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  1. Use "FlashFlood19". With the capital Fs Coupon "flashflood19" does not exist!
  2. Thanks. What shape should bullets I look for?
  3. I am going to start reloading 223 for the purpose of improving my long range accuracy. My barrel is stamped 1/7 twist, measures 16" and is hbar style. This is for 3 gun and rifle club matches only, with gongs up to 400 yards. All the powder I have right now is IMR 4895 and I am looking for a good load to start. I will make adjustments and walk it in until I have something I like. Thanks for any help!
  4. Yeah, it's personal preference. Bayous 135g run great in my X-Cal. YMMV All of these retailers have tryout bags of 100 rounds, AFAIK. 135g is best of both world. I think 147g is too sluggish and as far as reducing "felt recoil"... *eyes rolling* Plus it tends to ding heavy poppers without felling them.
  5. I have tested other coated bullets. Bayou had the best quality I believe.
  6. +1 The 135g RN from Bayou are superbly accurate and well coated.
  7. Do you mean a lack of auto forwarding? It is not something you rely on. Unless the CoF causes you to go into slide lock, or you are shooting IDPA, you should avoid slide lock as much as possible.
  8. Changing the trigger would be illegal for production as well as CO. That said a certain nordic shooter / gunsmith had that as a project but I don't think the market ever made it worth it tbh.
  9. Looking for a good source of long springs for 12 gauge shotguns. Springs that are solid and can be cut to fit? Thanks in advance!
  10. I received the ramp and three 6-shell tubes from Arredondo. I managed to load 4-shells at a time but never 5 or 6. It seems that this is something I will hate to practice anyway. Questions: 1. What can I do to improve loading shells from a speed loader? I have done quite a bit of smoothing of the port myself, it's not pretty but it should be fine. The gate is still unmodded and quite the finger trap. I was looking for a drop-in but it seems that whoever made one sold out. I suppose this is the next mod. A new, stronger and longer follower could a
  11. I personally love the X-Calibur. So, yes, you can and SHOULD swap the safety on the opposite side of your thumb or else the USPSA box will not shut and you'll get bumped into open. ASK ME HOW I KNOW!!!
  12. It happens over time. Every now and then you get split brass. It just goes to the trash.
  13. I know we are not allowed to use any video recording device or any camera to review a course of fire. That said... If I am having a hard time discerning two distinct grease rings for what the shooter claims is a double hit and I the RO insist is just one, can I pull my cellphone, take a photo, review the photo and zoom on the area to see if there is indeed one or two hits? If the shooter keeps on insisting and asks for the RM to review, this would be the better option, but can I be innovative and save the RM and everyone some time by using a cellphone as a magnification
  14. First question: it is good enough for fast competition reloads. Second question: I still believe it to be a great choice for competition, based on the fact that it is "ready to race" (KTM did not come up with the slogan, Husaberg did) out of the box with zero to none modifications and this for less than $900 for the pistol. You can rig up with belt, pouches, holster, spare mag for around $1200, compared with twice the price for instance with a CZ from CZ Customs. Now, if you want a DA-SA for competition, and if you have the money, you will certainly enjoy a CZ from CZ
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