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  1. I tried to replace the extractor spring but it launched into orbit. Did manage to get the O ring in there and that seemed to help a lot
  2. I think the idea was to remove any doubt that hooking your foot under the wall/leg isn't allowed. Too many people forget they were always supposed to treat them as going all the way to the ground
  3. If the poppers were supposed to be engaged with pistol and were not, then 2 FTE. They still shot the paper with pistol so score as shot otherwise.
  4. Can the MD check that list the morning of the match before shooting starts? As far as I was told the MD has to route the request up through sectional coordinator. It's not like looking someone's membership number up to verify their class on the website.
  5. Plenty of reasons someone might give a fake name at registration. I'd never DQ someone for it and actually I announce that scores will be posted to the internet during the shooters brief for people that are concerned about that. USPSA doesn't give out a list of banned shooters so it's not like someone would even be trying to circumvent that. ETA this is all for level 1 matches
  6. Sorry, didn't mean to derail this thread into popper calibration. We have plenty of those already. Just saying that moving calibration ammo to 135 would be terrible.
  7. For those that want higher PF for minor. Have you chronographed 115 ball from a G19 or other compact gun that are fairly common in non game circles? There is a fair amount that barely makes PF as is. If it was moved to 140, then I'd shoot 148 or more to ensure I pass chrono. Would you change popper calibration too?
  8. Exactly. Look at people complaining about "long range" penalties being too high. Or people on the spinner. Make it 60 seconds and people are upset. Make it 30 or less and half the shooter's can't spin it in under that time with their pistols. Others say get rid of that circus target, but are cool with being strapped into a roller coaster or shooting upside down. Never going to please everyone. Just shoot the matches you like. If you're a MD run the rules you like. Life is too short and our shotgun tubes are too long
  9. Bret, It's not a matter of 2 guys, it's more like half of the shooters that don't have USPSA numbers at my "club". Some had no idea that it was a bad idea to stand on the berms to take video and were insulted when asked to step down. HCH, I don't get the whys of all of them, but I think I have a good guess at most. There isn't enough time in the RO class to cover it, but knowing the why's makes it easier to sell the rules to a new shooter that has issues with a particular one.
  10. I like the do it right or don't do it at all saying. I had to step back from a local club because of this last April and have only started getting back to it slowly. It's hard because the range wants matches, but we don't have folks that are trained and certified much less read the rules cover to cover. IMHO we would be better off running an outlaw match because so many people's caviler attitude about the rules. Things were turning around, but it is hard because few people have any plans to shoot anything other than the local match. They just don't get the why's of rules.
  11. Legal stage prohibits the stage briefing, not stage itself. ETA 10.2.2 procedural penalties You can shoot without case if its on either barrel. You can also shoot while holding it and the carbine. It would be a significant advantage to not follow the WSB so Id say they can spell out how to apply the procedural as I've seen that done before at level 2 matches. As to how to shoot it. It depends on size/shape/ect of the case. I'd probably shoot some targets without it and others with it. But it all depends on how it actually looks on the ground
  12. I used a hammer to quickly smash them down when it got too bad
  13. A class since 2013. Get a plan and stick to it. If you know that memory is a trick for you stick to "simple" plans. 80% plan executed to 100% beats a 100% plan executed to 80%. Walk it in your mind while resetting, chatting, ect until you have it memorized. Walk the stage from the target point of view if you are not sure of all possible shooting locations for it. If your mind keeps telling you to shoot a target from position A but B is the "right" position to shoot it from, just go with the flow and shoot it from A. Don't fight your mind and body unless you have to. *Keep in mind all this changes as you feel you've overcome your problem. I used to skip 1 to 2 targets per match for the first 2 years of shooting. Still struggle with it sometimes.
  14. Thanks for the info zzt. The comp fit loose on the barrel so I'm sure the threads were cut incorrectly there too and not reusable. Other than Venom, I'd need to do some research into who is willing to work on a busted gun.
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