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  1. I think I ran out of room and need another bench.
  2. My press is out for delivery! I am so excited I cleaned off my workbench twice!
  3. I forget what youtube I was watching but they used a Torsion spring that was straitened out. I'll try this with the roller bearings on mine.
  4. I concur no additional parts needed, I have my 1050 set up running 38SC and using a 124 grain bullet no issues. If you need me to take a picture or a video let me know. You can also check the die and make sure that the holes were the BBs go in and out are clear of debris. My 223 bullet drop had a tiny sliver of plastic from the drilling and hung it up sometimes. The MBF tech walked me through it when I called in for support. Good customer service.
  5. I have always used starline prices just went up but shipping is always free, and never had problems with the brass.
  6. Amazon and midway just dropped the price to $177, I was looking at buying one too.
  7. I got the one at Sam's club. It's adjustable I also did not put the casters on. Then tied it to the studs in the wall with l brackets
  8. I just use 1 shot on all my cases
  9. I would be interested. My evolution is coming next week I was going with the Dillon set I have on my 1050. For 223 or 38 SC
  10. Thanks good site with good price for them
  11. I really have been think about getting the Grand for shotshell, what is your feedback? Thanks
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