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  1. Sam,  Are there still slots available for the Memphis match?  If possible I would like to shoot on Saturday with Don Slusher as we will be traveling together.  I can bring the fee and app with me on Friday.

    TKS GW

    1. hopalong


      Yes Gary come on down !

  2. Sam,  Is it still possible to shoot the match?  I can bring the fee and app with me.  I was hoping to shoot Saturday with Don Slusher as I'll be traveling with him.  I'm A-21499 Limited Major M class.


  3. Steve

    I was pleased to hear the worst thing anyone could say about our AM ROs was they were too lenient. You made the right call. Don't let some novice setting on the sidelines enjoying the fruits of you labor make you second guess a good call. I am glad the shooter got to finish the match. I think the complainer just wanted attention don't give him any. More of this later to e...

  4. Kent

    I emailed you the ProAm signup page this morning. It may be an old email address.


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