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  1. If your not going to develop a load you won't know what your potentially missing with the other so just make it a purely economic decision.
  2. I'm looking at building a 2011. I'm looking at the Brownells lug cutter but can't find a lot of first hand experience with it. Does it work reasonably well? Are there any other options out there that do not require a mill to use?
  3. Yes i am right handed. I got one good video from sunday with some rifle shooting that I'll post when I get home. Haven't tried it yet but i slightly opened the right hole in the v ports on the top of the compensator last night. Probably didn't do enough to make a difference but we'll see. Also the rifle has an adjustable gas block that I tuned to just lock the bolt back on a empty mag. Also the description about tracking and multiple points of contact make a lot of sense.
  4. So I've shot quite a bit of uspsa in the open division and feel confident in my abilities there. I play in 3 gun on occasion and am really not happy with my rifle performance. I'm not sure if it is unrealistic to expect the dot on my rifle to track up and down, like a open gun, or if I have a fundamental technique prooblem. The dot on my rifle always seems to track in a circle to the right clockwise. Rifle setup is a 16 inch midlength barrel, full weight operating system, and lantac dragon brake. I'm thinking it's a technique issue but having the dot track in a more familiar, reliable pattern would make it easier. Thanks for any help.
  5. I just switched a laptop back to windows 7 form the free upgrade to 10. Liked windows 10 ok but explorer.exe kept on crashing. Microsoft tech help kept on insisting that a certain update would fix it but it didn't work on my computer. Swapped back yesterday.
  6. Unless it's new it better be exactly what you advertise it as at that price. People interested in the super brass probably won't want any of the comp, RL, or TJ brass. And 9x21 is a completely different animal all together
  7. I am beginning to get interested in some precision rifle matches. Seems to be pretty well known that gas guns aren't as good as bolts for PRS style matches. Why is that? Is it just that a bolt rifle may be a little more accurate? There are some very accurate gas guns out there too though.
  8. For the people running CMC single stage triggers, is there a considerable amount of creep in yours? I like the trigger it's much lighter and has a great reset but mine seems to have a awful lot of creep.
  9. I would just think about getting a new mount and a delta point or trijicon mini red dot. The optic is the only reason I can think of to second guess dropping the gun in a dump bucket. The rest of the gun should make a pretty great setup for 3 gun.
  10. No. On a few different 1911 and 2011s I have tried they have caused the slide to lock back. Seems like the dawson aluma buff cause the slide travel to stop right at the slide stop notch and can cause the slide stop to bounce up at the back of the stroke.
  11. For a lot of people the sti barrel may be better because it will be more tolerant of different bullet constructions. The Aet barrels that I have had experience with donot like plated at all.
  12. Why not just shoot major ammo for 3 gun. 170ish PF ammo isn't very violent if done right. I'm using the same ammo for uspsa, 3 gun, and steel challenge. No changes means no getting acquainted with different setups and feels.
  13. It's out of stock now but midsouth shooters supply has the safariland uspsa kit for 52$. Pair it with a 5198 holster off Amazon and be into a full adjustable holster for cheaper than the boss setup. Haven't used one yet but would love to try one.
  14. It depends on the barrel. Bull barrels have a taper to them so the front lock up area may be cut away if the barrel is cut down.
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