in the annual USASOC International Sniper competition. The SMEs are comprised of warfighters, LEOs, and competitive marksmen from elite military units and law enforcement agencies from around the country. Represented are: 3rd, 5th, and 7th Special Forces Groups of the US Army, JSOC, MARSOC, Force Recon Marines, FBI, CIA, Durham NC SWAT, and Minneapolis SWAT. The 12 stages will be divided into two categories. Roughly half the stages will be based on historical engagements from conflicts around the world or law enforcement engagements around the US. The other half will require the teams to successfully demonstrate the skills necessary to complete the curriculums of the toughest sniper schools in the nation. WHERE: The match will take place on 2000 wooded acres in the rolling hills of upstate South Carolina. The Clinton House Plantation near Clinton, SC will host the match. It is a world class hunting and shooting facility and frequently home to national level Sporting Clays and 3Gun and Long-Range competitions. Full banquet facilities, a lodge, and onsite competitor housing are just a few of the amenities that The Clinton House Plantation has to offer. WHEN: Friday February 16th through Sunday February 18th, 2018 WHY: The Palmetto Sniper Challenge is a competition to test the skill of Military and Law Enforcement sniper teams and competitive marksmen. It will test their Fitness, Marksmanship, Patience, Determination, and Resourcefulness. It is a thinker's match. It is also as much of a "conference" as it is a competition. Teams from elite federal agencies and combat units around the country will gather to collaborate, network, and share fellowship, training techniques, experiences, and equipment. SPECIAL AWARDS: will be presented to the high Military and high Law Enforcement teams in the LRRP DIVISION. The Match Director and a representative of the Title Sponsor, Presenting Sponsor and the LRRP DIVISION sponsor (if they so choose) will present those team’s Commanding officer with a floating cup similar to the Stanley Cup or America’s Cup. The trophy will be engraved with the winning team members names and kept at the winning team’s unit until the next match. The trophies will be returned to the match to be presented to next years winner. Palmetto Sniper Challenge is on FB ...... https://www.facebook.com/Palmetto-Sniper-Challenge-at-Clinton-House-FEB-16-18-2018-695397270644764/ And registration is open on Practiscore...... https://practiscore.com/palmetto-sniper-challenge-at-the-clinton-house/register Hope to see you in February. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions. Very Respectfully, Joe Burdick Rs3matchdesign@gmail.com 910-730-8033
  4. For S&G's I decided to try my 16" PCC at longer ranges. I already had a Vortex 1 x 4 Viper PST on the carbine so I figured I could use "come ups" to get on target. I ran my 124 gr bullet @ 1250 fps on APPLIED BALLISTICS app on my android and came up with 5.4 mils at 200 yards. It hit with boring regularity and actually put them all into a 5 inch group. I only used a front rest so it would probably do better with a better position. Not satisfied I had found the max possible range I went out to 230, 275, 300 and finally 350. The ballistic app was spot on and at 14.5 mils I hit the 350 yard 12" plate 3 out of 5 times. I have up to 450 yards but the last 100 yards is in the trees and I figure the trajectory arc will put the bullet in the branches. The come up at 450 is 22 mils. Got a little light left.... I'll go out and try it anyway.... update: DID IT! 3rd shot on a 24" round Hang Fast Target. Very satisfying DING! I'm out of range now ... 450 is max for me at the moment. So how far will it go?
  5. Hi This is something that I have thought about for a while. Whatever I try I just can’t get heavy bullets to shoot as good as the lighter once. I have tried several barrels, 1:9, 1:8 or even 1:7. The result always seems to be the same. 55gr or 52gr HP shoots better. At least, out to 300 meters. Maybe I need longer ranges to see the benefits? What are your experiences?
