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  1. 357454

    Is the 625 Dead

    A local match director told me a few times that watching revolver shooters was painful, until a few of them beat him while he was shooting both single stack and limited.
  2. 357454

    Is the 625 Dead

    I keep hearing the rumors that the 625 is dead and have been waiting for their prices to fall as I would like to purchase a second one. My friends and I shoot at least one USPSA match a year with them. They are also great guns for ICORE Limited 6.
  3. With a "New run of 610s", it should be possible to buy a spare barrel and mill the underlug off to reduce the weight. Then you would have the best of both worlds, long sight and lighter weight plus the original barrel will increase in value!
  4. The 610 is a great gun for limited 6 in ICORE, and is a good handgun for hunting and Bowling Pins, I gave my son one when he graduated from College it is his favorite handgun.
  5. I purchased my 610 about a year ago, paid dearly for it, I figure I should be able to buy a second for @ $800. Great guns, mine is one of the most accurate revolvers I own.
  6. Thanks for the tip, I will pick one up in the next few days!
  7. I have had equally good results with the BBI 160 and the Blue 147 (which averages @ 149 grains) The Blue bullets require more powder for the same power factor (I like VV320), Both are clean burning and more accurate than I when trying to go fast. I have also heard good things about Revolver Supply's 147s, other than color and perhaps alloy they look identical to the Blue bullet.
  8. Received word from Remington, they are not offering 38 Short Colt for sale as components. On to plan 2 !
  9. Most of my cases have been reloaded more then ten times, some certainly exceed twenty reloads, thus my concern about mixing brass. I have contacted Remington and am waiting on a response.
  10. I will give Remington a call on Monday, the issue of fit is somewhat overrated, when I first purchased an 8 shot I found that RP brass worked very well. After I switched to Short Colts I use a combination of Starline only and those I purchased for the RP Brass, I mix both on my holders and can not tell the difference. Yes the RP Brass will not fit in the Starline Holders however I have a sufficient quantity to complete almost any match without needing more. If Remington will not sell brass only I will have to invest some time into marking the old brass to differentiate it from a new batch. The idea of separating old and new sounds great until you inadvertently mix them.
  11. My latest batch of 38 short colt brass from Starline is starting to split after many reloads, Does anyone know of a source for new Brass other than Starline? I am looking for something that can readily be identified as new brass which I will shoot at major matches and use up the life of my existing brass at local shoots? My process is not thorough enough to separate the cases before cleaning and reloading!
  12. Thanks Pat: I picked up a spare
  13. I have been firing 38 Short Colt Brass for a few years and am starting to get a few split cases, the last time this happened I purchased new brass and marked the old brass by filing a notch in the rim. I contacted Starline and inquired about having a special batch manufactured with a batch identifier on the head stamp. Was told minimum order was 100,000 pieces at @ 13.00 per hundred and a $1,000 charge for a special stamp. Am I the only one interested in a Batch identifier? If you are interested post a reply and perhaps we can put something together.
  14. A viable option is to have your powder funnel turned down .002, I did this to mine, the increased pressure on the bullets along with a slight roll crimp keeps them in place.
  15. Forgot to mention you might check out the Smith & Wesson Forum site, there are a lot of experienced Revolversmiths on their site who may have additional information.
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