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  1. Taking into consideration the current powder situation I am going to shorten a few cases to 38 long Colt length and re-test a few or the more promising powders I have. Hopefully this will get me closer to my goal, I will post my results sometime next week. Headed to Mesquite NV. today for two days of Revo excitement.
  2. I am using a 627 smith with a 6 1/2” barrel, the bullets are a bang and clang .358 diameter plated flat point round nose. I use federal primers with a noticeable roll crimp. One of the loads I tested gave me 1 1/2” groups at 25 yards however the velocity difference was noticeable while shooting.
  3. Over the past few weeks I have tested Bullseye, Clays, Red Dot, VV32C, 700X, Titegroup, VV 350 and BE86 all have what I consider too much extreme spread, I even tested with one chamber and found the results less than ideal, should I consider a shorter case for more effective ignition?
  4. Hello All: I have been trying to find the correct powder for 38 special loads with a 100 grain coated bullet for Steel challenge. I have found several powders that give me acceptable accuracy however the velocity variation from high to low is over 100 fps on the best load, some I tested were over 300 fps. What have you found that works for both accuracy and velocity. My goal is to find a powder that will give me around 850 fps. Thanks in advance
  5. I too have been considering cutting 10mm brass to 40 length due to the "primer" availability, a recent discussion with fellow shooters and watching a few guys with 38 specials reload faster than shooters with Short Colts and 9mms tells us the only way to know for certian is to do back to back comparisons. This week I will do just that at my local range the loads will be as comparable as possible. The next problem will be sourcing more bullets, my 610 really likes the Berrys 155 grn hollow base round nose which like many others are extremely difficult to find. A recent call to Berrys revealed they have no current plans to manufacture more. What bullets are the rest of you shooting in your 40 cal revolvers?
  6. As mentioned above try the factory firing pin before swapping for something different, I have been trying to get the trigger pull on my 617 below 7 1/4 pounds, the first thing I did was remove the .510 firing pin I had from Apex and install a .505 from power custom, ignition was better but not 100% especially in cold weather. I finally removed the Apex Mass driver and installed a wide spur factory hammer and a .496 factory firing pin. Ignition is now 100% with Remington, Winchester and CCI std velocity ammo. DA is still 7 1/4 and trigger return is crisp.
  7. A flat primer is not a bad thing when loading for a tuned revolver, it is a visual confirmation your primers are fully seated.
  8. In my years of shooting revolver I have never had to clean nor cut primer pockets for my competition loads. my presses have been a 550, 650 and now an 1100, for the 550 and 650 I seat the primers until I can feel them stop then put extra presssure on the handle until you can feel it flex slightly, this will give you .009 to .011 primer depth. The 1100 can be set to what ever depth you prefer, I seat mine to .0t0 when using federal primers for all of the calibers I shoot.
  9. Have you has a chance to compare the "NEW" mass driver to the original? I recently removed mine and replaced it with a semi target hammer which improved reliability at the spring settings. I have founf Remington and Browning to be the most consistent at 7 1/4 pound DA Pull.
  10. I have both the DS10 and SpeedBeez speedloaders for my 617, I recently compared both, the cartridge counterbore on the Speedbeez is .020 larger than the DS10, this allows the cartridge to tilt more resulting in the retaining spring slipping over the case rim. I am certain this in contributing to the issues we are seeing. The DS10 has a slightly larger outside diameter which slows down my reloads. I like the center push feature on the Speedbeez however a lost round can be crucial. In the near future I will chuck the DS10s up in the lathe and turn the OD down.
  11. I currently own both the DS10 Speed loaders and the SpeedBeez, the Speedbeez has a smaller diameter than my old DS10s however the retaining spring has less tension on the cartridges which results in one or two falling out when I pull them out of my holder. From my personal experience a 4" barrel is the way to go, faster out of the holster and noticeably lighter. If you can find a target hammer for your 617 you can get reliable DA pull below 8 lbs with good ammo. My current gun is at 7 1/4 lbs running Remington's Golden Bullet and a hybrid firing pin. The best firing pin I have seen was a factory hollow that measures .501 and came in a friends 929, worked great in his 617. Some of solid factory firing pins I have seen measured .497 .497 and work well in both centerfire and rimfire revolvers.
  12. Thanks for the reply, I like you have found the Remington Golden Bullet to be the most reliable in my gun. I have a few of the newer Apex firing pins and do not like them as well as their older ones. The new ones are longer and have a double cut, they look very similar to Cylinder and slides except for the double cut.
  13. I am looking for info regarding your experience with firing pins for S&W 617s with the frame mounted firing pin. I am interested in the manufacturer and length that has allowed you to get the lowest D.A. Pull possible. My action has been polished, I am using an Apex mass driver but can’t get reliable ignition below 7 1/4 pounds. Also has anyone changed the profile of their firing pin for better ignition? Thanks
  14. As a longtime owner of S&W revolvers I have never had a Yoke break until I was trying to straighten one on a 617. Two of my 627s, have over Fifty Thousand rounds thru each of them, The number one crane related problem I have seen is the Yoke screw coming loose, this can be resolved by a few drops of Loctite. If you close the cylinder with your hand while the barrel is pointed down you should not have problems with the yoke
  15. I find it interesting the Gunsmith was reluctant to fit a new hand with the Apex Hammer, I am not a professional gunsmith and have fit several. The process is exactly the same for each. I have found a Factory Target hammer will provide Double Action pulls similar to the Apex due to the extra mass of the target hammer, I understand a new improved version may ne available but am reluctant to spend the $$$$ for an unproven product. BTW Great Looking Holster.
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