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  1. As a shooter that has been reloading for over 40 years ,I can assure you your fired primers look normal. Your 24 pound double action pull however is not, most factory guns are @ 12 pounds, you should be able to get down to 8 1/2 pounds with Winchester primers and below 7 with well seated Federal primers and a good action job.
  2. It has been a while since I lived in Denver, there used to be a good outdoor range at the Cherry Creek State Park near where you are staying.
  3. I was shooting with a friend yesterday who has a stock 929, it was failing to set off Factory Winchester ammo, a quick check of the strain screw indicated it had unscrewed about one full turn, I have noticed several similar instances and all with the "New" ribbed main spring, I have not noticed this on a gun with the flat mainspring.
  4. I have found it helps to load four rounds at a time, takes a little longer but much better than anything else out there.
  5. You might want to contact (Minnesota1) on this forum, I believe his father is an active revolver shooter.
  6. CYL Inspected this one today, barrel to cylinder gap was too wide on the left side, hand was too thick resulting in very hard double action pull. Have to rate it a 6
  7. That is exactly why I am asking, my recent observations indicate certain serial number ranges require less work to achieve the best reliability and accuracy. Just trying to narrow the range down!
  8. After having owned one great 929 and one that was far less than great I am trying to determine if there is a serial number range that is better than others. I am asking 929 owner to rate their 929 as it came out of the box 1 thru 10 with 10 being the top score. Please include your serial number prefix with your comments.
  9. 357454

    Is the 625 Dead

    A local match director told me a few times that watching revolver shooters was painful, until a few of them beat him while he was shooting both single stack and limited.
  10. 357454

    Is the 625 Dead

    I keep hearing the rumors that the 625 is dead and have been waiting for their prices to fall as I would like to purchase a second one. My friends and I shoot at least one USPSA match a year with them. They are also great guns for ICORE Limited 6.
  11. With a "New run of 610s", it should be possible to buy a spare barrel and mill the underlug off to reduce the weight. Then you would have the best of both worlds, long sight and lighter weight plus the original barrel will increase in value!
  12. The 610 is a great gun for limited 6 in ICORE, and is a good handgun for hunting and Bowling Pins, I gave my son one when he graduated from College it is his favorite handgun.
  13. I purchased my 610 about a year ago, paid dearly for it, I figure I should be able to buy a second for @ $800. Great guns, mine is one of the most accurate revolvers I own.
  14. Thanks for the tip, I will pick one up in the next few days!
  15. I have had equally good results with the BBI 160 and the Blue 147 (which averages @ 149 grains) The Blue bullets require more powder for the same power factor (I like VV320), Both are clean burning and more accurate than I when trying to go fast. I have also heard good things about Revolver Supply's 147s, other than color and perhaps alloy they look identical to the Blue bullet.
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