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  1. Sam,  Are there still slots available for the Memphis match?  If possible I would like to shoot on Saturday with Don Slusher as we will be traveling together.  I can bring the fee and app with me on Friday.

    TKS GW

    1. hopalong


      Yes Gary come on down !

  2. Sam,  Is it still possible to shoot the match?  I can bring the fee and app with me.  I was hoping to shoot Saturday with Don Slusher as I'll be traveling with him.  I'm A-21499 Limited Major M class.


  3. Here are the Pro Stages: P1.pdf P2.pdf P3 bay.pdf P4.pdf P5.pdf P6.pdf P7.pdf P8.pdf 1 Map ProAm 2016 II .pdf
  4. Here are the Am stages: A1.pdf A2 .pdf A3.pdf A4.pdf A5.pdf A6.pdf A7.pdf 1 Map ProAm 2016 II .pdf
  5. The stages will be posted this week. You will need a rifle sling and ~5 slugs.
  6. I'm working on the staff. As usual there is an RO waiting list. I am always amazed at the number of staff volunteers we have. If you have not heard back from me register as a shooter. You can always decline the slot later.
  7. 9:30 PM Eastern Time. . .same as the last 3 years. Gary - Please correct the time on your subtitle for the topic. Trying to avoid the commute times (5 - 6 PM) for Pacific Time people. Linda Chico 9:30 PM it is.. I'll get it changed. I wanted to get the word out asap. When the main notice is posted this one should fade away. I'm looking forward to working with you again.
  8. Match registration will occur on Feb 16th at 9:30 PM. When the updated Match Register Link is completed the info will be posted here.
  9. Thanks Tyler. I was beginning to wonder if the match I attended this past weekend was the same one on this thread. I was there from Monday through Sunday night and talked with hundreds of happy shooters. I listened to their comments and criticisms and appreciate them all from old friends and new. Guys you don’t have to go home and post anonymous negatives two or three day after the match. We are right there and listening. I guess I’m old fashion but prefer face to face discussions. If your interest is to improve the match/sport that is the most effective means. The match/Rockcastle staff are a tight bunch most of which come back every year. I did not witness a major dust-up or notice major tension as we gathered at the library each evening. I must admit my perceptions may have gotten a little dull. The pro match finished early on Saturday again this year with most squads shooting an extra Sunday morning stage on Saturday. We did get behind Friday on AM2 but think we ended the stage ~30 minutes behind. See Berry’s post. We have a bunch of shooters and not much time. It is going to happen. The new MGM flashers worked great. I think they have a winner there. They are effective and inexpensive. If you didn’t get a chance to see them at the match check-em out on line. The yellow backer and black plates we used were highly visible. I only heard one negative there. If you read Jesse’s post on color blind shooters unable to see orange you know his advice was to not care. I am not willing to trash 8 percent (his number) of our paid entries or 8 percent of his sponsors customers. Jesse I must admit I don’t usually read/view your videos/comments on enos but feel obligated to read everything on the ProAm. The only thing you said that I support is your promise not to return to Rockcastle but it is not my place to say that. Whether or not I work the ProAm next year, best wishes to all.
  10. Good one! Thanks for sharing. Those were the shots on the long range steel...right?
  11. Remember to check your rifle ammo with a magnet. If a magnet sticks to you rifle bullet it is a match DQ. Some of the FMJ Bullets have a bi-medal jacket but look the same as non-medal bullets. The ROs on the stages with rifle steel will have magnets. If you want to chek your bullets before the match look me up and I'll check them. The Pro shooters will need a sling, 3 slugs and 3 buckshot. See you at the Rock.
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