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  1. I believe it's considered an ESP gun since IDPA does not recognize the custom shop as a manufacturer. So the bushing that's added is not SSP legal. When I started shooting IDPA I was told that there was a big issue made of this where the Accushadow was determined to be SSP illegal right before nationals some years back.
  2. I've used fluorescent orange Testers modeling paint on front sights in the past. It's brighter than factory white, but it's nowhere near as bright as a fiber optic.
  3. I ended up asking my AC about it and he forwarded the question to headquarters. They confirmed that it's legal as long as the gun fits the box and makes weight. I'll admit that I don't know how they come to that conclusion based on the allowed mods.
  4. Thanks, and are these ruling published anywhere?
  5. What does RACL stand for? I've seen it used a couple times and assume it's some NROI equivalent.
  6. Right, it's not listed by name but "thumb shields" are allowed so I'm not sure. I guess I have to ask the AC about it directly, it's a shame that's it's so ambiguous.
  7. Can anyone confirm that the GoGun *thumb rest [generic]* for the P320 is legal for ESP and fits in the box? I won't have access to a box until my next sanctioned match.
  8. I also see M17 slides for sale for 450-500 which included barrel and recoil assembly so that might be a better option if you're just looking for an optics compatible P320 upper.
  9. These are legal in USPSA production/carry optics? According to the rules I can replace the slide with one that has the same length, caliber and contour. The contour thing I don't get, these slides don't look like very much like the originals.
  10. I used this stuff because I saw a tutorial online that called for it: Fundamental Rockhound Products: 1 lb 60/90 Coarse GRIT for Rock Tumbling polishing Rocks Silicon Carbide https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JTJEXDI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_VLu.Cb3FR2Q12 I have no clue how it's measured, but I'm guessing that 60/90 means it's a mix of the two grits. It seems to work nice and is very aggressive.
  11. No issue in ESP. I run it on my P320 in ESP and have been through a few equipment checks this year at sanctioned matches with no problem. As far as pros and cons, its all personal preference. I found it pretty rough on my hands at first, but I just knocked it down a bit with a diamond file until I got used to it. Then I just build up another grip module with a more aggressive texture.
  12. ajblack

    CZ S2 to X5

    I made the switch from CZ Shadows to P320s this winter. I'm able to shoot the P320's better due to the larger grip. The CZ's shoot flatter and have better triggers in my opinion, but that doesn't mean much if you cant hang on to the gun. However, a lot of people with small hands can get a nice grip on CZ's and have no issue there.
  13. ajblack

    mag springs for P320

    Providing an update to this in case anyone finds this thread down the road. I bought a Wolff spring for the XD 16 round 9mm magazine (part number 74121) and it fits the P320 mags perfectly. The spring itself is considerably shorter than the stock P320 springs but it is stiffer feeling than stock once installed. I think this is the route that I will go for refreshing these springs in the future.
  14. ajblack

    X-five holsters

    I just got new holster in from RHT and thought to take a picture of it before I mounted it to my hanger. You should be able to see how much room you have for your grip. Its pretty generous.
  15. ajblack

    mag springs for P320

    What are people using for replacement mag springs for the P320 (standard 17 round magazines)? I read on an old thread that someone was using Springfield XD springs successfully, but on the Wolff website it looks like their XD and XDM magazines are the same thing. I'm trying to stock up on some replacements before major match season begins.
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