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  1. You’ll have to cut the dust cover back on the txg grip.
  2. I haven’t noticed mine to be louder than stock, but I also dump a hundred in and walk away. I’m still at zero upside down since the switch.
  3. If it’s legal in any other division, you can slap a dot on it and shoot CO in Idpa.
  4. tha1000

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Been a while. Any further updates on this dot?
  5. Been reading all morning, is there any consensus on which plate is “best practice”. I have a thick springer plate on my x5 which mounts dot in conventional position and have had zero issues. Concerned that the offset springer mount will present different.
  6. Rule of thumb, the uglier the STI roll marks, the better the gun. Lol
  7. If i could get mine working 100%, I’d have never ventured down this route.
  8. Interesting. I hate the fat tube. It is a tight fit with the powder hopper In the way. Never seemed to drain smoothly for me. I’ve dumped a lot of primers on the bench with the fat tube. I’ll let you know if they daisy chain on me.
  9. I have no idea what the point of the sausage tube is. I figured it was how dillon could get it to work. I don’t miss it at all. Never considered that it was for additional safety.
  10. I’m all gen 5 at this point. Might be tempted in a gen 3 24 if I stumbled across one cheap
  11. I thought they were killing all of gen 4.
  12. He should skip 4 and go to 5. 4 is dead.
  13. I grip hard but there is still a strong possibility that I’m an idiot.
  14. It’s possible that I’m an idiot and did it wrong but I did use alcohol to clean and heat to bind. I am an accomplished destroyer of things.
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