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  1. nothing...just slap the upper onto the G22 frame and go...not sure about the G37 though...you may not even need to change the ejector...
  2. except as specified...it is specified in PD, SS, CO. since there is no further restriction specified in O/R/L/L10, rule applies. If you think that the "no restrictions" are given with Appendix D to be followed, why is needed then? Since Appendix D for PD/ss/CE doesn't mention the butt being above the belt line, I guess you can wear the gun below the belt line for those division also... Appendix D's restriction is on the location of the holster/mag pouches as it is located on the belt in relation to the hip bone...it refers to E3...
  3. A holster with the heel of the butt of the handgun below the top of the belt, it still refers to the butt of the gun. it is true that it covers the holster...but it refers to the gun while holstered...how else would you have the gun below the belt and satisfy the only exception for the gun to be below the belt is if you are LE/Mil and using duty thigh holster...
  4. failure to activate is still NOT a penalty...you will get a penalty for FTSA on the moving target if you shoot the activator last...
  5. no... 9.9.3 Moving scoring targets will always incur failure to shoot at and miss penalties if a competitor fails to activate the mechanism which initiates the target movement before the last shot is fired in a course of fire. 9.9.3 only states that the FTSA penalty will be incurred on the moving target if the activator was shot last. prior to the last shot means that the last shot may be shot at the moving target even though it's a miss. therefore will not receive the FTSA penalty. You can still use the last shot to activate the target, but you will get the FTSA penalty on the moving target.
  6. because there is no penalty to be given for such inaction...
  7. failure to activate is not a procedural penalty...
  8. mine's white...but probably the same piece. yes, just put your dillon tube up the hole and hold it...it only takes like 10-15 seconds to fill...
  9. works 99.9% with win spp for me...I just use it without the locking tip that comes with it. when i was using the tip, that's when i got problems.
  10. i don't use pins and am happy...i just tumble for three hours... All i can say is that's a very clean bucket you go there...
  11. Written stage briefing tells you that it's comstock...the rule book tells you what penalties you may access. it's a briefing, not a mandatory condition you must follow. Part of WSB is, such as a mandatory reload.
  12. as he said, you can use the slide with the conversion barrel, guiderod and a slide adapter...according to Lonewolf I don't know why you would want to do that, but he wants to do it, so it's his prerogative...
  13. are there any available slot for the 3/15?
  14. because a magazine in the gun is considered loaded...
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