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  1. I was in the same boat as you and went ahead and got a Titan in 9 mm. Great gun from quality perpective but required magazine tuning to work reliably (something I never had to do with my DVC 3Gun). Sold the Titan and kept the DVC. I got an Akai in .40 for USPSA -- better build than Titan but more expensive.
  2. At $1700, it's almost 70% more expensive than gen 2 and the only features of interest to me would be the enlarged loading port and new latch (they are not worth $700 to me).
  3. For 9 round mags I use magnets.
  4. Used Swarovski BRT gets my vote. I regularly hit out to 550 yards with it in the North Texas Multigun Match. The glass clarity and the wide field of view at 1x is unparallelled.
  5. Had the very same issue and solved it by rotating the spring 180 degrees along the greatest width. 100% reliable now. You can try exchanging the magazine if you bought it from a good dealer. Got mine from Advanced Tactical and they never bothered returning my emails when I had issues.
  6. Over 5000 rounds on my 3G and it's still tight. Yes, the Titan is a better built gun but it's not worth extra $1.5k for me.
  7. Had both the Atlas Titan and the poor man's version of the STI Combat Master, the DVC 3 gun. Sold the Titan and kept the STI because the $4k gun didn't do anything the $2.5k one couldn't do. Steel grip is a personal preference and quite frankly it felt more like an albatross on a 9 mm gun. I would not drop $4k on a Limited gun again.
  8. Can anyone share how you remove the trigger and hammer pins? Thanks.
  9. Yup, it works. I just got mine today.
  10. I agree. Although this doesn't give me any confidence about Armscor's life time warranty on the gun This choke removal tool from Dissident Arms is handy for those who installed the comp. http://dissidentarms.com/index.php/product/dabriley-choke-wrench-for-vepr-12/
  11. my large comps arrived today (2 of them) and neither contained the front set screw. I guess this is the best QC you can expect from a budget brand.
  12. Thanks a lot for the reply. Just got an email from Advanced Tactical indicating both comps now come with the nut.
  13. Contacted Armscor today to get the barrel nut that replaces the shroud when you install the muzzle break. Was told to buy the small comp as it comes with the nut (the large comp doesn’t include the nut). Is that true? I thought a few folks here got the nut for free ... thanks.
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