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  1. ajblack

    New CZC Gun

    That makes sense, especially for limited class which wouldn't have the restriction of having it make it on the production list.
  2. ajblack

    New CZC Gun

    It weird that they would use the regular CZ ring hammer instead of the custom hammer on a fully custom gun. I also wonder what benefit the P-09 mags bring to the table
  3. ajblack


    The primary differences are that the TSO has real checkering whereas the older versions had cast checkering which isn't very grippy. Also, the trigger guard is reshaped and the sights are better out of the box. Also, you get a magwell and aluminum grips where the original TS comes with no magwell and wood grips.
  4. ajblack

    Mec-gar magazine question

    The finish on the 17 round mags is more durable in my opinion. I run both and find that the 16 round mags need more consistent oiling to prevent rust and pitting. Also, if you run the 16 round mags you will definitely need after market base pads because the flat steel ones that come on the 16 round mags will deform when you drop them on the ground (I use Springer Precision). The plastic base pads that come with the 17 round mags are more durable but they're still plastic so most guys who run them in USPSA still go aftermarket for base pads. Overall I like the 16 round mags for the reason that @WxGuy mentioned, but if you live in a really hot or humid climate, the better finish on the 17 round mags might be a bigger deal to you.
  5. I've had good luck with the SNS 147 grain RN in my CZ's. I'm sure that other bullet companies use the same mold, but these bullets have a narrow enough taper to let me load 1.15 OAL. A lot of the RNFP and truncated cone bullets will require that you load shorter than the RN
  6. ajblack

    Legal for IDPA?

    The regular CZ 75 shadow is also legal, and it gives you more wiggle room for weight. I run a stainless guide rod and thick aluminum grips and still come in under weight with room to spare.
  7. ajblack

    .38spcl IDPA load

    My IDPA revolver load is 3.6 grains HP-38 or Win 231 under a 160 grain coated SNS RN, 1.55 OAL. The 160's seem to have a longer ogive which aids in reloads compared to the 158 grain RN. One thing to note is that most 160 grain bullets don't have cannelures for roll crimps, so I use a taper crimp. This load makes 700 FPS out of my 686 SSR. However, the last time I was chronographed as a sanctioned match is was about 100 degrees outside and I chronoed closer to 750 FPS. Like others have said, win 231 can be both temp and position sensitive. I've tried Sport Pistol as well but wasn't too impressed with the SD
  8. ajblack

    Shadow Sp-01 Grips

    I've settled on the "Aggressive Checker" grips from CZC (thick profile). I've tried switching over the LOK palm swell grips and while they were more comfortable to hold, I didn't get the same traction during live fire. There's a big difference between how the grips feel in the hand vs how they feel under recoil, so trying out multiple options is the best bet. I know a lot of guys love the LOK grips but it's all personal preference. Also, it may come down to what kind of grip you're using. I've found that when torquing in with both hands the palm swell grips would work against me, whereas the flat CZC grips provided more traction. However, if I didn't use this type of grip then maybe I would prefer the palm swells...
  9. ajblack

    CZ 75 Shadow Custom # 91715

    I run a cz 75 shadow very close to this model in USPSA, it's an older version that the custom shop used to put out with a trigger job but all factory internals. A lot of shooters prefer the sp01's and Shadow 2's due to the percieved less muzzle flip, but I find that shooting minor power factor handloads (147s especially) the muzzle flip issue isn't nearly as big a deal as it sounds, and the short dust cover absolutely helps with transition speed. After all, with a stainless guide rod and USPSA legal aluminum base pads the gun is pushing 42 ounces anyways. Not exactly 'lightweight'
  10. ajblack

    Smith and Wesson 686 Performance Center IDPA

    That was my thought as well. It's too bad they don't plan on selling it separately that would be a nice addition to the 686 SSR
  11. Has anyone run this gun in an IDPA sanctioned match?: https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/performance-center-model-686-0 Specifically, I'm trying to figure out how the extended cylinder latch fits into the current rules. According to the current rules, in SSR "Cylinder latches may be changed to another factory offering from the firearm manufacturer" but in ESR "Cylinder latches may be modified or replaced, but may not protrude past the frame in any direction and may not be thicker than 3 /8" as measured from the side plate of the frame". This new cylinder latch is factory offering that protrudes past the cylinder. Now the two revolver divisions are merged this seems lie a gray area. I'd track down one of these "factory" extended releases in a heartbeat if it fits in the rules.
  12. ajblack

    Base pads in Production?

    The biggest advantage I find with aftermarket base pads is that their more durable for some mags. I run 16 round mecgars for my CZ 75 Shadow and the factory base pads on those magazines will dent and become difficult to remove after a few hard drops. The aluminum aftermarket base pads are indestructible.