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  1. This is what I like but I haven't shot a match in PCC... http://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Kaw_Valley_Precision_Linear_Comp_9MM_1_2x36_Black_p/kvp-linear-12x36-blk.htm
  2. There are so many flavors of 3gun these days and so many matches you can go shoot it doesn't even really matter. Just pick what you like and don't worry about the rest. I've only been playing this game 7-8 years now and I would have never guessed how many "major" matches we'd have the opportunity to shoot. I can remember the last time I shot a total time match... it's been a few years.
  3. I had one for awhile. It's got great glass, the reticle leaves a little to be desired for me. The eyebox and eye relief we're ok, but not the most forgiving. I never shot a match with it, I think a true 1x is always going to be more useful than the top end. The 1-5x XTRII is the one I would choose for 3gun. But for heavy metal it's irons or nothing...
  4. I hate you all, I'm going to have to miss the match for the 2nd year in a row... I had to choose between this and Ft. Benning. The old Ft. Benning match was one of those things I was going to do next year and I never got to shoot it before it went away so I couldn't pass it up this year.
  5. I shot a rifle match with an m16a1 clone and 20round magazines last month. It was great fun. I like the idea, but whats stopping you from shooting those guns now?
  6. 9lbs with optic and no mag... 18in nordic barrel AP carbon fiber tube Swaro z61 Luth Stock Best 3 gun rifle I've ever had, heavier than most of my previous rifles.
  7. I've attended all 5 years. And likely have a combination of experiences that give me a unique perspective. The first year, the Larue BBQ, tons of side matches, 3gun yard sale, crazy year I shot it as a "regular guy" no sponsors, and it was one of the first 2-3 "major" matches I shot. The 2nd and 3rd years I worked as an RO, and by this time had the human billboard go fast shirt. I've even been the guy in the tent selling things like crazy with TK and fixing guns. By last year, I was working in the industry, attending the event with coworkers, worrying about our own sponsored shooters, and trying to help out at a vendor table as much as possible. This year I just went to have fun, and that I did. Beyond all that, I have literately spent months of my life on the Rockcastle property. I shot Gary's club matches for several years. I've worked matches for and with almost all of the staff and consider them personal friends. I even talked fairly seriously with Nick and Nate about working for them a few years back. All that being said, here's my take on it: 1. Swag bags... really? I have buckets of that junk from years of matches, trade shows, etc. If you want it you're welcome to come get it. All of that stuff went to the prize table, I'd guess the swag bags went away because there weren't as many dollars to go around this year. 2. Vendors... Well most of us take time away from our day to day jobs to work a table and the company has paid for overtime, travel, food, etc. Now the feedback is great and getting to talk to shooters and provide that 1 on 1 time with the manufacturer is awesome. However, this is what we call "Show Season", with the majority of dealer and distributor trade shows going on during this time of the year. In fact, the NBS show was going on in Ft. Worth the same days we were shooting. And at the end of the day, its going to be fairly hard to even break even as a vendor at rockcastle. And hard to justify attending if you had to choose between it and a show with 500 dealers. 3. Side Matches... these were always run by match sponsors in the past, if less attend then there will be less side matches. And they were really cool, I remember shooting a .50 Beowulf full auto and meting Bill Alexander that first year. I bet I shot $20 worth of his ammo... still haven't bought that Beowulf though. 4. AM stages being stale... judging by the number of gofast shirts in the am match, some of you guys need to be on the other side to begin with... The AM side of the match is for new shooters with only a few club matches under their belt. It's not for a guy with 10k worth of race guns and a handful of sponsors. If it felt stale, maybe you should try the PRO side next year. 5. Match not running on time, I didn't see it. We shot within 10mins of our start time or earlier because we wanted to, for every stage on my squad. The ROs had much more down time than in years past. I had a great squad that hustled to set and paste. 6. Pro Stages... Most of us have been complaining about the level of difficulty for a few years. Go back and read previous threads and I know I said it. Gary gave it to us this year. With a couple of stages timing out a bunch of good shooters. I missed the last slug target with my first shot on one and ran out of time while reloading and I was shooting at the last pistol steel on the other as the timer went off. I hadn't shot a match or practiced in months before and shot a pistol I'd never fired before for days 2 and 3 and I engaged every target in the match before the par time. And honestly looking at the results and the percentage of people that timed out yes the par times on those 2 stages were a little short. However, we all asked for the bar to be raised and Gary did that. 7. Pro clinics, Idk I've never been to one and I'm certainly not good enough to teach one. I remember meeting some “big name” shooters that first year for the first time. It really made an impression on me how friendly and approachable they were. Even giving me tips and helping me with stage plans. It's a shame that there were people who didn't have that experience. 8. Sponsor Dinner... Feeding 500+ people is fairly expensive. Does anyone even remember who paid for it last year? Did you do more business with them because of it? Did you write them an email and say thanks? I know some of you will answer yes to those questions but most wont. I am a 3gun shooter, I love it, but in this industry I've just been through a layoff myself. We aren't seeing the crazy numbers we were in years past because of the political climate. We don't have all the extra money to throw at things like 3gun matches. At most you reach 750-1000 people at even the biggest match, most of them aren't your core customer, don't want to pay retail, etc. When for the same money you can get a million impressions on the Blaze or a 1/4 page in an NRA pub, it makes it hard to argue with your boss/marketing team/board whoever you answer too that you're spending the companies marketing dollars in the best way possible. If you want more sponsorship in this sport, show your appreciation. Be the guy posting on FB and tagging the company showing off your new prize, doing a range report, talking about how much you like it. Not the guy flipping it before he's even home for half of MSRP and not only undercutting the sponsor but all their dealers and distributors and in fact devaluing the thing they we're nice enough to give you. 9. Where can I find a match that has everything the pro-am had 5 years ago? It's still there, its still great people, great friends and a great time. That's what the pro-am is, seeing old friends, making new ones, surviving the Kentucky heat, and the Tennessee whiskey. Not to mention the fact that in 2010 there were about 8 “major” 3gun matches and now there are 4 or 5 times that, all competing for the same resources, same shooters, same market share, same sponsor dollars, etc.
  8. Kurt, doing great. Finally getting back to shooting. Hopped on to see if I could get some stages/round counts for the pro-am so I could start figuring out what I needed to bring. I haven't shot a real 3gun match in a year, and only a handful of 1/3rd gun matches. So my opinion may not count, but I think a new forum is wholly unnecessary. And I'm the guy with several custom 2011s built specifically for 3gun. There is plenty of pistol information in the forum already.
  9. The only 2011 I was ever given was a frame kit from one of the Nordic Shotgun matches...
  10. Clutch was a nickname I got when I was in the Corps, been using ClutchUSMC online in various forums and video games for 10 years or so now. Seems McCutcheon is hard for some people to say.
  11. Shoot me a PM, give me your info, and I'll get the right people to give you a call. Tyler McCutcheon Adams Arms Manager of Sales Operations tyler@adamsarms.net
  12. Most of the time I agree with Pat. But if you're a bigger guy like me running them fork up will make it much easier to put things on and take them off. Especially holsters and other pouches that you can't easily get your hands behind. I have run them forks up on everything including holsters for the last 2-3 years with no issues.
  13. He was the first shooter and we were the very 1st squad on Stage 1 Thursday AM and they immediately disallowed using the box for grounding rifle after he shot. He even got a JR discount to shoot the Thompson! Did he reshoot it?
  14. Options are great! Thats what I like to hear! See you guys in a few days!
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