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  1. It will mount on the Alchin mount or any mount that’s made for RMR. I haven’t mounted mine to my revolver because I haven’t had any issues with RTS2. I have it on my CZ though and it works awesome.
  2. That's awesome, and some really good shooting, congrats. Says a lot about the builder and the shooter.
  3. Exactly[emoji3595][emoji3595][emoji3595] the best advice so far. I did this for 2 matches before I purchased anything and never once did any shooter say no. I've even shot numerous rifles that I would never have an opportunity anywhere else at matches.
  4. I'm over 1k with it on my m&p now and haven't had 1 issue. You're going to love it, it's a great combination!
  5. No issues, I don't remember what plate number, but it was the one for Trijicon. I also used the screws that come with the dot. I'm actually faster with my CZ75 also, but it has the RM04 mounted on top of a dovetail adapter.
  6. SRO 2.5 on my CORE, the front of the optic sits at the edge of the breech face, which I thought might be an issue but it does not affect the election at all. I've been using 6moa dots for over 4 years on various pistols, but o really like this 2.5. I was shooting it late morning into the sun (in Arizona) and it was clear as day. I'm really happy with this site. I can see using a 5moa for steel challenge, but I don't really think that it will matter for me.
  7. Warne skyline is also a good option for around $300. That's what on have on the same rifle your using.
  8. USPSA production and Steel Challenge yes, don't know about IDPA. You can look it up on the USPSA production list on their site.
  9. Lol, you have the opposite problem from the rest of us, we're waiting for our SRO's to put on our guns...
  10. The semi drop in barrel from Apex makes a huge difference.. you can see the results in other threads.
  11. I had a Caspian in 40 and I couldn't get the Caspian magazines to function, at all. I bought 3 from EAA directly for $75 and trimmed them, installed Grams springs and followers and I never had any issues. I wouldn't water any time waiting for Caspian. I do really like their basepads, but they haven't had any of those available forever..
  12. Why spend money on a new setup when you can use that money to be a better shooter by getting more practice in. There are plenty of Masters and GM's that made it there with polymer guns.
  13. Apex is my choice, gunsmith fit in my 9mm CORE. I have no regrets with it after having over 3k rounds thru it so far. I can't speak for KKM, I haven't tried them.
  14. I only ask because firing a a round that already has a struck primer won't give you true results, if that what you did. CCI are also fine if the hardest primers.
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