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  1. Stages have now been approved, please see the attached PDF. Official matchbook coming soon! 2019CSRC.pdf
  2. @J_Allen Thanks! I do alright on the long range stuff. It's only when the timer goes off that I get a bit trigger happy. I realized I have been delinquent in keeping notes about my shooting. Long story short, I need to practice more. Here's a dump of match video from the last two months. The take away point is that I'm getting sloppy without any practice.
  3. We had 5 Revos this year and it was quite a tight spread in the end. Hope to see 10+ next year if anyone else can make it.
  4. More sponsors have come on board and we are getting some really nice donations for the prize table. Sign up early if you want to squad with your friends.
  5. We just purchased a Texas star, expect to see at least one at the Regional!
  6. For the Ruger DA guns you will want to install the Bowen extra length pin and you will also want to install a trigger stop yourself if that is desired. Alec is correct that Dave is your best bet to double check if the Bowen pins fit the new gun. I've set-up GP100s and Redhawks to my liking several times and they can be very nice revolvers. The two big things you need to deal with are the extra length firing pin to ensure ignition reliability and possiblly the cylinder release. I came up with a weird way to do it quickly using the factory release, you are better off with the paddle style that Olhasso uses. I've thought about making one myself but haven't had time. Even though I shoot S&Ws in most all matches these days, my training gun is still a GP100. I might give one of these new Rugers a try if I can find a good deal on one.
  7. Our monthly match will be one weekend earlier in July due to the Ryan Rocks Charity blast. Come on out and burn some powder! https://practiscore.com/oak-hill-icore-july-2019/register
  8. Awesome! I'm sending my stage designs in for approval shortly. Will post them when approved.
  9. I just spoke with our USPSA match director and he confirmed the one by the range is good, they used it as the match hotel for prior Sectional matches. It is reasonably priced, only a 15 minute drive to the range, and is also conveniently located a short drive to three large cities. Should be an excellent choice: American Heritage Inn, 1681 E Grand River Ave, Portland, MI 48875
  10. There is a hotel close to the range in Portland, MI or if you want to stay somewhere with more stuff to do I'd suggest looking in Lansing or Grand Rapids. With MSU nearby ther are lots of options if you stay near Lansing.
  11. Just ordered the Hogue, will make an N frame support for it and give it a whirl.
  12. The DAA requires it to be drawn from roughly one specific direction. When I'm pushing speed it occassionally hangs up on me if I didn't get the angle just right. Happened 3-4 times today. As for the Hogue, it simply supports the gun and is held in place by magnets. I'll look for a picture, but MWP runs one.
  13. I have started thinking about making a magnetic holster like the custom Hogue ones. What do you guys think are the fastest? I find the DAA is great but holds me back a touch in raw speed.
  14. We just picked up some new sponsors, prize table is looking good!
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