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  1. Alaskan454

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    You are correct. I've worked on many Rugers for myself and family members, and have also used each platform in competition. If anyone has questions about how to set-up a Super Redhawk, GP100, or Redhawk just drop me a note. I can probably point you in the right direction. The Super Redhawk and GP100 actions can run in the 6.5# range using the stock trigger and hammer. You will need to perform a decent action job and use reduced power springs. I've set-up two GP100s in the 6.5# range when using Federal Magnum Small Pistol primers. One is currently set at 7.5# to run Remington (I had a ton in stock). I've also set-up two Super Redhawks in the 6-6.5# range using Federal Large Pistol primers in 44 Magnum, and Federal Small Rifle primers in 454 Casull. I will note that the Federal Small Rifle primers had trouble in cold weather. The 454 had a few light strikes in 0-15 degree weather when shooting DA. Cocking to SA they all went off. I ended up boosting the mainspring tension in that gun so it was 100% reliable at all temperatures. Lastly, one of my packing pistols is a 45 Colt Redhawk which is set-up to run Federal Large Magnum primers at 8.5#. I've tried to go lower and there's not much room using the stock hammer/trigger. At that pull weight I've had 100% reliability, but going down to 8# will results in light strikes. A few notes if you go down the Ruger path. Check that your hammer and transfer bar are properly fit and that your clearance between the recoil shield and primer are suitable. I actually had one GP100 that started producing light strikes with fully seated primers, but ran fine when they were just below flush. The firing pin wasn't protruding enough for a solid strike. The S&W guns are easier to work on and have better options for aftermarket parts. Though if you really like Rugers they can be set-up to run nicely.
  2. Warren's question is the biggest unknown, do they ever put CCI primers in Federal ammunition? I have no idea on that one.
  3. Alaskan454

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Hamilton Bowen has been doing GP conversions for a long time now. He blends the GP/SRH action with the Redhawk platform. Makes for a serious packing pistol in a variety of flavors. I'd opt for the 6x480 variety myself.
  4. Alaskan454

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Long story short, Redhawks are going to be 8# guns with a single spring design. The GP/SRH actions can run at 6# no problem.
  5. Alaskan454

    Alaskan454's Range Diary

    USPSA Nationals was quite a learning experience. After three days and 21 stages I ended up in 7th place at 90.89%. Shooting with the super squad helped me realize several things about my shooting abilities and what it takes to win. I did not arrive at the match with the skills necessary to achieve 1st place. In order to win a national event, I need to improve my skills on classifier type stages, increase my efficiency in motion, and focus on shooting clean in a timely manner. It's really a somewhat simple set of skills I need to work on, though executing them at the necessary level and with a high degree of reproducibility will take time. For the winter months I will likely focus on my mental approach to shooting, and work on my fundamentals of marksmanship. Confidence in my ability to make a given shot plays a major role in the risks I am willing to take during a match. On Sunday I moved our plate rack to the 30 yard line, and that will be my minimum distance for a few months. I'll also spend some time on the rifle range knocking steel from 50-300 yards with my handguns. The goal will be knowing my absolute ability to hit a given target. From there we can work backwards to find an acceptable level of risk, which would then result in shooting clean at some level of confidence. I'm going to work on Freestyle, Strong Hand, and Weak Hand throughout the process. Should be fun.
  6. Alaskan454

    Round count question

    Yup, that much is certain.
  7. Alaskan454

    Round count question

    Poorly fit guns wear out faster, people who manhandle the cylinders will also experience more wear. Keep your gun tight and lubricated and it should last you a long time.
  8. Alaskan454

    Alaskan454's Range Diary

    Today was an interesting day. I ran our monthly Steel Challenge match and it was pretty cold, wind chill in the 30 degree range. I had mixed results on the first few stages since I couldn't really feel my hands while shooting. From there things went very well and I shot 4 or 5 personal bests throughout the day. I haven't had a chance to dry fire all week and hadn't even picked up my gun since the last USPSA match. Quite honestly, I was surprised by today's performance. I was cold, tired, and hadn't practiced at all. I think the difference was my approach to shooting the stages. Since I wasn't planning on shooting that well I just focused on shooting clean, which apparently meant fast. I totally smoked some of my personal bests by 1-3 seconds. I was most impressed by a 10.72 run on Roundabout, sadly it will count towards LTD and not ISR since I had two entries with the same revolver. I also shaved over two seconds off of my prior best time on Outer Limits. I went five for five and it showed. Based upon today's results it seems I will make GM in ISR and M in LTD with the same revolver. Just to add icing to the cake, I received a match bump to GM in ICORE as well based upon my finish at the IRC. When I first started writing down goals here, I never thought I would make GM in any shooting discipline. Now I've managed to get there in USPSA, ICORE, and Steel Challenge. I think Steel Challenge was the hardest for me since I always run the matches, it's hard to focus on the shooting part sometimes. Looking back, I've managed to win multiple State and Area Championships in USPSA and Steel Challenge. I also finished 4th in Limited and 9th Overall at the IRC this year. USPSA Revolver Nationals is coming up in a few days, so let's see how things go. At this point I've exceeded any goals I had set for myself. I guess the logical extension is to put an optic on my revolver and shoot for GM in OSR. I'd then like to try and win a division at the IRC or WSSC, and perhaps try to win USPSA Revolver Nationals. Again, I have no idea if those are truly possible but let's give it a try.
  9. Alaskan454

    Alaskan454's Range Diary

    Here's the third person footage:
  10. Alaskan454

    How much better are Titanium Cylinders when action tuning?

    I actually prefer the feeling of a stainless cylinder in the trigger pull if you are shooting precise DA shots. It feels better to me. High speed stuff it makes little difference.
  11. Alaskan454


    That's a nice picture, it was fun watching you run the Rhino. They are pretty cool.
  12. Alaskan454

    Alaskan454's Range Diary

    Last weekend I shot the 2018 International Revolver Championships. It was a great learning experience for me as I ended up shooting with the gentlemen who won Classic and Limited 6. In general I was shooting too fast and didn't eat/drink enough the first day to stay in prime shape. I was worn out and got sloppy on some targets which cost me a considerable amount in penalty time. I racked up 30 seconds in penalties across 14 stages. Only about 5 seconds worth were legitimate errors, the rest were entirely preventable with a different shooting cadence. If I approached the match differently I likely could have shot it with a quarter of the penalties and minimal added clock time. I also lost about 10 seconds in clock time due to a serious error on WHO steel targets. Definitely learned some valuable lessons from this match. It was one of my worst matches from an accuracy perspective, but also the best I have ever finished at a match of this size. I wound up with three stage wins in Limited and managed 2nd overall on a new classifier. Not bad when you're comparing times with the Open shooters. Once I figure out the appropriate cadence and sight picture for ICORE, I should be able to place even better next year. I'm still compiling the third person video and will review the footage to pick some things to work on before USPSA Nationals in a few weeks. I think my speed would have been okay for USPSA scoring but it just killed me with the ICORE penalties. Anyway, here's some video from my hat cam:
  13. Alaskan454

    2019 IRC

    I'll be there, that one is within driving distance so I might shoot two entries depending on the schedule.
  14. Alaskan454


    Mark put on a great show. I'll be back if he holds another IRC. Here's some video for those who couldn't make it:
  15. Bump. Our first ICORE match is coming up soon, I hope to see some of you guys out there.