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  1. Taking the pickiest firearm platform and combining it with the pickiest type of magazine seems like a recipe for never finishing a stage...
  2. Anyone running the taccom with a bolt that still has the weight in it? Or a/b’d with weight and without?
  3. Cant believe nobody ever bought that one from you...
  4. Awesome. I bolted two in and messed with it. Seems plenty secure. Thank you.
  5. How are you coda guys hooking it up to a tekok? No matter how I turn it, I’m only getting two holes to line up.
  6. I took it to mean that it is incredibly hard to impossible to seat a mag on a closed bolt...
  7. Yeah, any gun shop that works on guns can probably accommodate you.
  8. Random JP parts question. I keep a spare JP firing pin on hand, is this proprietary to a JP bolt or should it work with any bolt group?
  9. JP has had a 10.5" complete upper for sale for a while now under the "available now" section of their website. Give me some time to do some testing and I might have a factory built gmr-15 upper to part with.
  10. Anyone have the coda in stock? Anything bigger than a 20 round Colt falls out of my current configuration.
  11. Just got my lower engraved. There seems to be a lack of off the shelf upper options that have the barrel threads extend beyond the end of the hand guard. Love the JP 10.5” upper. Do not love the $1000+ price.
  12. Do you need the buffer spring detent for the taccom unit? It's not captured, correct?
  13. It's not over yet... I was told that as soon as I submitted the form and picture via email, they would send me an RMA. That didn't/hasn't happened yet.
  14. Finally had a few minutes to call. Apparently the web RMA system is crap. Calling is the correct route if you want a response.
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