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  1. As a longtime owner of S&W revolvers I have never had a Yoke break until I was trying to straighten one on a 617. Two of my 627s, have over Fifty Thousand rounds thru each of them, The number one crane related problem I have seen is the Yoke screw coming loose, this can be resolved by a few drops of Loctite. If you close the cylinder with your hand while the barrel is pointed down you should not have problems with the yoke
  2. I find it interesting the Gunsmith was reluctant to fit a new hand with the Apex Hammer, I am not a professional gunsmith and have fit several. The process is exactly the same for each. I have found a Factory Target hammer will provide Double Action pulls similar to the Apex due to the extra mass of the target hammer, I understand a new improved version may ne available but am reluctant to spend the $$$$ for an unproven product. BTW Great Looking Holster.
  3. I too have a spare cylinder, what is the pilot diameter is on your Reamer?
  4. Does that mean your new 629 is for sale?
  5. I live in Northern Utah over the last few years the number of revolver shooters has increased. We had five revolver shooters at our last USPSA match, should have 6 at our next, whenever that may be. Each of us need to introduce the shooters around us to Revolvers. I am always ready to loan an interested shooter a gun and holster for them to try.
  6. If anyone has a 5” 625 for sale post it on the forum classifieds,I know of two shooters that are looking for one.
  7. A few local shooters put their 8 shots away a few weeks per year dust off their 6 shot revolvers and shoot a few local match's. The top revolver shooters still score in the upper 50% bracket even though most or our local matches are set up for Limited shooters.
  8. Good information thanks. Have you compared your splits and reload times for each?
  9. Heard from a reliable source the New Super GP100 in 9mm has a few issues, first are tight chambers that require reaming or polishing for reliable loading and unloading, second appears to be tight headspacing that results in cases rubbing on the framer, one frame reportedly needed to be filed to square it up. Can anyonethat is an A shooter or better offer an unbiased review of the new Ruger? I have several friends that want one but need more input before buying one.
  10. Mine are flat across all surfaces, a lip on them is not normal, sounds like their stamping tool is wearing out.
  11. I have been using the Ranch Products in my 625 for many years, they are the best value for the buck and seem to fit all 625s without problems. As mentioned above they will work with most brass. A local shooter picked up some moon clips from a well known builder of 1911s that were totally unsuitable, he sent them back and ordered from Ranch, no problems since. A few years ago I started loading my match ammo with Winchester brass as they were slightly tighter than other brands.
  12. Though I would submit info regarding things to do while in Mesquite besides Shooting, Gambling and Drinking, there are several great golf courses in the area plus plenty of off road trails for Jeeps, ATVs and Motorcycles. Can't wait for the fun to begin.
  13. Biggest mistake I made was trying a set on my old 627, I now own multiple sets and any new purchases will likely have a set as well. Then last year Pat Hogue offered to custom fit a set for a friends 929, now everyone wants their custom fit for just a few dollars more. I am one of the fortunate ones where the finger grooves fit me perfectly and can switch to grooveless and not notice the difference. The only shooter I know that does not like the Hogue grip found a Pachmayer that fit his hand better. By the way I prefer the Big Butt in Rubber and wood.
  14. 357454

    Smith TRR8

    Did you clean the threads with acetone before using the loc tite? all oil and grease should be removed for the thread locker to set properly.
  15. If your gun was blasted with new beads at high pressure it will leave a rough surface, if the finish is not too rough it may have been a coverage issue that could be remedied by additional blasting. I have seen a stainless gun that was refinished with a soda blast, looked great. Rather than looking for a gunsmith you might look for a bead or soda blasting business that specializes in manufacturing applications.
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