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  1. Not familiar with your particular gun, but if the barrel or choke has holes, then yes it would be prohibited. You can cover them or get a new barrel
  2. Major is an advantage, but not 20% like someone posted. Use the competitor app and change yourself to major or minor. Most people I've done it with see 5 to 8% change from 9mm minor to major. That button click doesn't factor the 2 or 3 less rounds or higher recoil. I've seen people make GM shooting minor because if you aren't shooting alphas then it doesn't really matter on the classifiers.
  3. I would not call them the best as they are all I've used, but the Revision Sawfly with inserts are on the APEL so I can wear them at work too. Seems like any insert combo is going to be heavy and have trouble with dust between the lenses. On the plus side the outer lense is fairly inexpensive so you can change them when scratched or older. These things wear out and don't provide the same level of protection forever.
  4. It may, but with limited match slots there has to be some way to ration them. lottery, first come first serve, or price all are the most common way to deal with the problems of scarcity. There can only be 1 USPSA nationals a year so it's not like another match really could substitute it. Most 3 gun matches have become IMHO regional at best and people chose which one they like best and can afford to attend.
  5. This is getting off topic, but the point of non refundable match slots is to ensure people show up and don't stiff the match. If a match isn't going to refund the shooter they should allow that shooter to transfer their spot. Most matches will permit this or even state it explicitly. Doesn't apply to this situation as dude couldn't get someone to fill his slot from the wait list or just a buddy. I'm sure the fine folks from SMM3G would have accepted a transfer with the understanding the shooters would have to figure out payment between themselves and dude wouldn't get a different size shirt. I'm not sure how many people they were short of full, but even besides the cash you put on a match to have people shoot. It's no fun hosting an empty match
  6. Like racingready said, that collapse after accomplishing your goal can be crushing if you don't have a new one ready to fill that spot. Winning my first local match felt great for a few hours, but then I thought what now? Winning a major seemed so far out of my reach yet it was the next logical goal. If a person can't reach their goals they will quit or scale back. That is for the people that don't quit due to the outside forces such as moving, family, money ect. Some places are easier to shoot than others. Some only shoot cause their buddies are, so of the bro quit then they will too
  7. I've used the midway bag for years. Really easy to overpack it though. Using the smaller insert is key. All the extra tools and whatnot should stay in the main bag that stays in the car. Maybe a small cooler too if you want cold drinks and a place to sit if your squad gets backed up
  8. I didn't think people would cheat there, but I guess someone always needs to look for an edge. The real question to the OP is why would anyone shoot "stock"? Is it a money issue? Is it a perception that competition shooters can only shoot tuned guns? Something else? If you know why someone would do something then you have a better idea of target market and size.
  9. Nope, and nobody else would either as they don't want to be beat by a guy with a better stock gun. Been tried and failed. Only success story is GSSF, but i've never shot one so...
  10. They are rebuilding all of the berms and it should be better than ever. No idea on if or when another nationals will be there
  11. There goes my idea
  12. I think that has to do with the shorter barrel being better suited to normal ammo. My 16" hates hot ammo, but seems to work okay now on downloaded stuff
  13. Everything above, plus finicky zero process. If you have 1 already go for it, but I wouldn't buy a new one. Maybe a used one
  14. +1 to everyone. We've seen this push right weeks at a time several times now. Expect more of the same. Military is still mostly locked down and will be into June
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