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  1. Just tell Dawson it’s for a SV. They’ll send you the right one. I had one break same as yours and also felt that the sv sight got a lot dirtier than need be due to the design. Biggest issue you’ll might run into is the base of the new sight being fatter than the rub on your barrel. I know @CrashDodson replaced all his sv sights with manny dots. Maybe he’ll pop in and off guidance.
  2. tha1000


    I think they are going to make a larger stacatto but not sure it’s SS legal.
  3. tha1000


    Let’s see if it’s still out there after Shot Show. I’m pretty sure if Dawson is saying the Edge is discontinued, then the Edge is discontinued. I think DLC was the finish for all 2018.
  4. tha1000


    it's not stainless, it's Dawson's hard chromed version. The Edge has always been blued, to my knowledge, as it ships from STI. They used to make a model called the Executive which was a hard chromed Edge with a different roll mark.
  5. tha1000


    If you look at the message in the unexpanded format....
  6. tha1000


    This makes sense because they have sold virtually zero Edges and Trojans...
  7. tha1000


    Yup. A CK solution is going to be the cheapest new gun on the market.... if ck still makes that.
  8. tha1000


    Whats old is new again...
  9. tha1000


    Judging by the email I just got from Dawson, STI has discontinued the Edge. I really wonder what they’re trying to accomplish.
  10. tha1000


    a new design plastic grip is the best idea they've had in years...
  11. tha1000

    Sig Romeo3 on an Open gun?

  12. tha1000

    STI grip question

    @Posvar had a DVC grip he was thinking about parting with last I talked to him...
  13. I run a 12# spring for major and minor out of my trojan...
  14. tha1000

    Dedicated lower or conversion

    My main gat has a dedicated lower and 14.7" upper with a welded comp, but I have had a colt 6450, which is a 556 lower with a 9mm mag block, for decades that has never once given me any issue. I also have an unbuilt 556 stamped lower and as time and money permit, i am going to build me an 8~" sbr for in state matches. I don't see why a 556 magwell wouldn't help on a 9mm with a block, the block kind of acts like a magwell at the front and back anyway, but I haven't messed with it. If you do go with a dedicated lower, I would let magwell availability dictate which lower I bought.
  15. 223 with an adapter for colt mags. Looks very well kitted out for the money. I am interested in that mag block for a stamped lower I have sitting around. Not many reviews out there.