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  1. I kind of agree with you, but its been sitting around since I put a bullet feeder on my 650 and 1050. This is a rough idea:
  2. Has anyone tried to fab a bracket to install a Dillon powder check on their MK7? Or do you think it's mor trouble than it's worth?
  3. Did you remove the entire shoulder or just remove material to push it back?
  4. Maybe someone here can walk you through it.
  5. I had one that was bad out of the box, they sent me a new motor ASAP. Always great service.
  6. You are taking it to the next level, I enjoy the hobby teaching others to reload. I live in a condo and don't have the the room for casting.
  7. Now more than ever, reloading supplies keep coming in, except the darn bullets I need lol down to my last 3000. I've dialed in in Dillon powder measure on my new MK 7 and use my case feeder and bullet feeder too. So my manual set up was only in the 2K range, that is the cost of a new 1100. Don't get me wrong I like my 1050, but the extra stations and the quality is sure nice to have.
  8. I use 3N38 8.4 grains Whatever primer I have in stock usually winchester Berry's 9mm/.38 Super (.356" Diameter) Bullets 124 Grain Hollow Base Round Nose
  9. Why would you post this, now I have to go measure my primers. JK I use both SPP SRP in my loads for both 38 SC STI and Atlas pistols
  10. Starline is the place to go. What are you using for powder and bullets?
  11. Funny you should post this. I just used marine rtv to put mine back together today. Anything should work but I'm sure someone will want to tell us why it won't.
  12. Thanks I ordered a set on ebay and they finally came in from coronaville. I tested it tonight and it works great. I'm going to order two more sets for my rollsizer and my 1050.
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