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  1. Got mine set up today and it works surprisingly well for swaging LC brass. I was able to process multiple batches of 100 with the slowest taking ~9.25 mins and the fastest at 8.5 per 100 cases. much faster than the superswager and more pleasant to operate for sure. I did have some cases launch across my shop and the top of the case feed slide came off once. All in all it performs a level above its price point.
  2. the bullet feeder = best upgrade to my 650. I think it gives me a higher quality loading session as I can pay more attention to whats going on including visually verifying the powder drop.
  3. ACE M4 SOCOM. Heavy but very functional.
  4. Most efficient way i know of: https://detroitammoco.com/product/223-brass-processing-service-1000-pieces-return-shipping-included/ Cheapest and efficient: Dillon SuperSwager Just not fast
  5. Something totally different but works really well for me: 19.6g of H4198 with 55gr Berrys FMJ. Soft shooting, no problem cycling the bolt and surprisingly accurate. It was around 2550 fps with a 16" barrel. I had a surplus of the powder and decided to try it after finding some loads for 223. Very happy with it x
  6. This...starting 10 years ago, my first press was the LCT kit and the only upgrade ive done is the Lee autodrum powder measure because it is easier to adjust charges.i now have a dillon650 for 9mm, but use my LCT for precision 308, 45-70 and 45 colt. Its an amazing tool for the price x
  7. I use 9mm range brass and have intermittent sticking issues on the powder funnel. I use dillon lube and have noticed the same headstamps stick. Ive quit trying to adjust for it...
  8. What do you think of the optical quality of the PA FFP? I believe it is the 'Raptor' model? I use the second focal plane version of the PA 1-6 and am fairly impressed. I keep hearing the optical quality of the FFP version is much better... thanks
  9. Not sure what you mean exactly by timing issue. Is the shell plate not advancing far enough or something different?
  10. The Trijicon Accupoint 1-6 with the MOA dot reticle is a great choice...optically its great, it is light and the tritium/FO illumination is quite good.
  11. Raising it might be the way to go. I oriented it so i could use the cnain to reset it on the downstroke as a safety measue
  12. It doesnt clear the primer tube. Its wider overall than the Dillon measure.
  13. I have a Lee classic Turret, 2 pro1k's, a loadmaster and a 650xl and I use all of them. I could never get the loadmaster reliable for 223 but it is perfect for 9mm. The 650 is superb for 223 especially since I added a Mr BF. I also convert it to 9mm for my son and I to reload simultaneously. All are good tools just different approaches to doing the same thing. For 9mm, I think the loadmaster is a much better value than a 550 though...also the Autodrum pro powder measure is very consistent...I wish it would fit on the 650.
  14. How effective is the Swage-it for 223? I use the dillon super swager but it is slow for processing 100's of rounds. z
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