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  1. Should've paid electronically, the postal service is not your friend. The Treasurer issues invoices very quickly if you opt for the online payment.
  2. What we did at my regional match this year was allow a second gun at half price but only one was declared for prize table since you walked in the order of finish. You also had to shoot your prize table entry first on every stage. No "practice" so to speak. I put numbers after the shooters names in the tablet to ensure that was easy to keep track of. It seemed to work well and those who paid the second half priced entry also got another entry into the random draw pool for other prizes. If you offered up big money for division wins though, that gets a little tricky. It wouldn't look good if one person walked away with all the cash.
  3. I am very pleased to report that I won Limited division at this year's IRC. I still have plenty of skills that need improving, but it was nice to finally win one of the big matches. Each year I keep improving a little bit more, and I plan to put a focused training program together this winter to really take it to the next level. One key factor in winning this year's match was shooting at a pace I felt would result in the maximum likelihood of shooting clean. Unfortunately, my inner "Ricky Bobby" came out a few times and I did wind up with quite a few penalties and make up shots. I ended the match with 389 Alphas, 23 Bravos, 1 Charlie, and 1 Mike. The Mike was an accident that I called, but it was a shots limited stage so I couldn't make it up without further penalty. In general, penalties added around 7% to my overall time, I would like to reduce that by roughly half next year while also shooting at a faster average pace. My "full speed" pace is considerably faster, but I have not built up the confidence in accuracy to risk shooting like that in ICORE. I need to dedicate the time this winter and figure out where my current limits are in terms of shooting pace. The majority of what I need to work on is reducing preventable errors and executing the fundamentals at a consistently higher level. I can shoot fast and I can shoot accurately, though I cannot currently do both 100% of the time error free. I will also be working to lose around 30 pounds and incorporate some agility training into the mix. Shooting skills aside, one obvious way to save time is spend less of it moving around and getting into and out of positions. Lastly, I have decided to put more focus on cross training with iron and optical sights. I have committed to shooting both regularly in order to try Open at next year's IRC as well as OSR at the WSSC. There's always something to work on and I hope to continue improving for next season. Here's some video of the match:
  4. Comparing Josh to your average human is not fair. He was on pace to take 3rd overall with his 6 shot classic gun. Dude can shoot!
  5. Thanks Mark! I appreciate that. Here's some video from the match for those who couldn't make it:
  6. Looks like you encouraged one more, 5 signed up when I checked the stats just now.
  7. She will have a great time then, I haven't counted but I think more than 50% of shots fired are at steel of some kind.
  8. Thank you! I plan to host it again next year so please spread the word if you enjoy the match. Our range can handle 100+ shooters no problem.
  9. Final match book is attached and I look forward to seeing everyone next weekend. 2019CSR_MatchBook.pdf
  10. Still getting more prizes in every day and the match is coming up soon!
  11. Also, for what it's worth, I don't have any issues with leading and coated bullets. Haven't cleaned my CZ in probably 5k rounds, don't ever clean my revolver barrels, and only pull the cylinders to clean before a major match. All shot with coated bullets. If the bullets are well made, sizing is the critical variable.
  12. It will vary depending on the bullet construction. I shoot plenty of coated from 15k psi to 40k psi without issue. I've had plated bullets perform poorly at many pressure/velocity combos. You really need to try both in your gun under those specific conditions.
  13. I put that time up since I'll have the range open for check in and walking stages at 7.
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