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  1. ajblack

    CZ S2 to X5

    I made the switch from CZ Shadows to P320s this winter. I'm able to shoot the P320's better due to the larger grip. The CZ's shoot flatter and have better triggers in my opinion, but that doesn't mean much if you cant hang on to the gun. However, a lot of people with small hands can get a nice grip on CZ's and have no issue there.
  2. ajblack

    mag springs for P320

    Providing an update to this in case anyone finds this thread down the road. I bought a Wolff spring for the XD 16 round 9mm magazine (part number 74121) and it fits the P320 mags perfectly. The spring itself is considerably shorter than the stock P320 springs but it is stiffer feeling than stock once installed. I think this is the route that I will go for refreshing these springs in the future.
  3. ajblack

    X-five holsters

    I just got new holster in from RHT and thought to take a picture of it before I mounted it to my hanger. You should be able to see how much room you have for your grip. Its pretty generous.
  4. ajblack

    mag springs for P320

    What are people using for replacement mag springs for the P320 (standard 17 round magazines)? I read on an old thread that someone was using Springfield XD springs successfully, but on the Wolff website it looks like their XD and XDM magazines are the same thing. I'm trying to stock up on some replacements before major match season begins.
  5. Thanks, that answered by question perfectly.
  6. Does anyone run these mag pouches for production? https://benstoegerproshop.com/guga-ribas-universal-magazine-pouch/ They look like they check all the boxes for what I'm looking for, but I'm a bit worried about the size of the belt mount. I'm having a hard time picturing 5 of these pouches fitting on a belt. Can anyone provide the width measurement for this belt mount? Pictures of a production setup with these pouches would also be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. This gets at the difference between IDPA and USPSA, and I think it answers the question why shooting one discipline doesn't do much for the other. Good sanctioned IDPA matches have a lot of challenging shots such as swingers, tight no shoots/hard cover, tough positions...etc. But the scoring system is such that the there is no incentive to tear these kind of stages down and risk 5 and 10 second penalties. It's more of a "if you can survive this stage by shooting it clean at any cost you still have a chance to win the match". And this strategy/mentality is what keeps a lot of a "master" class IDPA shooters in the C/D range at USPSA. That's not a knock on either discipline, I enjoy them both. Running through a ton of IDPA matches will translate into your USPSA shooting, but not necessarily in the way you hope.
  8. Isn't Federal Syntec the 'official' match ammo and therefore excempt from chrono at USPSA majors? At least this is what I thought the case was at Nationals. That might also explain why they're not too concerned with FPS consistency. I saw an article with the 45 acp syntec offerings where certain loadings weren't making major PF out of a full size 1911 either
  9. I shot this last weekend 22.46 time 16 alphas, 8 charlies 4.6304 hit factor This came out to 96.4% in production One thing that I ran differently from most of the shooters is that I ran the second string starting from the right side. As a rightie this allowed me to transition to weak hand and be in a better position to face the targets as I get into the left side box. The reload going from right to left is trickier but I think it paid off more than if I ran everything from left to right
  10. The X five is legal for ESP, and is pretty popular. However, the M17 is SSP legal out of the box. Keep in mind though that putting a grayguns trigger kit into it would bump it to ESP as well
  11. ajblack

    P320RX vs the X5

    One thing I've noticed with the X5 grip is that it's considerably shorter than the regular P320 in the backstrap area. This is an issue if you have large hands and the bottom of your palm hangs off the bottom of the grip (at least for me).
  12. I'll have to try the beretta ones again. I had the beretta/cz pouches installed for a shadow before but the mags were a really tight fit. Maybe a light sanding will do the trick,
  13. ajblack

    CTS vs Bull Shadow

    The barrel length on the ~CTS 5.2 and the bull shadow is ~4.9 so you're getting some more sight radius on the CTS models
  14. What mag pouches are people running for P320's in production? I just converted my CR speed pouches for the P320 and I'm not impressed with the front-to-back wiggle. I'm specifically looking at the Double Alpha offerings if they provide better retention than the CR speed pouches.
  15. I shot a match once where the 5x5 was included as a stage, and if you wanted your score to get submitted then the match director would submit your score. Otherwise they did not. So if you see that your classification hasn't been updated it might be worthwhile to ask the MD to submit your score.
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