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  1. You can order the perman grips with the cuts for the techwell. That would be the easiest solution for you. Reach out to him and see if there is any upcharge.
  2. I remember being told you could move the switch between the two positions to allow it to be used on the 550 or 650. Unfortunately I don't think it is the kind of thing you would want to do frequently to switch between the two machines.
  3. Looks cool....which is really what a lot of this stuff comes down to.I'm sure someone will say it gives a little extra velocity, but that should be negligible.
  4. IceDevil

    VP9 loads

    I've shot about 300 of 132 pf reloads through my new VP9 without any issues. I have read that sometimes new guns require stout loads to function properly but that was not my experience. YMMV.
  5. Check Red Hill Training out of Maryland. He has a web site that's pretty basic but if you check his Facebook page he has lots of examples of his work. I believe he has 20+ color options for kydex and some of them are very bright. His work is good quality, reasonably priced and he is a competitive shooter who knows how this gear will be used.
  6. Blade Tech makes the WRS duty holster that is available for CZ's. It is on the CZC website but the one customer review is pretty negative. No experience with it myself, just passing it on.
  7. I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. Are you arguing that Wilson is owned by Beretta? If not then this is completely unrelated isn't it? What seems to be missing from the beretta/wilson piece of this discussion is that everything I have read says that Wilson doesn't do any work on the Berettas bearing their name. They created the specs and beretta builds it that way using some of Wilson's parts. This is not analogous to CZ Custom taking a base gun and doing further work on it.
  8. He's using a Hundo which is tighter than your Dillon gauge. Most of the rounds that won't go all the way in my Hundo will drop right into my Dillon gauge.
  9. Thanks. That was very helpful.
  10. How are these marked to differentiate them from the regular 9? Thanks.
  11. This made me crack up. I thought I was the only one who did that.
  12. Jut backorder it from Grafs. I just had a backorder filled that was placed only a few months ago.
  13. Also look at Brazos Custom. They sell a hard chrome Edge with a few popular upgrades and they are tuned by a well respected gunsmith before they go out the door.
  14. Tech well TGO. I like the Dawson competition base pads on their mags the best. The aeem to have a little extra length on the back that makes them the easiest to seat with a bigger magwell.
  15. I received an email saying they are offering free shipping on gun purchases. I don't recall ever seeing any other coupon codes.
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