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  1. Is the firing pin and spring new? Could be worn out..
  2. if it cuts, the finish will be removed. Check 4drentals.com , they rent reamers, I’ve used them a couple of times for odd calibers. Your best bet is to have a gunsmith do it, it will probably cost you the same as the rental.
  3. Is it a titanium cylinder?
  4. You might be lucky enough to have cylinders that are actually at .3575”. If you’re not having any accuracy problems, don’t worry about it. The bullet shouldn’t just push through, it should take a couple of light taps with a hammer and a dowel pin.
  5. I used them exclusively in my 610 for a full year of competition, never had a problem.
  6. Sure that it’s not a V-Comp? They are 627-5’s also
  7. Hogue are pretty darn good. https://www.hogueinc.com/competition/ammo-holders/holdall-universal-speed-loader-holder-black-pack-of-four
  8. I’m lucky enough to live in a state where there’s a match every weekend, ICORE 3 matches a month, 2 steel challenge a month, USPSA pretty much every weekend and some week nights. I do like to mix it up, but I do believe that shooting is shooting no matter what platform you choose. I love revolver and have been shooting more ICORE than USPSA. I actually shot my open revo in open Class at 4 USPSA matches to get more practice in before the state and SW regionals. I know that I didn’t have any chance of placing well, but I didn’t care because I wanted the trigger time. I’d love to shoot revo in USPSA, but like most people my eyes aren’t getting any better.
  9. I have a 21” barrel on order with Odin Works alone with their Atlas comp. It’s on back order, but I’m in no hurry. I haven’t picked an upper yet, but I’m going to buy another Spikes lower to put it on. I’ve been shooting Grendel for a couple of years and when they announced this round, I was sold! Especially since I use the same projectile in my 6mm Creedmore.
  10. If you system has the Techlock clips you can use the spacers. I can’t take pictures of it now, but I will when I get home.
  11. I use north mountain moon clip holder with 1” aluminum spacers that I bought from McMaster-Carr. Buy them longer than you think you need and cut them to length. I both the .166 diameter through hole because my screws are 8-32 threads.
  12. Apex for extractor, do that first because the ejector is stamped sheet metal so it’s harder to change the contract angle.
  13. Have you tried to change the profile of your ejector yet? If you have a lot of rounds through it, you might want to change the extractor and spring also.
  14. I just put mine on a digital mount on a CZ75 and don’t have any issues. I put around 2K on the M&P before this. The few people that I shoot with have no issues either.
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