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  1. ajblack

    Sport Pistol

    You'll probably find that 231 is the closer of the two as compared to Sport Pistol (in terms of burn rate and load data). It's a fair bit dirtier though. I used to use 231 exclusively for 9mm until I switched to Sport Pistol. Nothing wrong with Titegroup either.
  2. ajblack

    Sport Pistol

    Ya everyone is pretty much jumping on the Sport Pistol train for 9 minor so it's sold out quite often. It's a great powder but it's pretty much the same burn rate as win 231 and WST so I would just go with something like that until it comes back.
  3. ajblack

    IDPA Stage Design

    99% of the time the SO on the stage didn't have anything to do with the stage design and doesn't have any pride on the line regarding how crappy the stage design is. So asking "Hey, are you going to give me a PE if I shoot this array left to right?" is usually just a good way to avoid a PE. Most SO's aren't trying to dish out PE's so they'd rather clarify as well. Of course there's always a minority that would rather hand out PE's, but that's few and far between.
  4. ajblack

    IDPA Stage Design

    There will always be stage designers that think they need to prove a point by setting things up like this. Just like some people like set up DQ traps (in all action pistol not just IDPA). The only thing you can really do s identify scenarios like this and ask questions of the SO's. I agree that the sport would be better without these intentional traps but it is part of the discipline.
  5. ajblack

    IDPA Stage Design

    Different clubs tend to cater to a different type of shooter. My local IDPA clubs typically run matches that are on the challenging side since most of the shooters they get are regulars and generally know what they're doing. There's one club though that gets the monthly shooters and the stages are painfully simple. I worked as an SO for that match once and haven't been back. Not knocking clubs that run like that, just not my cup of tea.
  6. ajblack

    IDPA Stage Design

    Making sure that the lowest common denominator of shooter has "access" to the targets sounds more like avoiding fast moving targets and really tight cover (which the author mentions specifically). I'm not sure that necessarily means that the author thinks stages should be easier. I personally don't mind shooting these types of features but I do understand where the article is coming from. Having stages where all the shooters are able (physically) to shoot the same points down makes time the deciding factor for match wins, and I understand that this is more engaging to more shooters. If a stage is made challenging by having a super fast moving disappearing target, then basically you will have some people that can hit that target and most people that can't. I don't think this does much to differentiate the shooters since the people who are able to hit the target are shooting for match wins and the people who aren't able to hit the target aren't.
  7. ajblack

    IDPA Stage Design

    I could be wrong (only been shooting IDPA for a couple years) but it seems like most of changes made such as fault lines, shooting on the move, and not enforcing non-shooting actions have more to do with making IDPA more fair to score. The maximum round count per stage, maximum movement between shooting positions, and other stage design rules seem to be pretty consistent. So i wouldnt say that it's turning into USPSA.
  8. ajblack

    IDPA Stage Design

    Haha that's funny as hell. In all seriousness though it seems like this article is largely just reiterating rules that exist but aren't always followed. There's a maximum of six required shots per position but that doesn't always happen in level 1 matches that often use borrowed and/or improvised stage design. There's enough rules in the match admin guide about how far away targets can be, how far away headshots can be, how much steel there can be, etc that it should be pretty straightforward for all shooting abilities to get through the match as long as the stages are designed according to the match admin guide.
  9. ajblack

    IDPA Stage Design

    Match directors should be free to make whatever matches they want within the rule set of IDPA. However, posting the estimating round count on the registration page should also be required in my opinion. I'd be disappointed if I made the time to go out to a match that turned out to be 10 stages / 60 rounds. That may some other shooters cup of tea though, just not mine.
  10. ajblack

    Advice for a newbie

    Yes Sport Pistol is made by Alliant
  11. ajblack

    Advice for a newbie

    Sport pistol is a great powder for starting out in 9mm reloading. Cheap, clean, good case fill (harder to double charge by accident). The only downside is that everyone else seems to like it as well, and it's becoming hard to find in stock.
  12. ajblack

    Real RNDs / Hour Reloading

    I'm the same way except for loading primer tubes. Some day I'll pick up a Vibra-Prime but until then I just load primer tubes in front the TV whenever I think of it. Primer tubes are cheap enough that I just have a ton of them and load more tubes than I need for a single reloading session (usually 1000 rounds per session on a 650).
  13. ajblack

    Revo holster

    First you need to decide whether you want a conventional holster or a race holster. CR speed and Double Alpha are the two main options for race holsters but there's more manufacturers for conventional holsters. Bladetech doesn't make holsters for many revolvers but you can check out Comp Tac and Speed Beez. I find that most of these plastic holsters are pretty much the same though so if you already have one that you don't like then that may not be the best option
  14. ajblack

    Is the Walther Q5 Match SF legal for SSP?

    I would guess that some of the weight comes from the added hardware involved in the optics mount system.
  15. ajblack

    First major match

    +1 on that. Once I started traveling to matches with friends I noticed some of the guys wearing flip flops to the range, then changing into range shoes in the parking lot and throwing them back on after the match. It sounds like such an obvious thing to do but I never thought to do this until I saw others. It honestly does make such a big difference on the drive home. Nowadays my range shoes live in a shopping bag because they're so dirty from all the range trips.