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  1. Alaskan454

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Unless your home club regularly hosts majors you will experience a whole new level of stage design. The first time I shot even a L2 match I was blown away. I think you would definitely have fun.
  2. Alaskan454

    Alaskan454's Range Diary

    USPSA went pretty well over the weekend, I clipped a Mike on one of the classifiers and that prevented me from hitting my 95% points goal. Otherwise I was pretty happy with my hits on target. There are a few places I can shave time without sacrificing points so I need to work on those. One example is making sure the trigger goes all the back before moving the gun off target, that cost me two make up shots during the match. Another is moving quickly but stopping where I need to, I came in to a shooting position too fast and almost picked up some foot faults. Cost me a second or two to get back in the shooting area before I started engaging targets. Lessons learned though. Practice is helping and I think I should be back up to speed before the MI Sectional and MI Steel Challenge Championship next month. My shooting on the move is getting a lot better and that has helped to save time between positions.
  3. Alaskan454

    USPSA MI Sectional Championship - June

    I'm shooting on 14 with some local guys I met. Looks like we'll be one squad over from you.
  4. Alaskan454

    8 shot is how much better?

    In my recent experience with USPSA matches the 6 shooter would have been just fine for most field courses and medium courses. It only kills you in the speed shoots or short courses that don't have enough distance to reload on the move. At our local match match last weekend I designed a stage that gave me enough steps to reload on the move. I ended up trailing a GM open shooter by ~10 percent on stage points. On every other stage I was 20-40% behind the leader. Reloading on the move is key. In general I actually prefer shooting 6 major but have been shooting 8 minor since bullets are cheaper and you avoid the forced standing reloads.
  5. Alaskan454

    929 Moon Clips

    I like the .040 thick match clips: https://www.tkcustom.com/products/swn929x8-9mm-040-ss
  6. Alaskan454

    Ruger Revolver Triggers?

    This^^ Pawl adjustments are very sensitive so I'd recommend covering the pawl in dykem and dryfiring for a while. You will see the wear pattern develop and that is helpful to determine what needs adjustment. I actually prefer how early the Ruger guns lock up so I refit a new hand in my 929 when I first got it. Now all of my competition revolvers feel about the same.
  7. Alaskan454

    Moonclip Loaders?

    If you're going that route I load my BMT two rounds at a time for the 929. I've found no tool that works faster for the combined loading/unloading cycle.
  8. MI Sectional is coming up in June. Looks like there are four wheelguns registered at the moment. Hopefully we have a few more who can make it for the match. https://practiscore.com/michigan-sectional-championship/register
  9. Alaskan454

    Ruger Revolver Triggers?

    The only "wall" I've felt is on the Redhawk single spring actions, which have a noticeable speed bump in the DA cycle. Awesome design for stout loads, but not as easy to master. In the SRH/GP two spring guns I haven't experienced that "wall". I check them with a digital trigger pull gauge to make sure it reaches peak load and then goes all the way through the cycle. What you might be feeling is an early cylinder lockup compared to other revolvers. My S&Ws have always been timed to lockup just before the hammer drops, all the Rugers I have will lockup quite early in comparison. Try pulling the trigger with the cylinder swung out and see if you feel the same "wall". You'll need to manually press on the cylinder latch in order to pull the trigger with the cylinder out. If you still feel this effect when your pawl doesn't have to rotate the cylinder then I'm guessing the trigger/hammer parts are not correctly fit.
  10. Alaskan454

    Alaskan454's Range Diary

    I've been a bit lazy with practice this spring and after reviewing my recent footage it shows. Daily dry fire has now become standard with 1/3 and 1/6 scale targets. My standing reloads are now consistently at 2 seconds or less and the draw is starting to feel natural again. It's amazing how easy it is to lose these skills. I'm going to do some basic gun handling every day for the foreseeable future. USPSA is coming up this weekend, my goal will be to shoot at least 95% of points in a timely fashion.
  11. Alaskan454

    Moonclip Loaders?

    The BMT tools are my favorite, I have one for each caliber.
  12. I recently moved to the Lansing area and it seems we have no active ICORE clubs in MI. I joined Oak Hill Gun Club over the winter and they have a great facility. It would actually be a good place to host a Midwest Regional match in the future. They have successfully hosted bigger USPSA matches in the past. Would anyone else be interested in shooting ICORE near Lansing? I would volunteer to be the match director and get things going. My philosophy on stage design is to use every piece of steel the club owns and try new types of stages each month. We did par time, standards, run n gun, pro am, etc. at my club in Indiana and had a good turnout for each ICORE match. I'd love to see the same here in Michigan. Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll see what we can do.
  13. Alaskan454

    Speed loader technique and bullet selection

    I have tried both hands with speedloaders and WHO is the least disaster prone for me. Also, as MWP mentioned you can beat up the yoke screw on S&W revolvers if you are too aggressive. That is one perk of the Ruger GP series. All of my moonclip fed match guns are S&Ws, the speedloader guns are Rugers.
  14. Alaskan454

    Empty case with primer only

    This is very common. Without powder and a bullet you aren't building chamber pressure. Chamber pressure is neccessary to push the brass casing against the recoil shield and keep the primer flush. Otherwise primers will flow backward and lock up your gun.
  15. Alaskan454

    Alaskan454's Range Diary

    Shot an ICORE match at my old club yesterday, it was great to see all of my friends down in Indiana. Still made a few mental mistakes while shooting but it went a lot better than USPSA last month. I think we'll be in fighting shape after a few more weeks of practice.