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  1. Why spend money on a new setup when you can use that money to be a better shooter by getting more practice in. There are plenty of Masters and GM's that made it there with polymer guns.
  2. Apex is my choice, gunsmith fit in my 9mm CORE. I have no regrets with it after having over 3k rounds thru it so far. I can't speak for KKM, I haven't tried them.
  3. I only ask because firing a a round that already has a struck primer won't give you true results, if that what you did. CCI are also fine if the hardest primers.
  4. It should be a Kensight.
  5. Don't forget that's the MSRP, not the real price
  6. Lol, you didn't cause anything, the storm has passed. [emoji3] I'm anxious to try this, but both of my CZs are running good. I might have to buy a Shadow 2 again now.. I gave it up shortly only because the magazine release was cutting support hand. It was an amazing shooter though.
  7. That's why I say that it's my opinion, I'm not the expert. [emoji3] All materials have a life expectancy, that's why I don't mind experimenting with "my" own stuff. Guns are like cars, nobody likes stock parts, everybody wants that little extra.
  8. Polishing=removal. Don't be afraid to do it, I've done it to almost every gun I have, including rifles and they all still function properly. I don't see the need to harden them because they are wearable items. The worst that can happen is you screw it and replace it with an after market part that is machined instead of most OEM parts that are MIM. there is also nothing wrong with most of the MIM parts, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  9. Lol. I've been in the metal/fabrication business for over 25 years, and I will never claim that I know everything about it. I trust the people that do it for a living, that is why I always ask them. I can tell you how they do it but it wouldn't help you, to do it right it takes special equipment and a lot of knowledge.
  10. That's funny, mister first time Revo shooter! Let me know when your back here, out I'll give it to Kirby or Rich so that they can get it to you.
  11. I was there Sunday, squad 1, wish I would have know, you could have tried it out then!
  12. If you really want it done correctly, you should contact a local heat treatment company. All metals are not created equally and require different temperatures and processes for heat treating. They will need to test your parts to see what type it is before they can tell you anything.
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