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  1. racerba

    New Canik TP9SFx......

    FYI - it's FTE (Failure to Eject) not FTF (Failure ot Feed)... Sounds like the slide is just too dry...you need more than "a very small amount of oil" on the slide.
  2. racerba

    New Canik TP9SFx......

    What is the exact FTF problem? was it not going into battery? did it strip the top round? It could be a dry gun...when was the last time you cleaned it?
  3. racerba

    Forcing you to stay inside FFZ

    Was it level 1 match? Level 1 allows for such a request in lieu of constructing barriers...
  4. racerba

    Safety on for emergency reload

    i believe you're correct...
  5. racerba

    FTE / FTSA question

    So you call somebody an A-hole for applying the rules as written fairly... I'll refrain from making my next comment...
  6. most guns, the safety doesn't work (engage) when the hammer is down. If that's the the gun was designed, then it's good to go...
  7. I don't remember having to back the wheel all the way out...but OK... I only run with 4 mag pouches...
  8. try rotating the pouch forward so it's not tilting as much when you pull it out... The tension button is not designed to tighten to hold the spacer...it's designed to tighten to hold the mag...
  9. yes, there is enough tension that they don't fall out on their own but slides out with ease... When you are pulling out the mag, are you pushing and pulling or just pulling? maybe you are pushing down on the spacer thus pulling it out...
  10. no problems with mine...when you put the spacer back in, make sure they "snap" in place...
  11. You are making sure that the shooter complies with the WSB and handgun ready condition...everything else is coaching...It's not specific exemptions...
  12. usually IPSC matches do that...USPSA - not so much...
  13. Correct, you do not need to tell (coach) them. The WSB Does say hammer down - indirectly. It says gun loaded per 8.2 which defines division requirement.
  14. It is the RO's job to NOT start the shooter if they are not in compliance with the start position and handgun ready condition...it is not coaching...
  15. remind the shooter that it's an unloaded start and reissue the "Make Ready" command...