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  1. corey4

    gen 4 vs gen 5 recoil

    to me, both of my gen4 19 and 17 feel the same when i shoot them. i do like the 19 sight radius better then the 17 though. maybe i'll go to one of the indoor rental ranges and see if they have a gen5 19 and 17.
  2. is it just me, or does the gen5 shot softer and flatter than the gen4? i borrowed a buddies 19x for a few days as i am considering picking one up. it seems to me that the 19x shoots flatter and softer than my gen4 19 and 17. the first few shots were, "what the...". im not 100% sure though, as i have dawson fiber optic sights for the front and plain black rear on the gen4 19 and 17 so it's easier to track than the stupid giant 3 dot night sights on the 19x. i tried some drills on the timer but came up with inconclusive results. maybe it seems like the gen4s jump more because i can see the front sight move around with the fiber optic glowing vs the dull color of the 19x sights. has anyone else noticed this or is just me?
  3. It's only correct if it's correct for you and what role you want out of the rifle.
  4. the trend is going back to lighter rifles for PRS. with the new smaller caliber rounds with lower recoil, guys are going with lighter rifles. they are using the longer barrels for velocity. PRS is turning into uspsa open class equipment race. a few years ago when everyone was shooting 308, they were making the rifles heavier to be more forgiving with recoil and sloppy fundamentals. now guys are using the smaller calibers to compensate. it's generally accepted that 24" is the standard. but some guys are using 20" to get into and out of position better. others want the velocity to cut the wind better. it really depends on what you want out of the rifle. if you want to do a hybrid, i'd say 20", remington varmint contour or med palma or marksman contour. if your going to be shooting past 1000 mostly, i'd go 6.5 24". 600 yds and in mostly, 20". but then again, we go back to do you want velocity or maneuverability even at 6-800yds? are you chasing every advantage you can get or are you willing to make up for with better wind calls? caliber.....that's a can of worms lol. ford/chevy...9/45...sig/glock... stricktly PRS, i'd say 6.5 or 6mm. if you research the 6.5 for hunting, most people say the 6.5 is good, but they always stress shot placement when using the 6.5. i just sold a GA precision hospitaller in 308 that weighed 18ish pounds. 24" m40 contour with deep flutes in a manners T4A. i want to go lighter...maybe 12ish pounds. if you are looking for a good education, come visit us on snipershide.com. the answer to your questions lies in 10s of thousands of pages of info. i read the hide every day and learn new shit every day. i'm way more into rifles than i am pistols. i have the same user name as well.
  5. im not worried about the weight. if i was, i wouldn't be shooting a 308. i'm also doing combat class (plan to anyway) and have to carry the extra 50lbs with me, so a few oz won't bother me. i can't run, there's something wrong with my stride and it throws everything out of whack. i was fine for awhile leading up to heartbreak, but things started to feel funny during my training runs. plus having a bad back and knees, i said screw it, i'll just do combat class and hike it. i went 38 years with out running...EVER...to "hey let's start running" lol. my body said NOPE, aint gonna happen. i just can't get past the giant cross hairs with the nightforce. i picked up a trijicon 1-8 from snipershide for a decent price, it should be here tomorrow. i'll be getting a razor 2e soon to compare them side by side then make my choice. i can't wait for the legion race. my plan is to do the 5k saturday and the 10k sunday.
  6. i was going to get an acog a few months ago. the guy at the LGS was kind enough to mount it to a rifle for me. when i mimicked shooting sideways from kneeling (think vtac wall), i couldn't get a good sight picture and most of the time the reticle was fuzzy to me. i had to be in just the right spot for it to be clear. i never actually used one though, so that might change if i ever bought one.
  7. just curious, what trouble and expense?
  8. i take it you were there? i had the red hoodie with "bazinga" on it, shaved head no hat. i had a blast. are you going to the legion match in Sept?
  9. my first RnG was the heartbreak in february. i didn't make the rock castle one in march because i pushed myself too hard and ended up hurting myself lol. i had a viper pst 1-4x and the 300yd target, which we had to shoot once from 5 positions, i couldn't even see it, it wasn't painted and i couldn't make it out on the hillside, hence why i want more X. and no more exposed turrets for me. every time i got to a stage i had to reset my turrets from the scope getting banged around.
  10. i am considering both of these optics for a scar 17 to use in 10k run n gun races. i am having a hard time deciding on which one. rifle targets are usually 50-300yds. has anyone used both and which one did you pick? i would love to consider the new nightforce atacr 1-8, but the reticle looks too busy with the giant cross hairs and tree reticle. i like the more simple SFP reticle of the razor, but it's only a 6x. the trijicon reticle is awesome until you get past 3ish power, then it's huge, but it does seem to pull my focus to the middle. i found myself being more observant (my focus wasn't as drawn to the center as with the trijicon) with the razor reticle, but i don't know if that would slow me down (i'm not fast to begin with). i also noticed that the razor scope body was "smaller" in my feild of view than the trijicon. i'm more worried about the eye relief and field of view than anything else. they both seemed to be decent glass. again, i was inside the LGS looking out the window. i did get my hands on both at a LGS and i don't think either one was truly a 1x, so that argument goes out the window. i am not concerned about weight either. obviuosly the vortex warranty gets a plus too. thank you in advance.
  11. mailed the form4 for individual on 12-28-16 (sold a can to a buddy of mine)approved 9-25-17received 9-27-17 but ive been seeing anywhere from dec to feb approvals showing up.
  12. https://tangodown.com/shop/vickers-tactical-gen-4-extended-glock-extended-mag-release/ what about this? i use these along with grinding off the "thumbshelf" and haven't fumbled hitting my mag release in the last few years.
  13. Bee stings cost me an $1800 trip to the ER and a $300 EpiPen. Kill 'em all I say, except honey bees. We kinda need those.
  14. what do you have the rings torqued to? i do all my vortex scopes at 20inlbs and never had them move. what mount are you using?
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