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  1. I mean really, if you shot PPC and have a distinguished revolver laying around for about $260.00 you can add a mini scope mount and a small red dot sight and probably be very competitive in production optics. This might get some of the older PPC guys/gals back that can't see the sight any more.
  2. Registration is up for 2020.
  3. One day left, of you send your entry in please email us and tell us it’s on the way. Greg
  4. Tightgroup is good but a little dirty, VV N320 is awesome and very clean it’s down fall is price, WST is good.
  5. Deadline of September 8th is coming up, if you are going to sign up do it soon.
  6. 50ish days until the VA Regional and State matches, don’t wait sign up today ...
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