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  1. I’ve been using the black yikes connector. I like it better than the tti. Still playing around with it though.
  2. Also of note, there is a subforum dedicated to airsoft. You can probably find the info you are looking for there. https://forums.brianenos.com/forum/216-airsoft/
  3. after breaking my 3rd one, i gave up on the idea of airsoft as a legitimate training aid. That being said, in the OP's situation, I'd probably reconsider it.
  4. I had the big hands version and it was definitely heavier than the limcat magwell. My akai limited gun is right at 40 oz with a plastic grip and limcat magwell... which is just about perfect for me.
  5. Both my dpp’s on My g5 17’s show wear on the casing. I don’t notice it behind the gun, but it’s absolutely happening.
  6. Any hi capa is going to be similar. None are going to be close in weight.
  7. I think it is personal preference. I have giant hands and generally prefer less of a "big hands" specific magwell.
  8. I don't think anybody is doing it better than SVI.
  9. There's a clean/new looking .40 Trojan in the classifieds...
  10. I have this issue too with one of my guns. It seems to be mag specific combined with the specific gun. I.e. I KNOW mag 4 is going to cause me issues with my match gun and 23+1 in the gun. Mag 2 is going to work fine at 23+1 and mag 4 is going to work fine in my practice gun. I need to load up my problem mags to capacity and let them sit for a bit to see if the spring will set and allow that extra fraction of space to allow reliable feeding across all the mags/guns.
  11. You can pick up a used Trojan in .40 for well below your budget. Outside of the tiny uspsa circle, nobody wants a .40 and values can be had. I found one in a pawnshop for less than $800 not too long ago.
  12. Are you the same guy listed as the developer?
  13. Yeah. Sell the 47ds and buy ETM’s or other competition suitable mags.
  14. Hoping JJ has success with a beretta open gun... but honestly would not be surprised if he pulls a KC/Max and has a 2011 "beretta" open gun built eventually.
  15. I've heard JJ Racaza talk about using a jump rope for GPP and footwork.
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