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  1. I love mine even more with the mod https://rangepanda.com/collections/misc-products/products/daa-brass-marker-the-merck
  2. I have always had great luck with my case feeder from dillon on my 650 and 1050 and I had all the different plates so I just ordered a dillon. I also use a dillon powder measure it's accurate for the VV I use for 38SC. I picked up the stripped down version with my military discount at just over what my 1050 cost. I also sold my 650 with a few heads and a die set to fund almost the purchase of the EVO I had to add $400. It's a good time to sell right now, Dillon doesn't have Dies in stock so you reloader can sell pretty good if you toss a set of dies in. And pretty much everyone out grows
  3. I'm glad someone else confirmed my data, now if they ever come back in stock after they were sold off. I only have 2K left then I have to work up a new recipe.
  4. Concur, I sold mine but I did toss in 2 extra heads, caliber conv, and a 223 die set and a few goodies like powder and 2K of primers
  5. I load at 1.245 with hollow base plated bullets in SC never any issues
  6. I use one shot on my brass, then I mark my brass after loading with the DAA, the marker works fine and the all feed fine.
  7. I kind of agree with you, but its been sitting around since I put a bullet feeder on my 650 and 1050. This is a rough idea:
  8. Has anyone tried to fab a bracket to install a Dillon powder check on their MK7? Or do you think it's mor trouble than it's worth?
  9. Did you remove the entire shoulder or just remove material to push it back?
  10. I had one that was bad out of the box, they sent me a new motor ASAP. Always great service.
  11. You are taking it to the next level, I enjoy the hobby teaching others to reload. I live in a condo and don't have the the room for casting.
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