  6. When considering larger frame ARs for 308 and similar calibers, the 3-gun focused recommendation has always been to go for lower reciprocating mass internals to reduce recoil and disturbance from the carrier moving. OK, got that. Makes perfect sense and if I shoot Heavy Metal that's absolutely the way I will go. However, in other places (not around BE.com) I have seen people discuss using full mass carriers to help with long range precision AR work. They make comments about trying to extend lock up while shooting. I wasn't clear if it was for accuracy or trying to work the brass less. These aren't fast double taps like in close range 3-gun but instead single long range precision shots. Is there any merit to using a full-mass carrier for a large frame AR upper dedicated to precision shooting? Seems like the recoil would be more pronounced. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  7. OK folks, I need to borrow some brains here. I tripped across a steal of a deal in my local shop this week. I was looking to buy a used 700 to build on for a precision gun, the less expensive the better, and in left handed. What I ended up finding was one someone had already built, though with some different preferences (had 3 sight bases on the barrel, I guess for irons, and internal mag instead of detachable box), and less desirable to many people because it's chambered in .30-06 instead of something more fashionable like .300 Win Mag, .308, or 6.5-284. However, I'm not going to change the barrel because it's a Hart stainless 26" (or 28"...didn't measure yet) heavy contour 1 in 10" which is exactly what I would have picked. It would cost me almost twice as much to swap out as I paid for the whole thing. Yes, that's right, I got the whole rifle lacking only a scope base for $350 out the door. (Oh yeah, minus optic...but that's a given.) So, currently lacking another 600+ yard gun right now, I'm looking to go with this as it gets me up and running cheaply in F-class and possibly other stuff, and definitely teaching myself to do more. I'm going to thread the muzzle to be able to run my can on it because I VASTLY prefer suppressed when shooting anything with a substantial blast to it. Now what I need to figure out is what kind of loads I'm going to feed this thing. As I look at Hodgdon's data and Sierra, Hornady, Berger, and Nosler's bullets I see a lot of potential here, but not much really to go on other than just pick a powder, pick some bullets, burn some, and see how it goes. Researching other sites yields a lot of "yeah, but .308 and .300 Win are more accurate because 06 is a long skinny case...", but I don't think I currently have the skill level to outshoot its theoretical capabilities, and by the time I will it'll be time to swap the barrels anyway, right? I'm definitely thinking 180-210 grain stuff to take advantage of higher BC's and maybe to crowd some of that powder space to lessen that whole theoretical shortcoming of a long powder column. I know a lot of guys run 175's in .308 but that's said to be because longer bullets wouldn't have the case capacity which with this I have. Whatcha think, guys? Any concerns about powder burn rate with the can on it, or at that length should I be good with everything? Also, I will probably put it in a chassis at some point--will that significantly change what loads it likes, negating load tuning done prior to the change, or just POI shift?
  8. Fabulous new Glass from Vortex getting set up for a LONG range Match on the 338's 3-18x 50 FFP Gen II EBR-2C mRad and 4.5-27x 56 They are amazing These new models have push to lock turrets and the Illumination index is now mounted on the Parallax dial that is located midship and easily accessible. 34 mm Tube and they are very beefy, clarity and contrast are stellar. Hope to post a range report in the next couple weeks.
  9. After doing an enormous amount of snooping and skulking about online for information on the XL650 and Dillon in general for long range hunting / precision rifle loading - I got the press for Christmas and ordered all the various accessories last week. I was particularly interested in runout, OAL variation and accuracy of the powder measure with extruded powders. I ran my first box of shells through the press today - 7mm Weatherby Mag using IMR 4831 powder and barnes 140gr TTSX bullets. I am using standard toolheads, a standard RCBS two-die set, and the Dillon Belted Magnum powder measure system for this particular caliber. After some general fiddling and flailing trying to get it all set up, I threw my first charges as follows (looking for 73.0 grains of IMR 4831) 73.0, 72.7, 73.0, 73.2, 73.1, 73.3, 73.3, 73.2, 73.4, 72.9, 73.2, 72.8, 72.7. I was thrilled with that level of accuracy from an off-the-shelf measure with extruded powder and from there I just started cranking. I measured runout on the loaded rounds using the Hornady LNL dial indicator and found runout generally negligible in the +- .002 range, but most of the loaded ammo was dead on with less than .001" runout. For a $35 2-die RCBS set and nothing else fancy for this particular caliber - I was impressed. I noticed a fair amount of OAL variation in the loaded rounds (something along the lines of .0050"+-) and was initially a little concerned, but then I took a handful of bullets out of the box and measured them. the variation in OAL of the loaded rounds seemed to be consistent with observed variation in bullet length from the factory. I will check it again using a micrometer seating die for my next batch, but I am extremely satisfied to say the least. As far as setup goes I got the inline fabrication ultramount, ergo handle, shellplate bearing kit with low mass detent ball, and press lighting kit. I ordered the casefeeder (which works incredibly well) and polished the internals of the powder measures to a high shine. I considered the locking toolheads, but decided against them unless OAL/runout turns out to be an issue. So far it looks to me like its not going to be a problem.
