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  1. Stock is the comfort tech and has not been cut. Might have the OEM Pad. Would have to look around. We put these limbsaver pads on both her M2 & my son's M2. I don't think it changes the length of pull, just really softens the recoil. You can email me with any questions:  




    Here is the pad.

    Limbsaver Precision Fit Recoil Pad - AirTech - Benelli SBE

  2. If you are going with a Vortex scope why not go with their mount? I have a couple of these and have had no issues.... the one on my main 3gun rifle with a Razor has held zero for 4+ years ...From original installation.... http://www.vortexoptics.com/product/cantilever-ring-mount-for-30mm-riflescope-tube-2-inch-offset
  3. If that includes free shipping I'll take it.

    I can pay via paypal gift.


  4. Mike,

    Per you post

    "I have no idea how well these rules will be received by most IDPA shooters interested in multigun, but I will say this, there is a local club that has been running "defensive multi-gun" matches since the provisional rules came out and have built a pretty good following. "

    Which club you are talking about. I might be interested in a road tr...

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