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  1. The 5.4" barrel seems to make finding a correct holster tricky... only suggestion I've seen is the NERD Coffin holster but I think they're either discontinued or just been sold out. I've honestly never used NERD or heard of them previously so I was wondering if there is anything else out there?
  2. What holsters even work for the STI DVC 3 Gun? Seems an odd gun to get a holster for due to the 5.4" Barrel. Only suggestion I've seen is the NERD Coffin holster but those have been out of stock everywhere... and I've honestly never used NERD or heard of them previously. Anything else out there?
  3. Mind if I ask where you bought the mag tubes from? Seems some places don't have the new ver 2 yet.
  4. Been running the 2 factory 9mm mags that came with my STI DVC 3 Gun without issue. Looking to get some more magazines to eventually start getting involved in actual 3 gun competitions. Which route would you guys suggest? Should I get the new STI 140mm magazine body and get a Taran 4mm base pad, spring, follower, and spacer?
  5. Shot a X-Cal and loved it enough that I almost bought one. I have a STI 2011 so that's still my go to gun, but damn... the design and recoil characteristics of the X-Cal really impressed me. But I balked at the price of mags... $80+ for one with extra capacity/basepads? That's 2011 territory! Is there a cheaper source for mags? And is there a way to get a magwell on them? Also didn't like the humongous safety but I recall reading that they ship with a smaller safety as well for install?
  6. I've always loaded 147gr over 115gr or 124gr because I also like keeping the ammo subsonic whenever I want to shoot suppressed. It just makes it easier for me to have one setup/load for all my 9mm so I don't have to readjust the bulletfeeder, etc. I was looking at buying some more bullets when I noticed Acme has 145gr RN available. Any advantage to the 145gr over the 147gr? Any user experience?
  7. This gun still being imported? I don't think there's a single one available online, let alone finding mags. And if I find a used one, how do I tell which version it is? Apparently they made some changes for the rear sight so it has less chance of drifting?
  8. Weird... I think the hammer depends on barrel length. If you look up the Nighthawk Korth revolvers on Gunbroker, there are 2 different hammer types for the Mongoose.
  9. Bump. I have the same problem. I didn't see an option from Safariland for a STI 2011 9mm with the correct length. Only dedicated option I've come across is the NERD pistol coffin holster that I have never heard of previously.
  10. I've been looking to get a dedicated handgun for 3 Gun, but I admit I haven't given USPSA or IDPA a try yet. I've been saving up for a DVC 3-Gun, but they all seem to run $2600+ for a new one with used ones being rare. I stumbled across a used DVC 9mm Limited for about $2100-$2200. Should I just spring for the Limited or keep waiting for a nice used 3-Gun?
  11. I've had nothing but success ordering AI rifles from Mile High. They're a great bunch for the precision community. AI rifles are pricey... but you forget it as soon as you start using yours.
  12. FlashAndPoof

    17L vs 34

    Sucks for me. I was hoping to sell my 17L that was just sitting in the safe.
  13. I'm a big fan of 9mm and most of my handguns are all 9mm. Been saving up for a 2011 and am leaning towards getting it in 9mm as well. Haven't started Limited shooting yet, and I know .40 is the favorite due to the scoring. Think they'll ever consider getting rid of major/minor for Limited? Or at least including 9mm into the major category?
  14. Is there any reason to pick up the 9mm DVC over the .40 DVC?
  15. Got a picture of the modifications? I'm wondering if it's something simple enough for a mechanically challenged person like myself.
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