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  1. Last 2 matches that I attended that "required" buckshot in the ammo count sent out didn't actually require them. 1 you were given an option to use buck on steel knock downs at 35 yds that after going home and testing would have went down with bird and a full choke. The other had poppers set at 35 yds along with slugs on the same stage. They ended up prohibiting buck on the stage so folks loaded the heaviest bird they had or choked up, or both. Shooting slugs on a full choke is not something I prefer to do.
  2. Waco Kid, You are much bolder than I. Can't argue with what has worked though.
  3. I'm sure that was a joke. I load to 172 ish as it leaves me with plenty of margin for a slow chrono or any other potential issues. As stated earlier, tuning yourself to the gun and the load will yield more results than a bunch of tinkering.
  4. Last time I was on Bagram Air Field they had different threat conditions that told us how we were supposed to carry the M9. Also in 3 gun they have a lot of empty chamber starts for pistols due to worry of people's guns falling out while doing something else. "Cruiser Ready" is what 1 local club called it
  5. I'd probably mix it up. Or go to the one that was run better, had something else to do in that town. Classifiers don't mean that much to me.
  6. Club I liked in Vegas did 4 officially, with 2 outlaw like you describe. Basically an all steel USPSA COF. Thing is it all counted as 1 match so the whole thing was unofficial. If you want scores to count run 2 seperate matches and ppl get best of both. It hurts/helps the 22 ppl to shoot stars so the old club didn't have anyone shoot those pee shooters.
  7. Powder options are cited for 38 super, but then I see people still using HS6 and the same powder charge as my 9mm major.
  8. Thanks. Looks like I have a few more things to try. Always have a hard time googling gun stuff cause seems like most folks have different ideas of what is "right"
  9. If the barrel wasn't fit properly and the slide already has some damage then what is the point?
  10. I could get second opinion, but then I'm coming out of pocket to get it fixed instead of the warranty. Even if it's abnormal the OEM said its fine because there is enough engagement left.
  11. N3WWN, How can I determine if the link is too long? Anything is possible. I didn't see anything obvious from the first reply. I will spend some time looking up galling to ensure I'm not missing anything.
  12. Gringo, Anything particular I should be looking for for coil damage? Not sure what google strings will get me there. I'm working through the rest of your suggestions now. Thank you, its very specific. PF, I don't keep track of round count, but I'd put the estimate between 5-10k. It didn't always do this. At first it was just very difficult to unlock. Turns out the bbl wasn't relieved for the extractor. What you said about the bbl and comp being a tube makes sense. 11mm, I would rate this as semi custom. They sell off the self models, but I ordered one with a light rail. Now that you say it I realized this probably isn't the right section.
  13. It seems to be getting worse, but I am having intermittent issues where the slide will stick partially back (about every 100 rounds or less). The slide stop is not engaged. The magazine will drop free. You cannot rack the slide with normal force. To unstick the slide I have to give it a hard rap forward. Once that is done most times it will move freely. Sometimes it will go forward, but still require excessive force to cycle. It has been back to the smith and they replaced the recoil spring saying that it was most likely coil bind and a bad spring. This is due to the fact that they were able to duplicate the issue prior to changing the spring, but not after. 1 magazine was shot after replacement of recoil spring. Smith assures me that nothing is wrong with the lugs. My buddy has concerns since it looks like the metal is rolling over and people have noticed tumbling bullets in targets during matches I've shot. Buddy thinks the gun is now unlocking too early causing baffle strikes. Anyone have any thoughts?
  14. Even if it was downrange a camera on a powered mount with tracking software or even just manual control should give the operator enough margin that setup wasn't critical. All said, I have never used one of those cameras, only watched buddies use them.
  15. Depends on how windy it is. I've seen some clubs that do 18" for the bases. 12" seems to be common. The top cap seems great idea as some walls will wiggle and need to be screwed together to prevent any gaps. Up to you, but if you're trying to save some cash and time figure on at least 25% single leg bases.
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