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  1. jdk129

    Thumb safety

    I prefer an ambi safety. The width is narrower for the weak side thumb on mine.
  2. I made enough dummy rounds for two mags in order to practice reloads. I put RTV in the primer pockets so the firing pin would have something on which to land. I also used a black magic marker on the headstamps to also differentiate between loaded ammo. Just some thoughts.
  3. For IDPA, the max mag capacity is 30.
  4. jdk129

    Autocomp ignition issues

    What he said!
  5. jdk129

    Tanfoglio Limited Pro for IDPA

    As previously mentioned, the barrel must be 4.25" or less. I thought you were asking about a Limited Pro.
  6. jdk129

    Tanfoglio Limited Pro for IDPA

    Having weighed more than a half dozen Limited Pros, we have found that they all vary in weight and beaver tail length. There are some fairly easy weight reduction options to make weight.
  7. jdk129

    Tanfoglio Limited Pro for IDPA

    I'm running a Limited Pro with two different top ends: 9mm (ESP) and .45ACP (CDP). Trigger/performance work done by J&L Gunsmithing. I have an extended firing pin in each upper along with the Hennings heavy duty guide rod. I also have Hennings speed sight (rear) and a Dawson fiber sight (front) installed. For a holster, I have what J&L sells. Hope this helps.
  8. jdk129

    What laser for your PCC

    I'm running a Veridian X5L-RS on mine. They're on sale right now at 48% off. Comes with a pressure switch, too!
  9. jdk129

    100rd sample pack. Acme. Quality concerns.

    I make it a part of my reloading log.
  10. Check out Jim Jones of J&L Gunsmithing. www.jandlgunsmithing.com
  11. jdk129

    Carry Optics

    From IDPA's website, 20NOV: This week, IDPA will be releasing an updated version of Appendix C for Carry Optics for immediate use by our membership. This new release adopts the classifier brackets found for Enhanced Service Pistol as the brackets for Carry Optics. By finalizing the classifiers for this division, it becomes easier for clubs to recognize this growing division for their matches at every level of our sport. Carry Optics has become a popular division for many of our members and we are responding to this enthusiasm by finalizing the outstanding issues found in the provisional rules. We are also going to recognize Carry Optics at next year’s World Championship match being held again in Talladega the week of October 21st through the 26th. Classifier scores will be accepted into the system. Members are encouraged to contact their Area Coordinator if they have any questions concerning this change. We hope you will enjoy the changes. See you at the range.
  12. jdk129

    First open gun for $2K?

    I second that suggestion! At least one set up comes with two barrels: major and minor. So, you can use the same frame and run both!
  13. jdk129

    Tanfoglio and .147g 9mm Black Bullets?

    I'm running 147gr LiMo from Precision Bullets in my Limited Pro. No issues with any buildup. Cleaning couldn't be easier and takes no more than 25 minutes!
  14. jdk129

    What laser for your PCC

    I'm dialed in at 25 yards and run 125 grain HAPs where I can. Otherwise, I'm running 124 grain RNFPs.