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  1. How the hell is a match that's is run by a company who is in the business of PRODUCING MATCHES have growing pains?!? You'd think they'd have that figured out by now.
  2. Good deal. Thanks for posting that. I got an e mail from them just now saying they're being processed as we speak.
  3. i'll do some checking and see what I can find out. Sorry for the delay fellas.
  4. more info to come, but i got word this morning that the MGM Ironman east has been cancelled due to lack of staff. More details will be sent out this evening including info on sending out refunds, but I know it's getting close so I wanted to let everyone know asap. I'm really sorry this happened. I was looking forward to bringing the match to the east coast. I had some great stages put together that I think everyone would have really enjoyed. I apologize again for the trouble. adios, tg
  5. Disregard this. I thought I had all of the outdated stuff deleted. Open is open Anything goes as long as you're using the same three guns through the entire match. The obvious exception is the gun for the bonus targets on stages three and seven.
  6. not sure yet...probably about the same as last year... adios, TG
  7. stages 6-10 adios, TG MGM Ironman stages 6-10.pdf
  8. here's the stages. holler if you've got questions. Total round count: R 320 P 319 SG 224 Slug 57 long range rifle 12 adios, TG MGM Ironman stages 1-5.pdf
  9. yup. register for both matches and you'll be good to go. COF's wont change between matches unless there is a safety issue which I don't anticipate. adios, tg
  10. i'll be going through all the registrations tonight or first thing in the morning and sending you a personal confirmation e mail to make sure you're in the right match. the easiest way would be to just go delete yourself from the match you DON'T want to shoot and reregister yourself for the one you do want to shoot. adios, tg
  11. travis. check the dates. the ST link gives you trooper open etc etc divisions. click your links and scroll down should be good now.... adios, tg
  12. here is the link for st. https://practiscore.com/2016-mgm-ironman-east-st/register here is the link for OLHOT https://practiscore.com/2016-mgm-ironman-east-olhot/register
  13. I'm not sure on the ironman east trooper shed. They should be getting stages put together for that shortly. That'll determine where the gear will be staged. They've got lots of locations at that venue that would work. adios, tg
  14. Great question. I'll see if I can get Russell Phagan to answer that one. I'm not sure off the top of my head.... This is what I THINK it is... For the MGM Ironman match the shooter will have one ammo can in which they may store extra ammunition, spare parts, spare firearms, food, etc for re-supply during the match. Shooter will provide their own ammo can which will be a Tall .50 BMG can (7"x12"x9") or smaller (less than 756 cubic inches) adios, tg
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