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  1. I don’t anymore. I prefer faster powder like titegroup. Especially for the shorter 5” inch taccom barrel, autocomp doesn’t even burn up completely before leaving the barrel in my loads. Soooo too dirty, less powder (faster) seems better IMO
  2. Anyone try a ballistic advantage barrel yet? Great price https://thebuffalo.us/shop/9mm-5-5″-ar15-modern-series-barrel/ I have not been able to find if longer OAL 1.115+ will function.
  3. My current load for a Wilson 16" fluted barrel (shorter throat) 135 FP Xtream ( I used these differentiate between my pistol (HP) and my wife's loads RN easily) 1.13 OAL 3.7 of Auto comp AVG Velocity 998. - 134 PF I have some loads worked up at 3.4 which I need to function test and chrono should put them at 125PF.
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