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  1. racerba

    9mm Brass

    are there any available slot for the 3/15?
  2. because a magazine in the gun is considered loaded...
  3. or... any part of the gun touches the holster...
  4. I agree that we should not change it to "attempting to holster"...but I think it should be changed to "holstered" - either that or define "holstering" as "when the muzzle breaks the opening of the holster". I'd be good with that...because some seem to think that making a move towards the holster is "holstering"
  5. the rule says "while holstering..." so if you say "As soon as he starts the motion toward the holster ..." is the definition of "holstering"...then the shooter should have been DQ... Now I agree completely with what you did and I'd do the same...that's why I think that particular rule needs to be changed to "holstered" instead of holstering...because, you know that there are some RO out there that will definitely DQ somebody instead of stopping him as you did...
  6. remembering how a discussion starts is also paramount...this discussion started out as a loaded chamber several pages back...and whether you can start the shooter with an empty chamber/gun...someone said you cannot start the shooter with an empty chamber...
  7. no it doesn't... the whole discussion is whether the RO is responsible for the competitor having a round in the chamber on a loaded start...so let me rephrase... All it says is that the RO supervises the competitor to "...prepare the firearm in accordance with the written stage briefing."...no where does it say that they MUST have a round in the chamber on a loaded start... As stated earlier, having a magazine in the gun constiture a loaded gun per definition of a loaded gun...
  8. rule book: 8.3.1 “Make Ready” – This command signifies the start of “the Course of Fire”. Under the direct supervision of the Range Officer the competitor must face downrange, or in a safe direction as specified by the Range Officer, fit eye and hearing protection, and prepare the firearm in accordance with the written stage briefing. The competitor must then assume the specified start position. The Range Officer will not proceed with any further range commands until the competitor is still and is in the correct start position. No where does it say that the WSB conditions MUST be met... It says "under the direct supervision..." meaning that the RO make sure they ready the firearms in a safe manner... It does not say RO is to make sure competitor's handgun/firearm is ready...
  9. RJH...maybe this will shed some light: rule book on WSB: A written stage briefing approved by the Range Master must be posted at each course of fire prior to commencement of the match. This briefing will take precedence over any course of fire information published or otherwise communicated to competitors in advance of the match, and it must provide the following minimum information: — Scoring Method — Targets (type & number) — Minimum number of rounds — The firearm ready condition — Start position (this should be demonstrated by a Range Officer) — Time starts (audible or visual signal) — Procedure notice there are two separate areas of information... one for firearms ready condition and one for start position... the RO is responsible to start the competitor after they are in the ready position...firearms ready condition is on the competitor as to how their firearms is ready as long as it complies with the WSB...
  10. Because that's the rules...Start position is PART of the WSB...so if the competitor has 20 mags, he has to put ALL mags on belt??? And you answer your own question..."their own mistake"
  11. If someone wants to face up range because they misread the WSB which says facing downrange, and I ask then if they are ready and I get no response, then I can start them without a reshoot? It's not like they were facing downrange on an up range start and getting an advantage no - that's not the start position...reshoot!!!!
  12. But is it ok to start the shooter if they appear ready but it is a disadvantage to them? being ready in the start position is different than being ready...and you start them AFTER they do not signal that they are not ready...they may appear to be ready while they may not be...hence the command "Are You Ready?" You never know...they may want to start with an empty chamber...there are those who are adamant about carrying with an empty chamber...
  13. Please go back and review the responsibility of an RO...if you knowingly let a competitor holster an unsafe weapon, you sir violated your oath... Telling them to put safety on prior to pointing the gun at your feet or their legs constitute a safety issue. I am not going to let them break a shot into their leg or at my feet without trying to stop them... they forget to rack the slide or insert a magazine is, again, a completely different issue...
  14. The RO's code allows me to stop the shooter before he does something dangerous!!!!!!!! I am not making anything up and I am not interfering with the shooter...the clock is not running...I am stopping the shooter from doing something dangerous...I don't want the shooter to be pointing a loaded weapon without the safety on pointing at my foot...or his leg...in doing so, I saved him from a DQ...saving him is not my concern...safety is my concern!!!! your situation has nothing to do with what we are talking about...completely different...stop making stuff up that has nothing to do with the discussion...
  15. as stated before - Troy's told me what "holstered" meant...not "holstering"...
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