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  1. Sounds like you've been busy! Based upon what you've been practicing and what's left I would focus primarily on getting into and out of positions. So much time can be saved by reducing your setup and exit time, same goes for the "pause and shoot" targets like you said. You have come a long way since we first shot together and I look forward to seeing the results from this weekend.
  2. In my experience as a match director the shooters who plan to shoot 2-3 entries will clear a stage faster than the average shooter. I've seen a squad with 3 people shooting 3 guns each run faster than any other squad at a match. Just depends on the person shooting and how they plan to accommodate the additional entries. Just something to consider.
  3. Today was a funny experience. Needed .1 seconds going into my last stage (accelerator) to make GM in RFPO and blew the stage. Could easily have hit an 8.6-9.0 run and shot a 10.43. Oh well, perhaps I'll get another shot in early 2020. Once I get over the hill I'll go after RFPI and PCCO in 2020.
  4. Funny you should ask. I'm installing my first press fit pin right now. Getting it out was no trouble, had to pause in the middle of the job so will be installing the new one soon. Doesn't seem very hard, only tricky part seems to be aligning the recoil shield plug correctly for the cross pin. Will update when I get some time to finish up. I have multiple guns fully stripped right now in various stages of a project. The GP100 is just a frame with barrel at the moment. Planning to shoot Classic quite a bit in 2020.
  5. It fits, I have one in my .45 Redhawk. The GP and SRH series take the same pins.
  6. I started using wire gauge stock for sight pins a while back, allows for a solid piece of metal to be retained. Haven't had a single pin walk on me since, from 9mm to .500 magnum.
  7. Well, Steel Challenge turned into the worst rain match I've ever shot. Still bumped my classification to 94.62% in RFPO though. Spent at least two hours dealing with the clean up. One last match of the year to hit my goals. Operation be less fat has been successful, getting back to a reasonable pace and should be boosting weekly mileage soon.
  8. I've experimented with this technique but similarly find it mostly useless. Doing one technique consistently is likely the better choice for most shooters.
  9. I am picking it up mainly because I'm a Ruger fan and grew up with their products. I generally prefer their guns over S&W. Based upon the production model I handled at the IRC they are putting together some decent out of the box guns. The biggest issue we will face is finding the best design for a cylinder release. I currently have my GP100 stripped to the frame and will be welding up a prototype at work to try out in Classic. If it prevails as my favorite I'll start shooting it over the 929s, but I won't switch until I know which is better for me personally. That will take several months of training with both.
  10. Getting back into running has been good so far. Was able to get 3+ miles of walking in during lunch most days and did my first 10 miles of running at night. Will plan to walk at least 12 miles during the weekdays and run 10-15 miles on nights and weekends. Should be able to drop around 30 or so pounds by USPSA Nats in 2020. I'm also practicing for Steel Challenge again. Put my lightweight ISR gun back together and will be going for 100% on my classification tomorrow. Hoping to make GM in RFPO as well, it's just harder for me to shoot the rimfire guns from low ready, lack of familiarity l guess. I'd like to work my way through different Steel divisions and try to make GM in several by the end of 2020. I'm going after the rimfire pistols first, then PCCO. We'll see how long that takes.
  11. For what it's worth, I'll be picking up a Super GP100 when they come out in 9mm.
  12. Thanks Mike! I appreciate that. This week started the "be less fat" campaign. I've picked some 3 mile routes to walk at lunch and 5 mile routes to run at night. Looking to lose around 30-35 pounds over the next year.
  13. Should've paid electronically, the postal service is not your friend. The Treasurer issues invoices very quickly if you opt for the online payment.
  14. Unless you were working as staff, you had to shoot one per day.
  15. What we did at my regional match this year was allow a second gun at half price but only one was declared for prize table since you walked in the order of finish. You also had to shoot your prize table entry first on every stage. No "practice" so to speak. I put numbers after the shooters names in the tablet to ensure that was easy to keep track of. It seemed to work well and those who paid the second half priced entry also got another entry into the random draw pool for other prizes. If you offered up big money for division wins though, that gets a little tricky. It wouldn't look good if one person walked away with all the cash.
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