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  1. I have the Burris ff3 and the vortex venom. I like the low profile of the vortex venom better but they Only had the 3 moa when I got mine so It’s not quit bright enough on sunny days for me. I switched to the Burris and have not had any problems with it so far and I can pick up the dot on bright days. If they would have the vortex in the 6moa I would have most likely chosen that one to be my main red dot on my pistol.
  2. Yeah at the ok corral gun club that doesn’t exist in oklahoma. At the corner of a busy intersection in Oklahoma City.
  3. I have the taccom barrel version it is very light and nicely built. I have only fired about 200 shots through it so far but it shoots nice.
  4. Got mine in last Friday. I️ have the one with the taccom barrel it shoots great i fired factory and reloads that were 1.125 oal and147 grains. I fired roughly 250 rounds.
  5. http://oakhillguns.com/pistol/eaa-tanfoglio/eaa-witness-limited-custom-40-s-w.html they may not have just got them in stock yet. I would call oak hill and see when if they know when they might be in.
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