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  1. Haha, I actually think it's looks fit the bill for a competition gun. I like it.
  2. They are a very high quality shop from what I've heard. Glad they got you straightened out.
  3. 625 with Bowen rear, FO front, 10mm Dave short release. North Mountain holders, one behind week side hip, and TK moons. I also run 230 gr Blue Bullet RN over Trail Boss.
  4. I've settled on using my support thumb to trigger the latch and pop the cylinder open with my strong hand pointer finger. I can assure you that it's worth trying.
  5. It's an adapter that can be used with any of his upright CMore bases. I've used it on an N Frame as well as a Ruger MK IV. https://allchingunparts.com/products/90-degree-mount.html
  6. I'm working with one of those right now and I like it. I'm having to learn to find the dot though. Trying to decide if the weight of CMore and 90 degree mount is worth it for Steel Challenge.
  7. I also like the sideways C More sights and run an Allchin 90 degree mount. I think it's a touch lower than the BMT but both are great options.
  8. This, I have submitted requests to USPSA to raise HHFs before and no change. I'm guessing they need more data to justify a bump. Some of the recent ones are awfully generous. If you want a better estimate shoot an ICORE Limited classifier, the peak times on those are more accurate in my experience.
  9. I'd be shocked if these are anything close to the originals. Older Ruger, Smith, and Colt revolvers are worlds better than any current model I've seen. I'd doubt they can make one that well for $1,500 with current labor rates.
  10. Haha, did you see the cheap ass comment? I've paid for many of them, was very pleased to get one off a prize table.
  11. +1 for Bowen. Yes, they cost more money. No, you won't find a better rear sight. I have them on all of my Ruger and S&W revolvers with adjustable sights. They are the only rear sight that will stay put after repeated abuse from 5 shot magnums and have the best sight picture out there. They also offer custom notch widths if you call to order. FWIW, I'm a cheap ass at heart and view these sights as something worth paying for. Also, Alec's comment reminded me that I once whacked one hard into a piece of steel and dented the sight blade noticeably, still held zero. Haven't changed it since.
  12. I've done two Ti cylinders with the TiN coated chamfer tool and it works well. However, I have grown to prefer a rotary tool with different bits of varying size, shape , and grit. Personal preference I suppose.
  13. The Rugers will generally fit in a DAA block for an N frame. I use that insert with GPs and Redhawks.
  14. Sounds like you've been busy! Based upon what you've been practicing and what's left I would focus primarily on getting into and out of positions. So much time can be saved by reducing your setup and exit time, same goes for the "pause and shoot" targets like you said. You have come a long way since we first shot together and I look forward to seeing the results from this weekend.
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