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  1. Alaskan454

    625 JM

    I shoot nothing but coated lead in mine, zero issues in 15-20k rounds.
  2. ICORE was a disaster, tested some new brass and left my container of the usual match ammo at home. Wound up banging brass out of the cylinder all match with a port wall or pocket knife. Didn't take video at all, it was rough. USPSA went pretty smoothly the next day, decided to bring the CZ again and play around in Limited. Very different mentality to stage breakdown when you only reload once per stage. I'm still going too slow with the auto, I keep forgetting it has all of those extra rounds. I plan to continue shooting an optic and iron sights at every ICORE and Steel match for the rest of this year. I need to decide which division I'll compete in at the IRC.
  3. @ChrisC I made a new thread with the registration link. It is copied here as well: https://www.practiscore.com/2019-icore-central-states-regional-championship/register
  4. Registration is now live for the 2019 Central States Regional Championship. We will be running at least 8 stages plus chrono, and I like steel so expect to see lots of it. There will be at least one static steel field course, some plus time falling steel, an x ring bonus stage, some Steel Challenge style action, and plenty of technical/tight shots at high speed. To register, please see the link below: https://practiscore.com/2019-icore-central-states-regional-championship/register
  5. Bump, match is this coming Saturday. We are going to have some great field courses and one classifier.
  6. It's funny you mention the "oh God where's the break". I just refit some parts on my 929 OSR to give that type of lock up. I have grown to dislike DA revolvers that lock up just before break. Ruger or Smith, I set them up all the same.
  7. I'm very happy to finally see this on the market. Might wind up trying one someday. I like my GP100s.
  8. Registration is now live for our May ICORE match at Oak Hill Gun Club. I plan to use every piece of falling steel the club owns, plus some Steel Challenge targets in a way you might not have seen before. It's going to be fun, hope to see you there! https://www.practiscore.com/oak-hill-icore-may-2019/register
  9. @UpYoursPal You can shoot the IRC unclassified, but will be shooting "heads up" against all shooters, D through GM. If you want to be classified, they are offering a classifier match on Thursday before the IRC begins. Per ICORE policies, someone who is unclassified while shooting the IRC can become classified afterwards based upon their IRC performance. That's how I achieved my current classifications. Tends to be a more accurate classification for those of us who don't shoot standards well, or like to the get trigger happy.
  10. "Carmonize" will forever live on and be part of his legacy. If we gave out awards for contributions to the revolver world, he'd certainly get one.
  11. We are hosting ICORE matches the day before USPSA with a common setup crew. Give it a try. Might be surprised how many show up.
  12. I'd shoot revo if I could make it, but scheduling didn't pan out. Won't even be able to shoot my own Area match this year.
  13. Plan for 4" steel plates at 100yds. Anything else will just seem easy.
  14. Well, last weekend my home range had our first ICORE and USPSA matches of the year. For 2019 we are running ICORE on Saturdays with USPSA the following morning. Helps reduce set-up time if we reuse the barriers, just change out some steel and paper placement between matches. I have not practiced in a good long while but managed to survive both days. I also decided to shoot an auto at USPSA to work on my stage planning strategies. I often find myself not looking at stages with an open mind so I will be shooting the occasional Limited match to help with that. I even ordered a 140mm magazine to boost my initial capacity. After reviewing the footage it is obvious that I'm a bit rusty in certain areas, and will be trying to improve upon those before my first major match this year. Footage of both are below, you will notice that we got a bit of snow overnight!
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