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  1. You are not alone. I deal with pretty much everything you describe. Once I get to a match it's like a weight being lifted off me for a few hours. If it's a very competitive match I do get a bit anxious before my first stage, but after the make ready it all disappears and I can just be me. Even if I get moved to a squad where I don't know anyone I can quickly adapt and hold a conversation. Finding this sport when I did was literally life saving for me. That doesn't mean I don't ever have a bad match or a squad I don't like. I still need a nap as soon as I get home and showered too, but even those days are still worth it. I have noticed that I am more capable in the Mon-Friday world than I use to be,but it took several years to get here. I am still very much an introvert and all the baggage that comes with that, but I don't feel as much of an outcast as I use too.
  2. I use to not use snap caps too, but I got tired of replacing firing pin return springs and FPRP on non shadow CZs. Snap caps are cheaper and ship free from amazon.
  3. I use the snap caps to cushion the DA blow and for when I want to actually press the SA trigger... After a week or so the pocket is pretty much useless. I may try using the O ring method. I have used a cut down foam ear plug before, but more often than not it sticks to the hammer and flies off mid press.
  4. Pardon my poor attempt at internet snark. This was not directed at you, more so EF as a whole. I have been on this forum as a non member for a few years and have lost much time in the ineffective search function looking for something only to wade through hundreds of topics unrelated to anything I was searching for. The handful of times I did find the topic I wanted, it was full of "use the search" type responses and no info. It was my bad to bring it up off topic here. Thank you for following up with your response.
  5. And most of those results have nothing do with the topic searched and the ones that do are full of people saying to UsE tHe SeArCh... so not really helpful. off soap box now. As other have said they will work, depending on your gun you may need to up your hammer/striker spring weight. I also had to switch to SMP and SRP in my shadow. So far not a big deal.
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