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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, When loading my Glock it occurs that my Glock's firing pin looks slightly through the firing pin hole. Often the firing pin even blocks the first bullet from being loaded. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 It seems that the firing pin safety does not work as desired… Has anyone had the same issue? Is this a common problem? Any idea how to get rid of this nasty problem?
  2. I found a firing pin in my spare parts kit today and would like help identifying it, it is for a S&W Revolver with the new style frame mounted firing pin, this sample is .499 long has a rounder striking face than an Apex and has a ring around the hammer end. I installed this one today in a 617 and was able to lower the double action pull by about 1/2 pound with much more reliable ignition. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I clean the extractor every time I shoot my STI Trubor Open gun... A while ago I noticed that the sides of the firing pin spring were wearing, so I replaced it with a Wolfe FP spring that came with a recoil spring... Didn't think much about it but I started having a small amount (maybe 1 out of 200) light strikes... When I checked the Wolfe spring with the OEM STI spring, I noticed that the Wolfe FP spring was much longer that the OEM STI spring... See attached picture. I'm using a Dawson extended firing pin spring and have never had light strikes with them in my limited guns... I check the primers after I finish reloading and they all look good. Is there a preferred firing pin spring for STI Open guns?
  4. Silly me, I thought a 1911 9mm firing pin and 45 ACP firing pins would fit into their respective caliber guns. If you have a Springfield Armory....NO. After 10K rounds through both guns, I thought I better have spare parts around. So, I ordered Wilson 9mm and a 45 ACP firing pins from Midway. To my surprise none of the parts fit into their respective guns. Not thinking clearly I ordered a genuine Springfield 9mm firing pin from Midway next. It didn't fit either. So, I took out my calipers and did what I should have done in the first place, measure the nominal tip diameters of the firing pins. Here is what I found. 9mm Springfield RO 0.062" 45 ACP Springfield TRP 0.070" Wilson 9mm FF from Midway 0.068" Springfield 9mm from Midway 0.066" Wilson 45 ACP from Midway 0.089" Results, only the factory original RO firing pin would fit into the RO. The Wilson 9mm and Springfield 9mm firing pins from Midway will fit into the Springfield 45 ACP TRP. Looks like Springfield uses 9mm firing pins on their products. The Wilson 45 ACP firing pin won't fit either the 9mm RO or the 45 ACP TRP. I called Springfield customer support and asked them how much new firing pins would cost. They asked for my serial numbers, verified my address and said the part will go out FREE of charge! I'm very impressed with the SA customer service. A few years ago they replaced the slide on a XDm for free, even after 20K rounds.
  5. I have an STI Edge Limited gun running .40 major... I've always rounded off the radius of the edge of the firing pin stop that contacts the hammer. My reasoning was that this would smooth out the action of the slide and get the gun to shoot faster... Lately, I've been reading that my extra radiusing of the firing pin stop allows the slide to contain more energy, which causes more muzzle flip - a bad thing. I'm curious about the general consensus regarding the firing pin stop radius on Edge limited guns... I'm currently using the standard STI Edge firing pin stop (radiused), but would be open to another brand if better.
  6. So, I know this has been discussed in other threads, but I am having trouble getting a consensus from everyone of which is the best option. I currently have the Henning 4th gen firing pin with the titan hammer with 1 piece sear and extended FPB (0.508" I think) in my Stock II (large frame). At a match last night I was having a bunch of light strikes, until I removed the FPB all together, then the gun ran 100%. The FP was also not reliably blocked by the FPB with the hammer cocked as it should. The light strikes would suggest to me that the FPB is still too short and that I may have to remove a bit of material from the curved surface on the inside of the cut out. (opposite of the tab that actually blocks the FP) Or I may just have to polish it better. My understanding is that the different profile without the flutes of the Henning Gen 3, as well as the extended EG Xtreme FP will both work, but which seems to work better for people? More reliable? Allowing the use of lighter springs and lower trigger pulls? I also love that the Henning firing pins are advertised as being made lighter and lighter, while the EG Xtreme, is advertised as being heavier than the OE part, lol. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
  7. On some of the old S&W revolvers I've owned, the hammer mounted firing pin seemed to flop up and down a bit. Guns that did this were well worn model 10's and 15's. The guns worked fine. Was that normal? Would that have ever caused any problems? Worth fixing? I just wanted to know.
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