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  1. I destroy magwells. I love the limcat v2 steel insert magwell. It’s the only one I haven’t destroyed yet. Basically the same same story as Waco Kid
  2. i dont want to get shot by minor PF ammo any less than I want to get shot by major and minor scoring is more interesting.... regardless of what the V stands for in some dead language.
  3. Ben takes his physical fitness a lot more serious than he used to...
  4. I'm in favor of killing major PF all together.... max capacity of 20 levels the playing field between .40 and 9... regardless of whether limited division scores major or minor.
  5. The bad news is that it will take @B_Seehawer about 20 minutes to make them look like they were tossed out of a truck at 75 mph...
  6. I had a 24c and honestly like a bcm/alg/nice milspec trigger with JP springs and a joe bob grip screw better....
  7. Get the LAG pouch mentioned above. If it’s good enough for Leograndis...
  8. The Louisiana guys at the Leograndis class this weekend said you're on the verge of rage quitting pcc and dusting off the production gun. Say it ain't so!!
  9. I’ve had issue with my spikes lower that the detent slot in the feed ramp is a different size than the hex screw that serves as the detent. Long story short, this allows the feed ramp to push up higher than it should be and causes bullets to feed north of the chamber. Probably not your issue, but something easy to check anyway.
  10. curious to see how these hold up... i've killed one on a pcc already. it has to take a lot more of a beating on an open gun...
  11. I went through this exercise last weekend, shooting doubles as MM mentioned... I was shocked at how much difference varying weights, springs, and barrel lengths made. I figured most of it was placebo effect... nope. Measurable differences in terms of dot movement and second shot impact at speed.
  12. There is plenty of great deals on gear on the classifieds here... Unless you know exactly what you want, it makes sense to buy used and test some stuff out.
  13. The question wasn't intended for me, but I have definitely had more feed issues with my dedicated Spikes lower compared to my hahn block SBR lower. The Hahn block is decidedly tougher to reload as well.
  14. My understanding is that they are two different versions of the same thing. I saw a post from @TRUBL that they quit using the wave springs due to breakage and no perceivable gains in performance. Derlin spacer is current version.
  15. we shoot targets at an average of about 10 yards. I think you will be fine without a guide. I have never run anything other than a bore snake through mine.
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