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  1. less than a sec??? maybe from the time you touch the racker and the time you release it...but when runs are in the 2 second range - that run is toast...
  2. typically, I'd allow a step or so, depending on the stage. the whole 12' with the gun drawn - definitely not. the rules says he must not move away from the start position - I would tell him to come back after the third step and give him a warning. if he continues to do it during the match, a DQ would be warranted for unsportsman like conduct.
  3. no - I disagree...it was an accident...it makes it inconsistent with guns without a half cocked position. do we now ban guns without half cock position? what about striker fired guns? again - slippery slope...
  4. you guys that are blaming the rule must also take into consideration how long the sport have been going on. i do believe that this is the first death from an AD that has ever happened. so that is trillions upon trillions of starts and no deaths have happened from all over the world...even with open guns with 2# trigger pulls. I have personally seen a guy AD into his foot after a draw. still not the rule's fault. Accidents happens...yes, it can be mitigated, but we would be going down a slippery slope if we made a rule for every accident that happened. the anti gunners will have a field d
  5. agree IMHO: as this is a level 1 local match, there is not an assigned RO responsible for the stage. every experienced RO on the squad is responsible and I'd go as far to say: has a duty to help out with the stage.
  6. def wallet was heavy enough to bump the gun up...you can see that the gun was not completely out...but with with the movement...it equals the perfect storm. Stage requirements are not "dumb"...this was just a bad situation that nobody could have ever predicted. hard to say if holster is as tight as it could have been from the video. i just check my RHT - it clicks and holds well: CZ-RHT.mp4
  7. i have had two "fizzle" load in my time...fortunately it was a sideway primers and the bullet never left the casing to get a squib.
  8. on hand in general or on hand at a match? In general, I have at least 10 on hand for the pistols I compete with. I like to have at least 5 for those I don't. Get more if your budget allows it. I usually but them if there is a good deal on them. it's never a bad thing to have more...
  9. after you take off the glock pad once, it's easy after that...
  10. you have a safety on your Canik that you can apply???? You don't have to lay your fingers against the receiver...just have to be out of the trigger guard. laying it on the receiver just makes it easier for the RO to 100% see that the finger is out of the trigger guard...
  11. the bullet would still not be in the case...
  12. NP - well, that's an isolated situation...i can see how you would be bitter...
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