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  1. @benos Have you considered selling the forum? Licensing your name and whatever..?
  2. dropper die works much better on the 1050 but now if I run the press at anything other than super careful, I get bullets flopping over at the next station. I have adjusted the bell from non existent to visibly too much with no improvement. anyone have any suggestions? Search has turned up stuff I’ve been trying.
  3. bump up the power factor a bit until the springs break in.
  4. What material are you using? How grippy is that texture? Your guns look amazing.
  5. So the promised replacement for the Edge has a $3400 msrp... seems legit.
  6. tha1000

    Front Sight Removal

    I generally let ports remove the front sight for me.
  7. Cant beat those PD match packs...
  8. Agree with above, 23+1 to start, reload to 22.
  9. My first SVI was an older one. I inquired about work similar to what @Hawk21 wanted done. They didn't tell me that they wouldn't do it, but they did quote me a price that said they didn't want to do the work, basically new top end money for a breechface/barrel fit... this entire thread makes their interchangeable breech face a moot point.
  10. Noted. Pretty sure that's where I will wind up.
  11. I'm going to be going through this exercise as soon as my range opens back up. I've been shooting 17's, but picked up a Gen 5 34 on the cheap. Am going to A/B it pretty hard vs the 17 over a month or so and make a decision from there....
  12. I really don’t think you’re going to gouge the limcat insert. Broken feed lips would be more of a concern, as panda mentioned above. I had dry fire only mags with cracked feedlips, I didn’t notice them getting any worse... but they were garbage mags to begin with.
  13. Elbow issues have forced me to shooting minor, so i no longer have the gun. I suspect that the magwell would be holding up just fine but with less finish on it. It is the best magwell out there, imo, and I would still be using it if I still owned 2011's.
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