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  1. Same here, no luck with ELDs, but the 75 hornady BTHP is my most accurate. I use H335. This is in a 20 inch compass lake spec 1:8 twist.
  2. One key learning I had a while back when I was frustrated that my handloads were not matching the velocities in the reloading manual was the difference in the barrel length noted in the manual. Most 223 loads in my manuals were tested with a 24" barrel. I was testing with a 20" and a 16".
  3. Funny, my ceiling fan chain has lasted for 6 years and several thousand rounds🙂
  4. +2 on the autodrum...you will like the instant adjust-ability and accuracy of the powder drops.
  5. And here is the reply: We are working on a new press with that in mind. Stay tuned!Thanks,Andy LeeLee Precision Inc.
  6. xdr

    Benelli Shell Lifters...why?

    Check out the load port on a 1897 Winchester...easy shotgun to load. I think there must be lawyer proofing in todays designs:-)
  7. Thanks for doing that...It would be great to see Lee respond with a pocket swager for it.
  8. Great question. I would love a moderately priced brass processing press for 223. Thinking of an onboard Swager and a Dillon 1500 trimmer.
  9. There are certain Lee products that are worth every dime and not because of the warranty. The classic turret press is hard to beat for the price, functionality and longevity. Their dies are hard to beat as well.
  10. Got it...thanks for clarifying.
  11. The accupower has a nice eyebox or the swaro? How about the optics clarity between the two in the 6 to 8x range? Im interested in the accupower but have not had the opportunity to look thru one yet.
  12. LOL...me too! next on the list is the entirelycrimson powder measure qwik disconnect mentioned above. That will be very handy...
  13. Anyone have experience with both? Im using the LCC trimmer and ljke it a lot, but still have to deburr the case mouth. It looks like the Giruad does this at the same time as trimming to length. Curious as to how well it works overall and the longevity of the blades. Thanks x
  14. I'm glad you posted this as I have a Lyman M die on the way for flat base bullets.