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  1. Dillen you are 100% correct, the match briefing only said 7.5 on the the specialty targets.
  2. Yes the classes will be offered every weekend. If you take the class I would recommend 150 rounds of ammo
  3. Actually yes they are, honestly been kinda busy getting my daughter ready to leave for basic.
  4. We are getting a lot of new sponsors for the match this year. Check the website for all the new ones. We will be updating the website daily as they confirm from SHOT. Big thanks to Benelli for being the title sponsor again and also to Mark with RCI. He contacted me and said he wanted to step it up and would be a double gold sponsor this year. We are looking at having some side matches also. Gonna be a lot of shotgun shooting in two days. We have been working on the stage designs and they are coming along great. We will have some IPSC style stages, natural terrain stages, and some with really cool props. We have the swinging platform left from the Mammoth Sniper Challenge. So we thought we would use it and not let it go to waste. Registration is going good and we look forward to seeing everyone there.
  5. We have been running the Mammoth Sniper Challenge. Confirmations will go out in the next week or so.
  6. We are pleased to announce the dates for the Benelli/ Rockcastle Shotgun Championship. The dates will May 30-31. Like previous years this will be an exciting and challenging match for all skill levels. We will be running 18 stages over the course of 2 days. We will leave Sunday open in case of severe weather during the match so the stages can be made up Sunday morning. The awards and prize table is scheduled for Saturday night like last year. Registration is open. Apps can be found on the website (rockcastleshotgunchampionship.com) We hope to see everyone there. Bring the wife and kids and get them involved in the sport. We are going to to implement a new thing this year. We will be having a co-ed division where a man and woman will combine their score to see has the best team. This is just something extra to provide some fun side competition. The team members will still be competing in the match as a regular competitor. Stages will be set up in natural terrain and bays. All stages will be easy access to vehicles also. The plan is to run 6 short stages, 6 medium stages, and 6 long stages.
  7. Can someone from the match respond? I have emailed staff and messaged on here also. Having no luck getting a response from anyone about a refund. Seems like it would not be that hard but we are having no luck. Can be reached at creek375@gmail.com, competitor is joining the military and we are trying to tie up lose ends before she leaves.
  8. Running an all classifier match in Georgia in November 23rd. There is no charge except for the $3 a classifier that goes to 3GN. You must come early Saturday morning and help set up the stages. We will start shooting at 10:00 am. You can shoot each classifier as much as you want, just pay the $3 per run. We are not trying to make any money off this event. Just trying to give people a last chance to shoot some classifiers. That being said you will have to take part in the set and tear down in order to shoot. Just being honest, if you shoot the classifiers and bail before we tear down, your scores will not get posted. It will be held at creekside firing range in northwest Georgia. No need to register, you just need to be at the range by 7:30 am ready to help with set up.
  9. Creekside Firing Range is hosting it's 6th annual Tac rifle/ carbine championship. There will 5 stages shot in one day. The stages are set to be fast and test your skills for. 5 stages, 150 round count, and a chance to win a upper or suppresor for $50.00 The app is found at creeksidefiringrange.com get your app in because we have a limited number of slots. AAC is giving away an upper to the winner and also some rim fire cans will be given away random draw. If you have any questions please feel free to email creek375@gmail.com or I am sure a lot of the Georgia, Alabama, and SC crowd will chime in that has shot it before.
  10. I wanted to personally thank the Gibsons. People talk of what a good job they did on the match. It was great as usual but I want to tell how good of a family they are. I wanted to thank them for be outstanding people away from the match. My 18 yo daughter went by herself from Georgia. Rhonda picked her at the airport, Mike let her use his truck, Tracey made her feel welcome, Wyatt and Teniell made her laugh, and Travis helped her the entire time. This goes to show you what kind of people run the match and MGM targets. I am honored that she is affiliated with such great people.
  11. Finals are up. I want to thank all the ROs for the help and all the competitors for coming to the match. Please take time to thank all the sponsors for the generosity. We had a snafu with the finals scores that was brought to my attention yesterday. I have personally contacted the 3 people it effected the most and they understand completely and have no problem with it. It effected about 10-12 people in there final scores. If you were effected and moved up a place or two please feel free to contact me and I will make up the prize difference out of my pocket. The ladies worked hard and it was a simple mistake, it is ultimately my responsibility so please don't take anything out on them. The stage scores that were posted that night were correct. When they transferred to the finals it left one stage score out of on a few people. I am sorry for any inconvenience. It did not effect any of the category winners. Before anybody makes a response, I have personally talked to Pat Kelley, Bryan Ray, and Dean Deturk. Those three were effected more than anyone. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and hope to see you next year.
  12. Stages are set and have been shot in. ROs start shooting today. Everyone travel safe that is coming and we will see you when you get here. There is a shot size limit on the spinner and star. The course has been shot with a 21" barrel with an IC choke using wal mart light loads. The match book is online. We waited to this week to post it so we cod get it as close as we could. There are very few minor changes to the book versus what's on the ground.
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