  10. Hello Friends, I am considering trying out longer range rifle shooting this year. If that goes well, I would like to get a custom made rifle for long range work to 1000 yards. The most likely matches I would attend would be here: http://woodysmatch.com, in North Carolina My thinking is to try a Designated Marksman Match first and hopefully watch part of a precision match. I'd do the DMM with my 18" Criterion barreled 3-gun rifle. I have tried to avoid reloading, but I expect I will have to get into that to some degree if I do long range rifle competition. I don't hunt and have no interest in that. Rifle work is pure-play competition at all times. I have three questions to the group. Do you concur with the 6mm Creedmoor choice? It seems like the flattest shooting with reasonable barrel life. Given that I have zero experience with bolt guns would you recommend a custom bolt-action rifle or a custom made semi-auto rifle in your recommended caliber? What particular components or equipment for the custom rifle from #2 would you recommend that I consider in 2014? I will be consulting with a local gunsmith that has experience with shooting very long range rifle as well as building long range rigs. But, I still wanted to solicit your opinions as a means to keep my vision broad at first. I don't want to focus too much, too soon.Thank you very much for your ideas and recommendations. -- Mike
  11. Can anyone recommend material on Long Range Rifle skills? I was working my new 308 today and its like watching out the window of a Baja 1000 truck! The cross hairs are dancing all over. I know position and breath control are a large part of that.
  12. April 3rd-6th OR April 7th -10th at Cawthon Cartridge Club just S of College Station TX Hollands intensive 4-Day Long Range Shooting School will provide you with the knowledge and skill to engage targets at long range. Most of our shooting is done between 300-800 yards. $2095 per Shooter http://www.ccctactical.com/darrell-hollands-long-range-shooting-school-april-3rd-6th/ http://www.ccctactical.com/darrell-hollands-long-range-shooting-school-april-7th-10th/ Darrell Holland is skilled in the art of Long Range Shooting, utilizing Minute Of Angle correction and Mil-radian range finding techniques Classes are small, providing the student with more personalized instruction. All Shooting is done under realistic outdoor conditions at CCC. We shoot under the same conditions you may encounter in the field. When you come to Hollands Long Range Shooting School you will notice quickly the commitment for each shooter to be able to make a perfect shot under duress from field positions. When hunting or if you are in a field or tactical match, the ability to shoot well when tired or emotionally stressed is paramount. To be able to shoot consistently you must have correct shooting form that does not add stress or muscle fatigue. Darrell Holland will provide detailed instruction and practical exercises in the following areas: Equipment Selection Ballistics Range Finding MOA Correction Shooting in the Wind Uphill-Downhill Shooting Advanced Shooting Techniques Rifle Maintenance
  13. I picked up a NIB Savage 110BA at a local gun show, looking for some long range glass recomendations,100 to 800yds or so. I have 2k to spend on a scope and rings, no more. BoomerG20
  14. Hi All, I am Hank from the Southern California area. Got into competitive shooting in September of 2012 when I shot my first IDPA match. About 5,000 rounds into my shooting career, and will have a lot more to learn. Hope to share knowledge and information with you guys and to learn something from you guys. I will be posting videos of me shooting so you guys can critique and help me improve. And on the rare occasion I do something worth learning from...I hope it helps you in your shooting career.
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