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  1. I saw what she said on facebook, but if it was that easy to flip a switch and go from 18 month lead time to 6 month lead time, I suspect they'd have done it years ago. Something has to change in terms of their current manufacturing process.
  2. I wonder what changes are being made to deliver on their new 6-9 month advertised lead time and whether it will negatively impact the quality of these guns...
  3. I'd read the thread on this forum about SRO problems prior to becoming an unpaid beta tester for trijicon... but all of them are going to crap out at some point.
  4. My M&P 2.0 CO gun had a visible shift left when the striker released. I think the M&P's have a different set of issues than what the OP and Sanders are describing.
  5. The limcat mag pouches are works of art. I think the DAA Racers are my favorites that I have actually used for a while. I started with the CR Speed. Went to the ghosts when the cr speeds started moving around. Went to DAA Racer when I started cracking pouches on the ghost 360's.
  6. There is a 0% chance that I would buy a gun for the sole purpose of competing in L10. The suggestions above are good ones as it relates to 10 round mags for the .45 you already own. That being said, i'd probably stick with SS or prod.
  7. Ets mags seem to be fairly brittle as well. I have chipped feed lips in dry fire. The magpul mags ran great for me on my last CO go round... but as others mention, you are giving up capacity to the TTI or TF base pads.
  8. I like the MOS approach because dot technology and mounting patterns are most likely to change before I wear a Glock out. That being said said you can get a much cleaner look with less opportunities for failure with a dedicated slide cut.... I just don’t like being married to a single optic or pattern.
  9. Someone has altered the sear spring or grip safety to render it inoperable. Or the assembly monkeys at colt accidentally did it.
  10. I’ve got a 7ts for a 1911 that works for all my 5” 2011’s
  11. I’m guessing it also prevents the use of an aftermarket magwell?
  12. They are stupid heavy. I had one and preferred the standard version. Sold my brass one to @lacivilian who now has the world's first 25# open gun.
  13. My brass topped one was brass colored.
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