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  1. Yesz the ranch product moon clips that I bought all have lips, which made them bind up my 625. I figured I could sand them down, but at least than 3 bucks a piece I would rather just buy TK blued clips and be done with it.
  2. Yes, just click "Interested in other membership types" and then select Household. You will find the regular $25.00 membership.
  3. I actually give IDPA credit for keeping their weight limit, whereas other disciplines have continued to increase their weight limit as manufactures push the envelope. As it stands, at least 3 manufactures that I can think of (Walther, Sig, and CZ) have guns in their lineup which are made to make weight in IDPA. The weight limit for SSP and ESP is roughly what a stock 1911 weighs, so that seems reasonable to me. Personally, I don't think the gun matters that much in IDPA. As long as you can shoot zeroes with your gun, your split times don't factor in that much. My IDPA guns don't come close to the weight limits, but I've never felt that I was at a disadvantage to the guys with maxxed out x5 legions.
  4. That above thread is mine. To paraphrase, it fits in the ESP box and is ESP legal
  5. I personally don't like Sport Pistol with 38 special, at least at IDPA power factor. I got large velocity deviations and unburnt powder all over the place. It's a shame because I love it in 9mm and stock lots of it. I used to use Win 231 pretty successfully, but I just recently switched to Claydot and like it much better. The bullets I use currently are the SNS 160 RN
  6. Was your DM win in the combined revolver division, or in SSR or ESR? I'd be really interested to hear from someone who shoots well at the national level with speedloaders. I've never been to Nationals so I don't know the answer, but I would think that most guys there would be running moonclips for the adding consistency.
  7. I'm going through the process of moving from SSR to ESR. While the ~110 pf 38 ammo "feels" like it splits faster, the timer says otherwise. In drills from 5-25 yards I'm only seeing .05-.07 difference in splits between the ~110 pf out of a 686 and ~160 pf out of a 625. And I'm just starting to work with the 625 so I expect that gap to close up.
  8. Does anyone know how many rounds the Grayguns sear springs are supposed to last? Or has anyone shot their Grayguns trigger P320 enough to wear these springs out? I'm trying to determine a preventative maintenance schedule but haven't heard anything about how long the sear springs are expected to last for.
  9. Yes. Also, I usually see the Chrono guys tap the cylinder to make sure the powder is seated back.
  10. Are you making sure the powder is back in the case when you Chrono? I load 38 special with 231 (HP 38) and make minor with 4 grains out of a 4 inch gun and 160 grain RN. However, my velocity goes way down if the powder is positioned in the front of the case
  11. Thanks for info here. I'll have to look into e3 as well as WST, both sound like they have the characteristics I'm looking for.
  12. I was going to list this in the reloading section, but I'm specifically looking for performance with revolvers. I'm going to start load development for a 625 in IDPA and am wondering what powders are best for the ~160 pf that I'm looking to make with 230 grain RN. Specifically, I'm looking for a powder that won't leave unburnt flakes in the cylinders. I'm looking at Clay's, Clay Dot, or Red Dot as they seem fast enough to burn fully in this power factor range.
  13. I have a set of Ready Tactical speedloader holders for Safariland comp III's. I like them a lot, but I'm not sure if they're still being produced. I use a Comp Tac holster for my 686. It works fine for IDPA but I was not very impressed with it's fit, there is some wiggle front to back. Not enough of a problem for me to get something else, but if I was doing it again I would try a Bladetech.
  14. I went with a mix of 60/90 because that's what I could find on Amazon. If it's too aggressive, you can always knock it down a bit with diamond files to get it right. You may want to do this in certain places on the grip anyways to provide the level of traction that you're looking for.
  15. yes that should be fine. But again, I would recommend checking for yourself using an IDPA box at a club match to verify.
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