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  1. For those in the MI area, Oak Hill Gun Club will be running ICORE matches every second Saturday, with USPSA the next morning. We are allowing multiple entries at the ICORE match as well. Bring lots of ammo! Hope to see some of you guys there: https://www.practiscore.com/oak-hill-icore-april-2019/register https://www.practiscore.com/oak-hill-gun-club-april-uspsa/register
  2. I like the DAA holsters because they are very flexible. I can use a 6" GP100, 4" 625, 6.5" 929, and 4" Redhawk without changing a thing. You do need to clean them out occasionally though, they will get stiff over time with dirt/sand/dust/etc.
  3. Won't be able to make that one. I've heard A3 puts on a good match.
  4. The matches are going very well. Check out our page here for this year's schedule: https://www.oakhillgun.club/icore.html
  5. I got my start in Cowboy Action, handle is "The Thirsty Mule". It's the most fun of the multi gun sports.
  6. I generally prefer round guns to those with slides. If you could suppress a 15 round .45 revolver I'd likely have no use for semi autos at all. In fact, SA revolvers are my favorite. I got into DA revolvers mostly by accident when I decided to try run and gun stuff. If we had some crazy combination of USPSA, Steel Challenge, and ICORE that required single actions, that would be fun. You would likely need to do speed courses with 12-18 rounds though. Nobody wants to stand and reload a SA on the clock. But three wheel guns on the belt would be pretty badass!
  7. Alaskan454


    It is very possible for a primer to go off and not immediately burn the powder. Though it is more likely to happen with large cases and slow powders versus small cases with a fast powder. Cold weather will also increase the probability of this occuring. In big bore magnums one of the most dangerous things that can happen is called a hang fire. Primer gets struck, round does not fire, then a few seconds later the cartridge goes off. Imagine holding onto a 500 Linebaugh and you think it's a dud, then out of nowhere your revolver launches a 525gr slug. That's not good. I've never had a hang fire myself, but have had dud rounds in very cold weather. I now use CCI 350s in those types of guns to make sure it goes off every time. They are less temperature sensitive than other brands.
  8. 10 pages later, and I think we're still on the same conclusions. 1. Don't change the equipmemt rules. 2. Consider revising the minimum number of competitors to recognize a division win. I'd say 5 is reasonable for the division winner to be recognized. I've been in tight races with only 3-4 Revos at a match. It all depends on how good the other shooters are.
  9. I would respectfully disagree about spending money on the current gun. Yes, he will likely end up buying another one. But having moonclips on a defensive revolver is much preferred. Also, learning to shoot your packing revolver in unpredictable ways can help illustrate your weaknesses. I've shot every packing pistol I have with full power loads in at least one match. The most obvious lesson for me was that moonclips are king. You can't possibly beat the reload time with speedloaders. Especially when you are talking compact revolvers.
  10. If you pack your 329 I'd suggest getting it cut for moonclips. That will benefit you on match day and also in the woods. Moonclip reloads are much preferred. My first DA was a 329 so i'm familiar with their appeal. The 329 has since been replaced with a moonclipped .45 Redhawk. A 329 is not the most competitive gun out there due to the light weight, but is really no disadvantage if you're shooting ICORE L6 or IDPA. If you branch out into other disciplines I'd recommend a 627 or 929. You will be happier in the long run.
  11. I zero my handguns at 25 yards and test for accuracy at 50 or 100 yards depending on the use. Some bullets/loads will shoot well at close range but not farther out. Just use whatever your maximum expected distance is when you compare between them.
  12. I agree with your point as well. I started an ICORE club at my range and we decided to couple it with USPSA. Setup is Saturday morning, ICORE starts around noon. Sunday morning we adjust the stages and run a USPSA match. I think it will work very well.
  13. I agree with all of this. Especially the last portion. Shooters I know will not bring a round gun out unless it's a "revolver match". I do think grouping Single Stack and Revo into a common match works. Just force autos to shoot one day and revolvers the next.
  14. I just checked out the scores and they did surprise me a bit. One chose to shoot Major, only four Open Minor.
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