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  1. Got a final answer from Hornady when I followed up with results from an A/B test. Short answer - they have no idea, but they are convinced it's definitely my fault and not theirs. Refused to tell me which primers were used in each bullet and tried to convince me that it's the rifle causing the issues with primers from only one lot of bullets, not their ammo which actually has different primers. I'm throwing up my hands and heading over to the reloading forum to figure out how to load my own where I'm allowed to know what's in it... Anyone in the Austin area - I'm planning to be at
  2. Well - I did the only test I could really think of to prove out whether this is a problem caused by this 75gr bullet or just this lot of ammo. I'm now comfortable it's this lot of ammo. This makes me happy because I've previously had good luck with this bullet. I bought another lot of the same ammo and ran it back to back with the lot I already have. If it was the bullet - then both would have had issues. If it was the lot of ammo, then I'd have zero issues with one lot and issues with the lot I currently have. Photo evidence below - you can see all three rounds of th
  3. It's a Faxon .223 Wylde barrel. Had shot a couple of boxes of this ammo through the same rifle to make sure it worked before I decided to zero to it. It's the fact that it worked for a while, then suddenly didn't that has been so puzzling. I have had zero issues with any other ammo in the rifle - shot an 8 stage match after this with zero malfunctions using AE 55gr. Definitely ammo specific, but still not clear if it's just this lot. Bought some pretty strong copper remover to see if it's fouling in the barrel that's causing this 75gr to not work correctly anymore. Will know more
  4. Finally got an answer back. Hornady tested a box I sent from the lot and said pressures were within spec. Suggested that the issue is due to copper fouling in my barrel. I’m skeptical since I did a detailed clean and then shot a couple hundred rounds of other ammo without issue, then tried this ammo again and got the same blown primers. Looks like I’ll have to find another source for my heavier ammo. And yes, my barrel is a .223 Wylde.
  5. Thanks all. I’ll get in touch with Hornady and let you know what I hear.
  6. Thanks. Field stripped it after the first incident to see if there was something wrong with the pin, but I'll take a closer look. Might have missed some damage.
  7. Was zeroing my scope with 75 grain Hornady Black and started getting double feeds caused by the spent round staying on the bolt instead of ejecting. Had a run of these happen and noticed the primers looked really odd. Picture is of the ones that were causing the double feeds, but also had a few casings where there was a hole in the primer instead of a dimple. Think this is an ammo issue since I also tried some 70 grain Sig branded ammo and 55 grain American Eagle and didn't see anything odd on the cases. Anyone had similar issues with primers on Hornady Black ammo? I've shot a few
  8. Long time listener, new to 3 gun. I finally went for it this week and bought an M2. It's the older version of their 3 gun model with a 21" barrel, but looks like it was never fired so I'm treating it as if it's new. Moved my trusty +7 extension over from the shotgun I was using previously and it now sticks past the barrel a few inches. Took it to the range to check zero on slugs and by the time I was done the paint on the extension has been blasted off right below the muzzle. I'm concerned that this means the integrity of the tube of the tube has been compromised.
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