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  1. Dan. How do I send a PM to request your Reduced Distance Practicing Excel Spreadsheets?

  2. Everyone should have a copy that has asked. Noetzelj, I should be able to get one to you Wednesday. Thanks! Glad to see so many people getting usage out of it. Dan
  3. That's going to cause some people's heads on this thread to explode:)
  4. Pretty hard for the RO to call hits and misses without going down range every time to verify face hits vs edge hits. Don't think it would work well functionally.
  5. Targets height variation can play a pretty big factor in perceived height actually. You have to take into consideration people of different heights to really see the difference. For someone 5'6"-5'10" let's say (since that's probably the average height of the normal shooter), small variations in height won't be noticed. Take someone that is 4'6" or 6'4" and those small changes in height make a big difference, especially on the closer targets. For me, sitting in a wheelchair, the closer stages like roundabout have more height variation than pendulum. Does it matter in the whole scheme of things? No. Might it matter a tenth here or there, yes. But just like the rest of the arguments in this thread, the best shooters are still going to be the fastest, and the others are going to make excuses.
  6. Awesome idea on the three different "Master" awards. Well done!!!
  7. While I loved the range, and they ran a great match, it's crazy to keep holding it in California...
  8. A little perspective from a wheelchair shooter that has to deal with this. I'm out there to compete, not just have fun. That being said, I'm not worried about fair, as much as I am getting it competitive and right. My biggest issue is that it is not standardized from match to match. I always try to get the MD to give me a penalty. I do not believe at all that they should be able to just waive the procedural just because I'm handicapped. It's not fair to the other competitors, and I feel like they are just taking pity on me because I'm in a wheelchair. It's very belittling. I would strongly urge taking that option out of the rule book completely. It should also be clear that it is only there for when it's needed, not to take advantage and game the system. At my level though (M and GM times on most stages) I also believe 3 seconds is too much. I have looked at video, talked to top shooters, taken splits, and looked at my times vs top times, crunched the percentages, and it's way too much. 1.5 seconds is much closer to realistic, but that's not enough for D and C class shooters either. You would almost have to have a different penalty for each level of classification, but that would be a pain for the score keepers to track. It would be the closest to parity you can get though. Basically, it is not possible to come up with a single penalty that correctly addresses all skill levels. The only way to even it out is take the movement out of Outer Limits which will make 50% of the shooters happy, and piss off the other 50%. That being said, I'm all for it so I can truly measure myself against the best. When I want to move around and shoot, I go to a USPSA match...
  9. Spreadsheets are sent to those that have asked. Sorry for the delay.
  10. Sorry. Have been busy moving. Will try to get it to you this weekend!
  11. Should I believe everything I see on the internet now Zach?:) Just kidding. Glad to hear it will be sanctioned but sorry to see it leaving Florida. Everyone have fun at the WSSC this weekend. Wish I could be there but a new job is keeping me from it. Will be at more in the future!
  12. If you look at the U.S. Steel Nationals website in the upper right hand corner it says "2017 match is headed for the Atlanta area". An RO told me that was correct as well. Just going off the best info I have at the moment.
  13. Heard it from one of the ROs. It's on the website too. Somewhere in the Atlanta area.
  14. Steel Nationals are going to be in Georgia next year. My schedule might be opening up a little though so I might be able to make it to Pennsylvania for one or two of the big matches out there next year too:)
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