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  1. grujo

    TS to CM

    and i had more job,making big stick and completing gun.now i think its all done https://ibb.co/WxV2xfG https://ibb.co/gb2rxrj https://ibb.co/8zRVwKZ https://ibb.co/3R7YS7g https://ibb.co/SnDCz6Q https://ibb.co/kKhPYkf https://ibb.co/kKhPYkf
  2. grujo

    TS to CM

    Lucky Delta in Wien,Austria also have in Cesar Shop Ljubljana,Slovenia shipping worldwide
  3. grujo

    TS to CM

    and now completed shoots Ok,but i need to get ammo with higher power factor. on this video is PF 150 i tried to shoot with PF 130,but there is no difference with or without comp https://ibb.co/nmndhP9 https://ibb.co/D9j3f2h https://ibb.co/xgRRwkC https://files.fm/u/juat7t3p
  4. grujo

    TS to CM

    serial number is on that part of dust cover,thats why i didnot chop it. i used dremel tool and remove rails for slide inside dust cover,arround one inch long,enough for comp to moves without any problem
  5. grujo

    TS to CM

    finally i make one perfect Open gun,many thanks to kneelingatlas,for infos and pics. https://ibb.co/9b7YZMQ https://ibb.co/qd6pbHz https://ibb.co/qMnfp3t https://ibb.co/gFywtgX https://ibb.co/1fdT11b https://ibb.co/f4825r1 https://ibb.co/gVdztgw https://ibb.co/j6gznNQ
  6. my name is Nenad and i shoot in club Spartanac,Novi Sad,Serbia. i saw good modifications on this forum done by few members and i would like to make my Open gun. i bought CZ Tactical Sport and i would make it like Czeckmate,but better...
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