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  1. I believe the new Walker muffs have Bluetooth. Go to their website and look.
  2. I’ve got one of his tester, it’s the bees knees.
  3. I use the TEP-100’s around full auto and belt feed guns with no problems. I use the surefire foam replacement tips.
  4. No, I shot back to back 1918’s dropped the one eight at fifty yard practical and then Saturday I dropped the other eight weak handed on the practical.
  5. I have them And like above use the foam tips but make sure you get the correct size. I love them.
  6. Brownells sells a kit to replace the o-ring and the steel rings.
  7. If you go the electronic muff route be sure to check them out before you buy, some don't clip the sound of gun fire fast enough and you end up with a head ache after a little while of shooting. I use the in ear TEP-100 with the surefire foam tips in place of the flange rubber or silicone ones they send with them. They are a little pricey but in the summer they are awesome.
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