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  1. Even if it was downrange a camera on a powered mount with tracking software or even just manual control should give the operator enough margin that setup wasn't critical. All said, I have never used one of those cameras, only watched buddies use them.
  2. Depends on how windy it is. I've seen some clubs that do 18" for the bases. 12" seems to be common. The top cap seems great idea as some walls will wiggle and need to be screwed together to prevent any gaps. Up to you, but if you're trying to save some cash and time figure on at least 25% single leg bases.
  3. Necro post. Anybody look at putting the camera portion of a drone on a pole downrange of the shooter to get video without worrying about a drone crashing or the noise? If they put it on a side berm they could get shots from 2 bays. Sure you can't get every stage, but pick some good ones and switch it up during lunch or at the end of the shooting day.
  4. I've not shot IPSC rifle, but I tried a 2-10 plus red dot for a year. It worked okay, but SFP sucks more than I thought it would and rarely did I use 10x. Maybe for getting points and smaller target of IPSC it would be worth trying for you.
  5. I don't think its a brand issue. Just the nature of them. Okay for practice or matches without that many shooters, but too many problems overall. They are faster to set and the steel doesn't get muddy. Only 2 advantages
  6. Tooth and nail has some, but I don't recommend them. Most of the hinged plates work loose in the ground and some will come back up after shooting.
  7. I broke one of the ears off too. Now I have extra in the spare parts kit. I'd go to a standard extractor if I could figure out how to tune them myself.
  8. It is common practice. I've not had anyone actually fire a round clearing someone else's gun though. *Drift* I did have an RO clear my SG at USPSA MG nats last year, then after tell me that the safety wasn't applied. Proper procedure was to show myself that it wasn't applied prior to ULSC. *Outlaw* We did have several times at multiple matches where other shooters would clear guns prior to the RO verification that the safety was on. It did worry me a little, but more from the cheating side as the gun was pointing in a safe direction. The other bigger issue was an RO was assigned by the MD at a major to clear shotguns on a stage. He wasn't familiar with the "Benelli button" and was putting guns back on the rack with rounds in the tube. It wasn't found out till later as some shooters probably didn't want to tell anyone for fear of being DQd. The MD didn't DQ the RO, but removed him from SG clearing duties and assigned a role where the RO was better qualified. IMHO this is why ULSC should always be a 2 person process.
  9. Too many factors to make a blanket statement. I won't be returning as I had already made plans for the rescheduled date. If I hadn't then it would have been more possible, but A4 is a 10hr drive and that is pushing it for a pistol match. Flying is just a hassle where I'm at too.
  10. WWB 124 NATO is 156PF out of my open guns and 168PF out of a buddies JP PCC.
  11. Whatever is stock. Mine didn't come with extra weights to tune it.
  12. Ferch, I had a lot of issues with the mags falling out and feeding. Eventually CMMG sent me a new mag catch. It might help your issues, but I didn't have any double feeds. I am using 124 Berry's RN at 1.10 COAL and 3.2 gr titegroup. Seems to be working with stock components but we will see.
  13. Thanks Memphis. I think all my problems are due to their lower. I'm on glock pattern full CMMG factory gun.
  14. Did you have to change out the buffer and spring to get the Guard reliable? I am having trouble with mine and can use all the help I can get. It was killing the glock mags before going back to CMMG and now they are sending me a new mag catch due to feeding issues I am having.
  15. Barry, Has anyone made a phase 5 type lever that would work with the short stroke kits? I don't care about LRBHO but being able to manually do it would be nice. Seems like it would not be too hard to make the lever and then some milling on the lower to get it to fit. But I'm no expert.
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