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  1. that is usually reserve for a judgement calls...the MD/RM appoints the RO to work a stage and he appoints them because he trust their judgement and experience to run a fair match. They don't really do it "blindly", but if it comes down to word against word, then he has to believe the RO over the shooter...
  2. I would think ammo would be the next purchase...
  3. racerba

    Knife Snobs

    They are not necessarily sharper, but depending on the steel being used, they will hold the edge longer. Some are stronger and beefier and some are lighter, yet strong... but they are all better assembled and will not fall apart in your hand while using it. The action is much smoother and easier to open and close.
  4. racerba

    Knife Snobs

    wow - haven't seen a nail clipper knife in forever...
  5. did not know about them...thought you might have been talking about using the 22 round .40 mags... thanks for the info...
  6. What Glock OEM mag has 24 rounds???
  7. yes...i'm also talking about brass. people shot open with 38 super, super comp, tj, etc...none of which were readily available in stores... people still shot Open with them... I doubt very much that 40 will disappeared from the shelves...even 10 years down the road... .38 spl are not being used in many of the PDs either, and they are still available...
  8. if you look in the classified section, you can fill your needs cheaply. Kydex will be fine but a race holster will serve you better in limited division.
  9. .38 super comp is not common in the stores, yet it is common in open... people will still reload for what they need... do you think people shooting .40s in limited get their ammo from Walmart???
  10. longer barrel guns will help with recoil and faster second shot sight acquisition...
  11. 8 feet behind should not be hit with splatters...it's the ones that are parallel to the face of the poppers that tends to get hit...
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