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  1. I have stone brushes both med and fine. Very little goes a long way.
  2. Mark is right. This is a well known..... not problem .... a well known sensitivity with Ti cylinders. The surface of titanium is like lava rock. many nooks and crannies for your brass to get locked into once the case expands when fired. I honed mine using some gun oil and wiped dry. I dry brush the chambers and keep degreasers away from the chambers when cleaning. Eventually you will have a mirror like shine within each chamber and with the correct load, no more stickiness.
  3. Is there an option or work around to add a bracket style match using practiscore? What I wish to do is host a shootoff style man on man event after the match using the overall finish for the brackets. Any help is appriciated. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. I have been wondering what could be done on a club or region level to increase ICORE numbers. I do not believe bringing pistol shooters from USPSA, IDPA, or MG would ever be more successful than as happens naturally. Clubs host events, but what they are really doing is selling entertainment on an afternoon. Entertainment and camaraderie with fellow like minded individuals. So why is USPSA, IDPA, MG, and plain old outlaw matches doing better than ICORE in your area? Does the word "revolver" put off people? Is it the fact that triggers are easier to operate on most pistols than on a revolver push people away? Is it the game or the equipment that makes one discipline more entertaining than the other. Is it just the people? I ask all of this because I know of a couple members at my local club that shoot other disciplines faithfully. They own revolvers but do not compete with them. They tell me "one day I will shoot your match", but yet they never do even with offering gun, belt and ammo to these and other shooters. Any ideas for better success at selling ICORE to shooting enthusiasts. TIA
  5. Thank you for your input. The intent of adding 100 seconds to a pistols time is to move their score to the bottom. (I know you get that) If Revolver HOA did not matter to our members then you are right there would be no point. However since it is a revolver match and our top shooters from classic to open always want to duke it out for HOA bragging rights I oblige by enabling a pistol handicap. Also the pistol and PCC guys do not complain, They are happy to get trigger time. Time deduction simple math does not seem to challenge pistol shooters as much as seeing an unusual time at the top of the order does for the old timers, I guess. Everyone is happy. YMMV.
  6. Update:..... almost 3 years later. I have been allowing pistol shooters to shoot pistols just to get the numbers up to help the club with setup, tear down, and overall costs. Over the years we have tried several different iterations of "pistol" rules. At first we proposed 8 rounds at the beep and 8 rounds in each magazine. The IDPA guys came along and asked for IDPA practice, and since all of the pistol shooters were in agreement I obliged. We made it then 10+1 and tried that for a few months, then the ICORE guys started to complain as the IDPA guys figured out the scoring and began to beat them. So then I added a 30 second penalty button for pistols. This did not work well as many would forget to award the pistol penalty to some random scores. I would get pistol guys emailing me after the match complaining that shooter X did not get a penalty on stage X. Then I removed the penalty and just told the pistol people to enter 100 additional seconds to their time each stage. Since this was called out verbally after the range is clear command it allowed others to remind the scorekeeper to enter 1xx.xx vs just the raw time. This made me happy as their times did not contaminate us revolver guys and it was an easy round number for pistol guys to subtract in order to determine their finish against a revolver if they wished. Then after several months of this we decided to just get rid of all of the pistol penalties. This let the pistols shooters beat the revolvers if they can since they are still shooting 10+1. Recently I shot another club with the "all mags to 8 rounds rule". This works better than a 10+1 round game. Although many of our pistol shooters are just looking for production or IDPA practice. If I was asked how to best implement pistols at an ICORE match I would suggest Pistols to 8 rounds at the beep and 7 rounds in each magazine there after. While ICORE does not have a capacity rule, shooting 9 rounds in a pistol (one left in chamber with a new 8 round magazine inserted.) is distracting to the typical limited division shooter. I know there are a couple 10 round .32H&R revolvers floating around but this is an anomaly. Many ICORE stages setup to 9 rounds are to keep it 6 and 8 round friendly even though this is not required. I guess if the goal is get as many $$ as possible then discuss it as a group. Let the ones paying decide what to do with these autos. But if you really want pistols to mimic revolvers as close as possible then 8 round start with 7 round magazines force the revolvers to shoot a more 6 round friendly game with a little limited division shooting thrown in if they get creative. Lastly we all need to wonder if HQ approves of this or is just remaining silent for now. Other disciplines would never approve of non-approved equipment at their events. So we have to assume ICORE would not approve either. Would official rules for non-official equipment help ICORE? I am not sure??
  7. Huge benefit for unloading. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  8. Much of the extraction issue with 9mm in the 929 is due to the clips allowing a portion of the brass to begin movement before the rest. This depends on many factors like groove specs being different on each piece of brass, angle of attack on the ejector rod, sloppiness of clips. All of this works together to create problems through stacking of tolerances. One factor that helps short colts work so well is the clip groove in the brass is tight and uniform, along with tighter specs on the clips help maintain all brass move together as one solid unit. Using mixed 9mm brass is a recipe for inconsistent reloads. I don't use a U-die since none of my short colts have been fired in a Glock.
  9. As expressed in my many posts on the subject, I don't shoot 9mm cartridges in any one of my 3 929's. I do own 2 original 8-shot 27's, two 627's, and 3 929's. I am only an A class shooter so I guess I have a ways to go to be good enough to start sicking them. The Mrs. and I are certainly enjoying these new 929's. With these unbelievably low prices I plan getting a 4th 929 soon. Best of luck to you with your 627.
  10. That was what we had all hoped. Production division included, who buys a gun and just runs it as is beyond a couple matches. 90% of every game gun gets reworked. Much of the ammo problem we see in the 929's are the irregularity of range brass. Combine that with the variety of clips out there and you have a recipe for problems. 627 shooters figured out decades ago that you had to get the right brass with the right clips for the win, and no monkeying around with crap you pick up on the range. It is truly unfortunate to watch the number of 929 owners struggle to get them dialed in. They should be straight out of the box. Just add your own action job and go.
  11. I can not answer that. I have done zero testing with any stock ammo. I have shot no 9mm out of any of my 929s. There should be tons of info her in other threads.
  12. BeerBaron, Just do it. Pick one up. Give it a little love to polish and finish off where Smith left off and you will be happy.
  13. I have had zero issue with bullet movement. What sizing die you using? In my experience bullet moving is caused by an oversized sizing die. I had a problem a couple of times and switched sizing die to Lee and problem went away. Not U die just standard Lee. In .38 I own, RCBS, Lyman, Dillon, and Lee. I found Lee to size down to the smallest. Over the years I have ditched most all my dillon dies for Lee. The last time I had a bullet moving in .38 was with an RCBS die. The downside to Lee is the fact it has the least end flair. This can cause alignment issues at station 1 when you pick up speed. For me the tradeoff is worth it. As far as adding an extra 1/2 turn to keep the bullet from moving. I have not had to do that. The 929 cylinder chambers are a bit oversized at the neck in my opinion. I have found Dillon RCBS and Lyman to resize back to SAMMI spec. I think Lee (standard) sizes the neck down a tick more than the others. This helps eliminate those types of problems. Another note. My cylinders appear to be 9x21 and not 9x19 JM2C
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