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  1. I just switched a laptop back to windows 7 form the free upgrade to 10. Liked windows 10 ok but explorer.exe kept on crashing. Microsoft tech help kept on insisting that a certain update would fix it but it didn't work on my computer. Swapped back yesterday.
  2. I had a sideways mount for roughly a year on my 2011. Really liked it when I got it, and slowly fell out of love with it the more I used it. I had a local GM ask me why i shot an array the way I did, and I didn't have a good reason other than I transitioned better left to right with the 90. Then I started to notice how I would subconsciously sacrifice stage efficiency based on trying to always transition left to right. Granted,I know most of this was in my head and I probably could have transition the other way OK but but at the time I was trying to get into A and had kind of got stagnant
  3. Here is my you tube channel. Nothing too exciting, just slowly improving. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuCzw2SN3AhXRvo6mckLCtA
  4. I just found this one in the spring of this year and don't know a whole lot about it. It is a Tripp Research frame, unknown slide, nowlin barrel,and I believe EGW fire control parts. The grip was butchered when I got it so I did my best to save it and stippled it. When I got it in its old school glory: And after a little updating: Soon I plan to go a little further with a PT aluminum grip, svi trigger, EE ignition set and a new top end in 9mm.
  5. The 930 I used to have did the same thing with the bulk winchester shells from Walmart. I have even seen a pump 870 do the same thing. Best bet is to find other shells and save the bulk Walmart stuff for over unders.
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