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  1. I started in Production, made B and now I've plateaued. I believe if I had it to do over again I'd of started in Limited to learn to game and then decided if I wanted to shoot Prod. I'm am just now starting to shoot Limited and feel like I could of grown faster starting here.
  2. I run my TS at 1.135. No feeding issues with either RN or TC profile coated bullets. Cool Thanks!
  3. Any feeding issues at 1.135?
  4. Need a general place to start with BBI 180s 4.4 ish? @ 1.125? Got a classifier match in 2 weeks and need to practice. Will chrony this weekend Thanks!
  5. Yes, it is. I like that though. Because at my usual OAL, the cannelure is just hidden at the end of the case mouth. Not sure why I like that so much, but it's clean looking. With Hornadys, I don't really get any purchase on the case mouth into the cannelure, so it is pretty much useless. It's not a big deal for me either except the first time I loaded them. I bought 4K back when they were $200 and now I wish I'd of bought more at that price
  6. Mine was built with plans Mark Larue posted on the industry forum over at AR15.com
  7. 4.5-4.7 WST is good for 180 Gr
  8. Anything between 2.22 and 2.26 should work depending on your magazine. Mostly I load 55gr to 2.22 unless it's Wolf then I go to 2.24
  9. The Wolf .224 55gr are hard to beat for .223/5.56 loads, especially if pinpoint accuracy isn't an issue. Anything like RMR, Hornady, etc is good too..I wouldn't mess with Winchester though
  10. Tac or 8208xbr for heavier and H335 or CFE223 for 50-55 gr
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