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  1. I have a recoil sensitive shooter in the household and am in the process of trying to make the recoil more manageable by adding a Limbsaver pad to a FAB stock. The challenge is that the FAB stock uses a unique, proprietary attachment system that does not allow direct attachment of the Limbsaver. What I have to do is glue the Limbsaver to the FAB pad. I was able to track down another FAB recoil pad that I could use to experiment on. I have also ordered a Limbsaver 1" thick, grind-to-fit, medium +, Speed Mount pad. My objective is to glue the Limbsaver to the FAB pad. My problem
  2. Here's why I can't just screw on another pad. There's nothing to screw into. The OEM butt pad is secured to a dovetail grooved plastic backing that slides into place on the buttstock and is locked in place. I've already put the belt sander to work to grind the face of the pad perfectly flat. Now I need to find the right glue to join the plastic backing of the new pad to the now flat rubber face of the OEM pad.
  3. An update. I called Jeff at Rubber City Armory and bought one of his steel lightweight BCGs. I'm experimenting with it in another rifle and have been favorably impressed. What I'm working on now is figuring out a way to glue a 1" thick Limbsaver recoil pad to the existing pad that came with the FAB stock. Here's a pic of the FAB stock and pad. The FAB pad will not fit a Magpul stock, is relatively thin, and has no "give" to it. My thought was to grind it down so that it's flat across the entire surface and then join the plastic backing plate of the Limb
  4. Who you callin' "mechanically proficient"? Yes, I could go that route but I want a more elegant solution for my poodle shooter.
  5. Very interesting. I read Young's piece a few weeks ago and couldn't believe it. But your experience speaks volumes. Thanks.
  6. I have replaced the original gas key with an adjustable gas key from Rubber City Armory. I have torqued the new mounting bolts to 57 inch pounds. Now all I need to do is take 10 minutes or less to stake the bolts in place. I do not want to use a chisel to do this. I want to use a purpose made tool like the ones offered by Brownells or Michiguns. The thing is I think this will be a one time use tool and I don't want to spend the money to buy one. I'm hoping there's some kind person in or near the Lehigh Valley region who has one of these tools that wouldn't mind letting me come
  7. Thanks for following up with the information. It seems everyone is conserving their ammo supply given the current situation. I've decided to take a small step by replacing the standard GI gas key on a rifle with an adjustable gas key just to see the effect. I'm going to start a new thread for just this one thing.
  8. Snausages, thanks for the info. The Brownells LW BCG is certainly easier on the wallet. I wonder who makes their BCGs - RBC (Rubber City Armory)?
  9. EGW is a 20 minute drive from me and prior to the Wuhan Flu I frequently visited them to pick up 1911 parts for my builds. George gave me two guided tours of the manufacturing floor and is one of the funniest guys I know. I've known him since his days in Pipersville. Top quality parts and a great bunch of folks.
  10. The wealth of experience and knowledge you folks have is impressive. You're helping me jump the learning curve and I really appreciate it. You've given me lots to consider. Don't be surprised if I continue to ask more newbie questions as I navigate my way toward a final decision.
  11. A key piece of information. 16" it is then. Let me demonstrate my ignorance yet again. What's a Stretch 16" barrel? I'm assuming it's a gas length somewhere between mid-length and rifle-length. If it's longer than mid but shorter than rifle, what advantages does it offer?
  12. Okay, I'm hooked. I was thinking a 16" heavy barrel (~32 ounces) would also help reduce recoil. This rifle is pretty much a blank canvas at this point. Now all I need are recommendations on the other components (adjustable gas block, buffer, buffer spring, lightweight bolt carrier, bolt). Any and all recommendations are most welcome.
  13. A very kind offer. In return you can shoot my Can Cannon. There's not a lot that's more fun than launching cans of soda 100 yards down range. It's like using an M203 40mm grenade launcher without the loud noise at the receiving end.
  14. Thanks guys. What I hear you saying is that an adjustable gas block is necessary to optimize the advantages of a lightweight carrier. Am I correct in saying that the reduced mass of the lightweight carrier results in less impact force when the buffer contacts the back of the buffer tube? The lightweight carrier allows for the use of a lighter buffer spring, right? The lower mass coupled with the lighter spring therefore results in less felt recoil, right?
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