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  1. I run all different types of 9mm brass and have never had a problem with mine. Since it does the swagging you don't have to worry about crimped brass which is one reason I bought a 1050. I love mine and plan on purchasing another soon.
  2. I am left handed and right eye dominant. Used to shoot left handed and never did really well switched to shooting right handed since that was my dominant eye and have never shot better. Took a little while to get used to using my right hand but it's second nature now and when I need to shot left handed in a match I have an advantage.
  3. I would use a scope, I have tried the eotech but as the shots get out to 100+ yards it is very difficult to hit the target. I have really good eyes as well and I switched to a scope some time back
  4. If you are going to remove the barrel you need to chamber gauge the rifle again to make sure it is correct
  5. In my experience the glock barrels that have ports in them don't do a lot to flatten the gun. Don't think they are enough to help much. That is just my 2 cents
  6. Welcome back to bad you have to wait till next year before you will get to shoot in a match
  7. I use the SS media with wet tumbling as well and I will never return to walnut or corn cob media. It does take longer but they are so much cleaner and my press stays much cleaner as well when I am reloading the cases.
  8. Thats one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time thanks for sharing
  9. That is definitely the first time I have heard of that as well. Hope Redding quickly sends you a new one so you can get back to making "BB's"
  10. Start at the lowest recommended powder weight and work up from there to reach the velocity you are wanting but never ever go over the max powder weight recommended by the manufactures
  11. I have a 650 and a 1050 if you are not reloading military crimped cases then the 650 works great
  12. Great job getting new people interested in the sport and teaching them the basic safety rules to keep them safe.
  13. Good job and way to make it for free relatively
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