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  1. I have been told it will be out for us to consume this summer. If I am able to share more I will when I get to test one.
  2. Wait for it. You will enjoy the R3. I had an opportunity to check one out. Can't disclose anymore, but I think they are hitting a home run. Keith
  3. I was not a fan of them at all to start with. I have short thumbs and could not get the fit and feel right. I definitely see the value if properly used. Then I was introduced and tried the Nitro Fin. I run one on my JPL Precision 9 major open gun and just picked up another to try on my JPL Precision steel gun. Currently I shoot SIg P320's for work and play. The original huge take down lever is about the same place at the nitro fin is, so that may be the reason i have changed my mind about them. Keith
  4. ktyler

    Battery life of Romeo 1

    I carry a 320RX for work (patrol officer) and never turn it off, I get about 5 to 6 months out of a Energizer or Duracell battery.
  5. ktyler

    Romeo1 Shroud

    I have been running my P320 RX duty pistol with a shroud for about 3 weeks. Re-holstering is not a smooth but I do like the greater level of protection it offers.
  6. I become popular at cold weather matches. I carry a large propane bottle with a monster heater head around in my shooting cart. Shooter, and on deck shooters get priority. I also carry a hand warming muff like duck hunters use and I put an old school lighter fluid hand warmer inside. Once lit, these baby's stay very warm for about 10 hours. Cold hands suck. It is hard to have good dexterity and fine motor skill manipulation with cold hands. Keith Tyler
  7. OK, from the hands back...here we go. wrist locked out with a "forward intention" to assist in recoil management. elbows slightly bent to absorb and dissipate some recoil biceps and triceps engaged Shoulders engaged but I avoid engaging the traps (shrugged shoulders) Very fatigued and not beneficial Each component of this platform is important to overall recoil management, but it also goes into shoulder position in relation to the hips, and ankles. Being in LE, I see a lot of instructors telling students to lock out the elbows and lean into the pistol. That may work for shooting one target with a 9mm, but once you start shooting multiple targets, around obstacles while moving, The locked elbows is quickly shown to be lesser technique. Keith Tyler www.tylerfirearmsinstruction.net
  8. ktyler

    SIG SRT kit

    Agreed, put a few of these in out department 226's, world of difference.
  9. I have played with many different levels of aggressive grip textures. I tend to prefer a less aggressive texture because I have short finger and thumbs so I have to flip the gun a little to accomplish reloads. When I have a super aggressive texture, I am unable to make grip adjustments on the fly during a stage. Also, if it is too aggressive, I have a hard time doing long practice sessions. Keith Tyler Firearms Instruction
  10. Diito, I shoot the same aggressive platform with irons or optics. I did play with a more bent elbow "soft elbows" with optics but it was not for me. Timers and targets don't lie,. they will tell you your answer. But, make sure if you are evaluating the two techniques, but sure to test it over a bunch of different drills, long, short, moving, tight shots...etc. When I did, there was a clear winner. Keith Tyler Firearms Instruction
  11. Come up with a simple to perform stage plan that can be executed as aggressively as possible. This idea has served me well over the years.
  12. If and when I am forced to practice at a traditional lanes style range I will often so the following. Hang a target and shoot 4 round groups in the middle of the A zone at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 yards. Really focusing on mechanics. I will build the grip, apply proper grip pressure then present the pistol to the target. Then think through the process of grip, sights alignment, sight picture, trigger PRESSSSSSS. I try to focus on having my conscience mind only thinking about the trigger press. After shooting each distance 2 times I move to the next drill On the same ipsc target, at 10 yard fire 4 rounds in the top left a zone corner, transition, 4 rounds bottom right corner, 4 round top right corner, then 4 rounds bottom left corner. Do this 2 times to create an aming point. now I number the box (mentally) top left 1, top right 2, bottom left 3 bottom right 4 Now work accurate transition drills shooting 4 strings in the following order string 1-1,2,,3,4 String 2- String 3-3,4,1,2 string 4-4,1,2,3 Repeat 2 times through shooting one round each, then 2 times through shooting 2 rounds each. Focusing on mechanics! hope this helps Keith Tyler Tyler Firearms Instruction
  13. I have both a full size and a compact for carry and competition. Without hesitation I would get a full size. You have more options and more after market parts such as stainless steel and tungsten guide rods, springs etc. I like having the heavier guide rod in the match gun. It tames the perceived dot movement and once you tune the springs to your load....money.
  14. I have been playing the uspsa game for 26 years. I have seen the pendulum swing from heavy to light guns several times. I have played the game myself. My light open gun set up was about 39 oz and the very heavy was about 52. Years ago I settled on a 4.5 inch cone barrel with a steel comp, tungsten guide rod, and stainless cape mag well=about 46 oz. I have found it to be easy to handle and the dot returns to the same place making follow up shots accurate and fast. This is the set up I used to make GM. I did like heavy guns when arrays are made up of targets that are close together with small transitions. But in our section there are a lot big or wide transitions so I found a heavy gun (50+) to be a bit much to run aggressively. I am a big believer in shooting every set you can get your hands on before investing in the gear.
  15. thank you for posting the pics. that helped a lot. I think I will try the nitro fin.
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