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  1. Alaskan454

    Any Interest in a Mid Michigan ICORE Club?

    @JRB Here's a link to our first match announcement:
  2. Alaskan454

    Protocol Design New Product Announcement

    Put me down for one when you get them going. I'm ever curious to try this.
  3. Alaskan454

    Alaskan454's Range Diary

    The IRC is coming up in a few weeks. I recently did a few hundred round training session focused on SHO and WHO with my Ruger GP100 to burn up some old 38 special. Went surprisingly well for not shooting one handed much this year. USPSA last weekend was fun and I tried to focus on balancing speed and points to mimic how I would shoot an ICORE match. My accuracy was pretty good earning 95% of points. I had 150A, 19C, and 1M. The Mike was totally my fault, time a swinger poorly and didn't have rounds in the gun for a make up shot. I figured reloading and firing one more round would have been lower overall HF on that stage for a static target, let alone a moving one that was not fully visible most of the time. I'm running a Steel Challenge match this weekend and was hoping to have some time to practice beforehand, though work is super busy and I haven't even loaded me ammo yet. Will try to sneak in some dry fire and make GM on Sunday. I only need to shave ~1 second at this point.
  4. Alaskan454

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    I like the 929, I just picked up a second one. It would however be nice to put some pressure on the manufacturers by having competition amongst other. I've gone back and forth over the years on the Ruger vs. S&W design and both have their appeal. My moonclip fed guns are S&W, speedloader fed are Ruger.
  5. Alaskan454

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    True, if Ruger starts selling an 8 shot SRH in 9mm I will buy one.
  6. As the title implies, this will be our very first ICORE match at Oak Hill Gun Club. We are going to start set-up at 7:30 on Saturday morning, registration and check-in will be from 11:00-11:30, shooter's meeting at 11:45 down on the range, and shots fired immediately after that. We understand that not everyone owns a revolver, but might be interested in learning more. If you wish to shoot this match with a semi auto you are welcome to do so. The only restriction is that all loading devices are limited to 8 rounds. If this describes your equipment, please register in the AUTO division. Cost is $15 for club members, $20 for non-members. $5 for each additional gun if you wish to shoot 2 or 3 $10 off for those who help set-up $5 off for those who RO a squad The registration details can be found here: https://www.practiscore.com/oak-hill-icore-october-2018/register
  7. Alaskan454

    Smith 929 accuracy loads

    The standard practice is to use plug gauge depths, though some of my most accurate guns have very short or very long forcing cones. If you think it's going to be too deep go shoot some rounds through it before cutting deeper.
  8. Alaskan454

    Your Favorites

    Ruger Bisley Vaquero 500 JRH Iron sights, preferably a good set of fixed sights
  9. Alaskan454

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    I use this kind for working small parts: https://www.harborfreight.com/2-3-4-quarter-inch-articulated-vacuum-vise-3311.html
  10. Alaskan454

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    It's really easy if you use one of the small vises with a ball joint. You can rotate the cylinder to whatever position is easiest for you.
  11. Alaskan454

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    I will also agree that Ti cylinders are a pain in the ass. I used a cutter the first time and did it by hand...way too much effort. Stainless steel cuts much easier. As always, your mileage may vary, but I ended up doing my last two cylinders with a Dremel. If you trust your hand skills there is no downside to using the Dremel. I don't go crazy with mine, but I make sure every edge is broken and deep enough that gravity alone will feed a moonclip.
  12. Alaskan454

    Thoughts on increasing membership/clubs

    I started shooting DA revolvers about 3.5 years ago and have been trying to get more people interested ever since. Here's my observations thus far: Gear - The initial questions I get from those who want to try revolver are which model should I buy, and how much would a match ready rig cost? For someone who has been shooting a while it's not a big deal to spend upwards of $2k for a new gun/rig combo. They've likely done it many times and bought/sold/traded plenty of things in the past. But the shooter who owns only one gun, and is running their stock Glock in its carry holster sees the monetary investment as a hurdle. ICORE and IDPA are usually an easier sell here because just about any decent .38 S&W can run in both games. USPSA is going to cost a bit more due to 8 shooters ruling the roost. I used to shoot a lot of my carry guns to encourage people to bring their own and give it a try. I've loaned out speedloaders and pouches to people in the past and that works well to get them interested. My best advice here is prove to new shooters that you don't need a crazy expensive rig or gun to have fun. Platform - You can look at the numbers straight from USPSA and see that Limited, Production, Open, and PCC have the best turnout. Production is popular because of the perceived flexibility in buying a cheap pistol and upgrading down the road. Limited and Open are obviously the go-fast Ricky Bobby divisions, everyone likes to go fast. PCC is the "I can't believe they actually gave me 50 rounds and a red dot" division. The obvious perks for PCC are zero reloads unless required by stage briefing, and the use of an optic. Anyone with declining eyesight or physical fitness is going to see PCC as a way to stay in the game. I propose we give these people 8 shot revolver with a red dot. Difficulty - Revolver is a different set of skills than most other divisions. Many people are shooting virtually the same platform between Production/Carry Optics and Limited/Open, obvious cross over exists there. The only real outcast among semi-autos would be Single Stack. I hardly ever see SS shooters at a local match. I recently shot Area 5 and only 33 shooters registered in Single Stack, Production had 105. From my perspective shooters like the idea of having 10+1 in production or 20+ rounds in Limited/Open compared to 8+1 shooting SS Major. After a certain skill level you don't count on needing make-up shots when you see arrays of 8, but many new shooters plan their stage assuming they'll miss. From that perspective the Revolver can seem challenging because you rarely get a make up shot without a standing reload. However, I have given my revolvers to many people so they can try them out. Some realized they actually shot better with a revolver and switched divisions. If you see people who are interested but view the platform as too challenging, help them learn.
  13. Alaskan454

    ISO Load for 625 for IDPA

    I second the TiteGroup combo, I've run many of those through mine with good results. Trail Boss is another great choice for running minimum velocity loads. I've used that for IDPA loads in both 38 special and 45 ACP.
  14. Alaskan454

    Alaskan454's Range Diary

    Once or twice a year I shoot my CZ 75 in a match to see how things look from the other side. It was a bit rough getting used to the semi-auto platform. Several times I started to reload prematurely, or forgot to reload when I should have. Once I got warmed up it went pretty well but I did get a wee bit trigger happy at times. I didn't let the gun settle on steel plates and poppers, so I broke shots early or moved the gun off target too quickly. Wasn't used to the SAO trigger. I might consider shooting a LII match sometime with the auto, but I would need to practice quite a bit so it doesn't feel awkward in my hands. Anyway, here's some video from the match:
  15. Alaskan454

    Trigger Job Question

    If you like the result I say try it for a while, everyone has their own personal preferences. Unless you changed the engagement angles significantly, were talking about changes in the range of ounces. Two main things appeal to me about have the slightly longer DA pull and a heavier trigger. The first being more reliable ignition (if everything else remains fixed), and the second being a snappier return. After increasing my hammer spring tension a touch, I've never had a light strike. Similarly, it's more tolerant to dirt and grime with the extra hammer spring tension. I've had it so dirty the cylinder doesn't want to spin free, and it still goes bang every time. As for the rebound spring, in certain circumstances I will death grip my gun to run it faster, or to stabilize it for longer/tighter shots. That extra spring compression is helpful in both instances. I have a tendency to short stroke a lightly sprung gun. I like having some reasonable pressure on the trigger at all times, so the extra spring tension is worth it to me.